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  1. @Mary Beththank you so much. It was wonderful speaking and meeting everyone. How fortunate I am to Medel for picking me for their research programme or I would still be in a waiting list. It is just recently the government is realizing how important it is for seniors to hear to avoid isolation and early dementia. We still have a long way to go. But what resources we have have on hand once accepted are truly unbelievable and exceptional. It is just recently Medel is recognizing Canadians and we will have a Canadian webnair this week. So excited
  2. Positive experience. I did not realize I could understand someone wearing a face mask and face shield
  3. @Mary Beth @Helgeo the only reason I like the audio link is I do not have to change from T mode and I dislike The roger fm battery sleeve due to small ears. Therefore I put up with the inconvenience. When at home I do use artone still the best on sound and distance beside the price factor
  4. @HelgeoI have kept my phone in my fanny pac Or blue 2car. Works quite well and needless to say under these circumstances I have been walking even though cold or go bonkers. I have never listened to so many audiobooks 😊
  5. @HelgeoThat is the only problem. You must be relatively close to the audiolink. I keep it clipped on my collar of my sweater. In this manner the artone 3 max you can walk around your house and hear loud and clear.
  6. @Helgeoi had spoken with my audiologists who is an angel. I was sent a new audiolink plus audio cable. Wow what a difference. I still find it to loud and working with that. But l am enjoying it . This one is not using up much battery life
  7. @mary Beth I tried to pm the full note from my wonderful audiologist but it it did not work therefore here goes. It would great if everyone was blessed with such a wonderful caring audiologist reasons for static:the audiolink should be vertical at all times for best clarity. Never on its side.. the audiolink should be in your direct line of site something between the audiolink and speech processor could cause static from what I am reading this is quite the temperamental 3 year old 👶 as I have been in with bronchitis and getting bored I will try these optons this weekend and see if it reduces static
  8. @Davidd thx . That will be great with the rechargeable battery. Will check Canadian distributor.
  9. @medel moderator help with answering the cel phone when a call comes in. I seem to be loosing my connection. Sonnet 1 I hear it ring it shows audiolink is ticked and who is calling. I press answer (iPhone 8)and I cannot hear them. Blue tooth is on. No problems making outgoing calls. Much appreciated
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