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  1. Thanks for sharing. Very exciting news. I wonder if trials like this one already took place in other locations. Does anybody know what improvements/ developments could ASM3 add over ASM2's?
  2. VictorR

    Sonnet 2

    He is doing great with his opus2 XS. We are very happy with them and would be only missing bluetooth connectivity and water resistance... Thanks!
  3. VictorR

    Sonnet 2

    Yes, we are definitely looking to upgrade our son's Opus 2 and had bet on the possibility of having sonnet 2 avalaible by 2019 as apparently could happen. During last summer we decided to repair one of his Opus 2s out of our pocket in order not to waste the every 7 yrs chance to upgrade freely that spanish social security provides. Hope sonnet 2 could be a reality soon as Opus 2 is supposed not to be repaired anymore therefore, if anyone of my son's opus2 had any problem we would be forced to upgrade to Sonnet 1.
  4. VictorR

    Sonnet 2

    Hello, any news about this potencial Sonnet 2 release? Shouldn't we have already more news on the topic If It was true? Any potential release date for Europe?
  5. Thanks for your reply. We just have the feeling that a new behind the ear processor should be coming soon as they are about to stop reparing opus2 and the time lapse between latest processor's releases (opus2- > Sonnet) has almost passed (4 yrs) .
  6. Hi, I'm really Happy to hear that Rondo 2 provides better hearing than opus 2 or Rondo 1. I thought that it was actually a rebuilt of the opus2/ Rondo processor so I expected basically same sound quality as they provided. Isn't It actually a rebuilt of the same processor? Might It be due to a better microphone? We were thinking in upgrading my son's opus 2 to the Rondo 2 but as I read that it was basically same. Tech we decided to wait for a possible Sonnet 2..
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