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  1. What It doesn't make much sense under my point if view is not allowing direct connectivity from the very beggining if sonnet 2 has the capability.
  2. VictorR

    SONNET 2

    Very exciting news indeed but I wonder why sonnet 2 needs audiolink to connect if it could be done directly through audiokey app. If I am not mistaking in terms on direct connectivity to Bluetooth devices sonnet and sonnet 2 would work exactly the same, don’t you think? The actual game changer for me is audiokey and ASM3.
  3. VictorR

    EarGear for Rondo2

    Hi, I'm looking for the specific eargear for Rondo 2 with no luck, I can only find the one made specifically for Rondo 1. Could you please share the specific link if you have It? Thanks in advance
  4. VictorR

    Sonnet 2

    I have been checking and the look of the Sonnet 2 is exactly the same as the sonnet 1. Dimensions and Weight don't differ at all. It seems to me that main difference is the Bluetooth capability, don’t you think? Even the IP (enclosure rating) is the same: IP54.
  5. VictorR

    EarGear for Rondo2

    I'm going to order the eargear for rondo 2. I will give you his feedback. Thanks!
  6. VictorR

    EarGear for Rondo2

    My son is trying the Rondo 2 (10 days free trial period) we would be interested in buying it mainly for water activities and as a backup processor (currently he has 2 opus 2 xs processors). We have used the waterwear in the daily bath at home these past days and we found it very useful. The problem comes at the time of securing it using the small plastic holder that forms part waterwear it doesn’t feel safe at all. We would like to let him be around the pool with his ”waterweared” rondo 2 secured with a retainer attached to a collar and use a headband or swimming cap when he decides to get into the pool. The problem is that doesn’t look safe at all just with the retainer attached to the waterwear. Do any of you have found out any brilliant way to secure the waterweared rondo2 without the headband or swimming cap? maybe eargear is the better option..
  7. Thanks for sharing. Very exciting news. I wonder if trials like this one already took place in other locations. Does anybody know what improvements/ developments could ASM3 add over ASM2's?
  8. VictorR

    Sonnet 2

    He is doing great with his opus2 XS. We are very happy with them and would be only missing bluetooth connectivity and water resistance... Thanks!
  9. VictorR

    Sonnet 2

    Yes, we are definitely looking to upgrade our son's Opus 2 and had bet on the possibility of having sonnet 2 avalaible by 2019 as apparently could happen. During last summer we decided to repair one of his Opus 2s out of our pocket in order not to waste the every 7 yrs chance to upgrade freely that spanish social security provides. Hope sonnet 2 could be a reality soon as Opus 2 is supposed not to be repaired anymore therefore, if anyone of my son's opus2 had any problem we would be forced to upgrade to Sonnet 1.
  10. VictorR

    Sonnet 2

    Hello, any news about this potencial Sonnet 2 release? Shouldn't we have already more news on the topic If It was true? Any potential release date for Europe?
  11. Thanks for your reply. We just have the feeling that a new behind the ear processor should be coming soon as they are about to stop reparing opus2 and the time lapse between latest processor's releases (opus2- > Sonnet) has almost passed (4 yrs) .
  12. Hi, I'm really Happy to hear that Rondo 2 provides better hearing than opus 2 or Rondo 1. I thought that it was actually a rebuilt of the opus2/ Rondo processor so I expected basically same sound quality as they provided. Isn't It actually a rebuilt of the same processor? Might It be due to a better microphone? We were thinking in upgrading my son's opus 2 to the Rondo 2 but as I read that it was basically same. Tech we decided to wait for a possible Sonnet 2..
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