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  1. @Mary Beth sorry I missed this am. I slept in which usually does not happen. The weather here is so bleak and grey. Hopefully next time
  2. @Mary Beth yes I would love to join in again
  3. @liz unfortunately Medel does not refund once box is opened but I could be wrong. They will work with you on exchange until you are satisfied. My second one is so totally different from the first. Keep me posted.
  4. @LizMay I I suggest you contact you your Medel rep(different for Canadians). We do not have a rep. I am sure they will replace it. I had to go through my audiologist for my replacement
  5. Yes. I lower the volume. Definitely correct. The difference between audiolink and artone is artone definitely has more distance and cost wise much more economical. Audiolink does not have to use the fine tuner therefore one less item to put in your fannypak when walking. The only reason I bought the audiolink as you remember we received a discount which was only valid until December 2019. Again@marybeth what a wonderful chat and what a great way of meeting everyone and finding solutions to all are problems. Again thank you n
  6. @Liz hi at the beginning I had the same problem. Medel did exchange the audiolink. There is still a very faint crackle but so much better. To avoid crackle I took my Audi advice and keeping it in as upright position as possible. With tv it is kept in the dock with no prob. When I use it for streaming I keep it straight by clipping to my shirt. It has its quirks. I have also found by downloading Medel audio 2ear app and using this for streaming superior to blue2car. I enjoy audiolink as for me even with the faintest of crackle it has the most natural sound. I do not have to worry abou
  7. @Mary Beththank you so much. It was wonderful speaking and meeting everyone. How fortunate I am to Medel for picking me for their research programme or I would still be in a waiting list. It is just recently the government is realizing how important it is for seniors to hear to avoid isolation and early dementia. We still have a long way to go. But what resources we have have on hand once accepted are truly unbelievable and exceptional. It is just recently Medel is recognizing Canadians and we will have a Canadian webnair this week. So excited
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