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  1. Thank you Mary Beth, I do wear a mould for one of my sonnets. The Sony noise cancelling is supposed to be very good according to staff in the store, but I should have tried the Bose. I think it’s a case of making sure I adjust them to where I feel comfortable. Liz
  2. Hi all, Does anyone use sony headphones and not get feedback from positioning please? https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/sony-wh-1000xm3-wireless-noise-cancelling-over-ear-headphones-black I tried them the other day and doing my best to position on the microphone part. Cheers Liz
  3. I am taking it in to the med el lady in Perth and I will let you know how it goes thank you.
  4. It was a different brand from an electronic shop nearby, but we could try this TVB artone and see if that's a good result. Thank you.
  5. It's $230 AUD here at Dicksmith. https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/shoptheglobe-tvb-wireless-microphone-for-hearing-aid-users-and-tv-signal-streamer-61-38917590-au/
  6. I'll look into that thank you as we bought something, but can't remember what it was called. It was something that cost around $100 or nearby and then we took it back.
  7. I might try and get a refund or something on the audio link as it was $975 Aud.
  8. I've got a necklace, but tried the gadget to link and connect to the television and it wouldn't link. It works with my phone and computer.
  9. Hi Mary, Yes I'm glad I came back on here and I don't think that will do anything, as it's so loud straight away. I've used the buttons to turn down volume on the audio link previously when it's decided to work on that day. I always say to my husband about it not being a consistent work or not working, which makes more sense with electronics.
  10. Thank you Mary and yes it's a loud sound and doesn't do it on the tv I don't use much, it's just very strange how it's randomly working or not working. Liz
  11. Hi all, I received my audio link in January this year and my husband set it up for the tv with connections etc. What is strange is that sometimes the tv connects through it and other times there is a crackling disturbance and no speaking coming through, it's painful and I have to lift the audio link out of the station to stop it. I don't get how it's working when on and off and not one or the other? In Perth Australia, we don't seem to be told to get in touch with the rep and never sure if the rep is at the location of the audiologist or out of the office. Any one else had this problem please with the audiolink?
  12. Hi Mary Beth, I'm not sure what the 2.4 receiver is? I do have parts for the sonnets with cables to plug into devices, but don't use these. I will research into audio link and roger pen next year. Thanks for your help. Liz
  13. Hi all, I have the sonnets and wondered how the audio links connects with them, as I thought it was more for sonnet 2? I am interested in streaming for tv, music, phone etc.
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