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  1. Will we have to change battery pack like rogers
  2. Any idea when Canadians will receive this and of course Price
  3. Hi David. Some how could never figure out my Rogers pen however I just began using the artone 3 and the call from my iPhone came in clearly even though I was listening to an audiobook. It automatically switched over. Pleasantly surprised
  4. We order from Union Hearing in Ontario. They promised to let me know when the audio link will become available. From their knowledge we will not need to change the battery pack cover as we do for Rogers. For both sonnet and sonnet2 it is Bluettoth compatible. Anxious to see.
  5. Thank you Mary. As the Artone is relatively inexpensive as compared to other devices I am going to order a second one. I love it and become annoyed when I have to wait to reboot. I seem to be wearing this when ever I am home. Music never sounded so good. I find it much easier than Rogers and definitely much lighter.
  6. I am 7 months post and I promise you music will sound great. I have the artone listening to classical every time I can plug in or should I say plug out
  7. I just received my artone and love it. However it only lasts 4 hours and only pairs 2 . Even though Rogers pen more expensive I prefer artone for streaming. Deciding whether to invest in the Quattro Pro or wait for audio link
  8. Nope told only works with sonnet and sonnet 2
  9. Thank you Mary Beth. You have been a tremendous help😀
  10. Sonnet 4 month activated. next mapping end April and then last at 1 year. audiobooks. Not using text. Seem to understand angel sound ted talk netflix with roger pen and reading captions so I should not read lips. Hear coach. listening to news on tv without roger pen. telephone talks
  11. I heard someone knock on my door not using the buzzer. Began using the phone and Cel phone without any assistance devices. Can watch tv without Rogers pen but upped th sound. Can understand words in songs that I had not heard before. Told I speak much quieter and clearer. I am sure the high pitch sounds will soon come.
  12. Other than all the apps and audio books anymore suggestions for rehabilitation. Anyone use a speech therapist. Getting a little dliscouraged.
  13. Going on 4months. Seems excellent in audio office. After a week I seem to need more maxed on the fine tuner. Embarrassing to keep going in weekly I had 2 the first month. Then one month later. Was supposed to be 3 months but I went in before. The 3 months but wentbsck. I only have 2 more appts. My 3 month and the last at 6 month which the end of the yearly appts
  14. Is a norm to need frequent mappings other than regular ones. Cannot seem to get it right.
  15. Follow up wit praise for Sunnybrook hospital. Not only was I given an emergency appt. the waiting room was standing room only. I was immediately put into an examination room to wait quietly with the nurse checking in until the surgeon was free to see me. I only have raise for all of them. Hopefully with care about turning my head all is well even though it is freezing and blowing here in Canada.😎
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