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  1. That's just your real self coming out. I also recall sawed, with the American accent, I didn't get it right. Angel has very hard examples in there. It seems to me you are indeed improving. Great... Peter
  2. No can do. Only android. Apple apps definitely lead the way. Although it's good to see hearos.
  3. Rehab was just what I wanted.
  4. I have written a program for windows and Linux. I took Angel's 1440 sentences .the program plays continuous babble noise which you can adjust. You select a random sentence with plays over the babble. You can repeat as often as you like, perhaps turn off the noise and try again. If you really battle you can display the sentence. If people are interested I will upload it to sourceforge .I'm hoping it may get donations for our local CI unit. I've started an android version and I think I can do it It will be my first app if it work.
  5. Looks like someone has done a lot of work.. Definitely worth going through. The ah, ss exersize was too easy. But that's for me. Certainly worth using.
  6. Greetings Mary Beth How about a topic... Computer programs, phone apps and how they help. How do you train your hearing? Peter
  7. It's 6 months since activation. I wake up, all is very quiet. I go over to my special overnight storage box. First I put in my hearing aid, not a big difference. Then my CI, beep... And the world opens. The birds are singing in the garden and the next door neighbour's dog is barking. I can now hear a watch ticking, bees buzzing frogs clicking. I can have a conversation. I can have a conversation on the phone. The magic continues. Hope everyone out there is also making progress . How is johnl often think of you. Peter
  8. A few days ago I was invited to a program with the local air force. Early on they had a CI setup in-house. The audiologist tweaked my map and then played some music. Wow, absolutely perfect, what a feeling. I would have to tell my audiologist. Then I woke up. Great dream.
  9. The land-line phone rings. I hear a clear voice. Hello mike, sorry can't hear you. With slow, clear enunciation, I know how that is. Yes your op worked very well. My wifes in the kitchen mike I'll get her to phone you, bye Mike. Later that evening, wife says, by the way that was Shirley that phoned she wondered why I had not told my wife. Now who must I believe, my CI or my wife? 😊
  10. I think I hear OK after my first 3 months. Will check with my audiologist in case I destroy my present guard if I remove it to test I don't think it will be difficult. This morning got up late, 10deg c outside. Approaching the kitchen, an amazing all filling sound, motor noise, high frequency hiss. My wife was using the cake mixer. Finding where the sound comes from is interesting. Walked right passed the machine thinking it must be the washing machine round the corner However I was able to locate the sound by looking for it. I find the sources of a lot of noises are easily found by rotating my head the volume is way louder when facing the sound source. The last few days I have noticed that my wife's voice sounds more distorted in much the same way as a singing voice does. The next door neighbour sounded OK. CI life is fascinating. Once upon a time all I did was just hear.....
  11. Hi Mary Beth Every now and again my left ear hearing aid battery fails and I forget about it. The CI takes over. I'm very pleased about that. My problem is when training. Wether you get the best results by using HA and CI together or pulling out the HA. training the HA side must be good. Had to laugh yesterday, was using Angel, took out my HA and had a workout with the noise module with the babble option. I was doing reasonably, I swear there are a couple of mistakes in there it's a real challenge. I went to adjust the volume and discovered the headphones weren't plugged in. Had been hearing the speakers through the head phones. I try to decode the word first time without seeing the screen. I also realized that one could use the preview and take random shots, you can keep repeating until the word becomes real. Otherwise very happy, pat Boone sounded good 🤗
  12. Hi johnl I have found reading while listening to text helps. The Angel program provides this with small sentences. You listen to the test, what did that say?? Then up comes sentence plus sound, oh yes, I knew that.... My logic says if I can understand it with the text displayed, it's just a matter of practice. The voices available on google read text very well. I started with the kindle, even though the punctuation was hilarious, it helped a lot. On android I can do text to speech easily. Hope it comes right soon.
  13. pdk


    Had a great day. Went to the local botanical garden, kirstenbosch. For the first time the birds sounded like birds. Since Monday, new map, keys jangle, stiring the coffee cup chinks. Before all those sounds were very distorted. One day at a time... I'm smiling.
  14. Recall having popping noises. At one instance it felt like I had a bubble in my ear and when I hummed I could hear sound. Got all excited, thought residual was going to be good. No problems but no residual. No need to worry.
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