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  1. @Mary Bethi have reached out to the Canadian MED-EL inquiring if and what can be done to alleviate the static/crackle with audiolink specifically on mic. She is looking into this and will get back to me hopefully with an answer. Page 26 trouble shooting suggests lowering volume. Will post when I hear back for all.
  2. Very much. As a senior senior it has been a tremendous amount of “tech savvy” for me to learn and appreciate all the input
  3. @mary Beth. Thank you I was not aware of all this data. I just liked the audiolink better (crackle and all). With Rogers I could not control the sound. I do not have a mylink. May I ask with audiolink we can use the mic with the Mx button or mic alone. I am still playing with it
  4. @melissa . I am not sure about sonnet 2, however for sonnet 1 unfortunately the distance Is not terrific. The Rogers pen has a much greater distance. The difference I personally found between the 2 was the audiolink blocked out background noise better than Rogers BUT Rogers has a longer distance. Clearer BUT does not block the background noise as well as the Audiolink. The lesser of 2 evils.
  5. Follow up on Audiolink I used the audiolink on the mic setting in a very noisy restaurant lunch meeting. Aside from the slight crackle I was able to follow the complete conversation. It blocked out the background noise well. Again used at a book review lecture In an auditorium setting lunch I could understand the speaker who was using a microphone. usually this has been difficult. If we can do something about the slight crackle i was happy with the outcome. Yeh. I can hear. Thank you me-del for my new world
  6. @Mary Beth artone max 3 neckloop my favourite. Excellent streaming from iPhone. Clear, excellent distance, no static. Lightweight. I use this for speed walking. the gym and other physical activities (ie cooking etc). The neckloop is light and inconspicuous. Inexpensive Peeve I have to remember to put it in T mode. Only lasts 4 hours. I have not used the mic as of now. Rogers pen Before the audiolink I used it for Tv. When first implanted 1 1/2 years ago I did use it for noisy restaurants to hear the people at the table. Clear and excellent distance. Peeve: heavier than all others. Cannot adjust the sound. Does not easily pair after you disconnect it. Used a tremendous amount of battery energy. Must remember to change to Rogers battery pack cover which I find bulky and uncomfortable. (Small ears). As I have the audiolink I no longer use my roger pen. When used for phone others did not hear me well. Audiolink used for tv. Streaming. ( when artone is charging) Easy to use for the gym and walking. Cel calls. I could not use my cell phone before to talk .Connects quickly to Bluetooth. I enjoy using it with blue2car. I do not have to remember to use my fine tuner or change battery cover. I did not have the Audiokey activated as I did not want to rely just on my Cel. I find the fine tuner inconspicuous and convenient. Peeve: not that crisp when listening to audiobooks. Mic has some static . Very short distance range. I must admit I was disappointed as we have been waiting so long I bought the audiolink as a backup for Rogers as I had mine repaired 3 times until they sent me a new one. My pen came in my kit. Basically the audiolink is Me-del version of Rogers. I had hoped for better and am slightly disappointed. Perhaps it works better with Sonnet2, I have a Sonnet 1 which I love. This sonnet has given me a new life. It goes on first in am and just off for sleep. Excellent choice. fill free to ask any questions.
  7. @Mary Beth I took it outside on the stairwell and it paired asap. I assuming it was picking up maybe the Rogers or the audiolink. great to keep handy on me and will get a second loop. Easy to travel with light and inexpensive a Great BIG thank you
  8. Big shout to Mary Beth and Ats169 for all the tremendous assistance pairing my Artone mic
  9. Sharing a wow day after playing bridge with the same partner for a year I said You have an American accent. Says she” what now : did you not know I am from New York this was the first time I picked it up. ps: charging my neckloop will retry later
  10. Back to u tomorrow thx ever so much🥰
  11. They Are presently both blinking red and blue
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