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  1. A bad cough has to be the worst. Your head hits the pillow and....... I get up and have a cup of tea with lemon and honey and feel sorry for myself. Reminds me of my grandpa, he had a whole number of music hall rhymes he would come out with. It wasn't the cough That carried him off It was the coffin They carried him off in. Get better soon....
  2. pdk


    Listening to a few of my favourite songs, the sound is definitely improving. I tried claude Bolling picnic suite and the flute sounds much better. I'm going for a new mapping on July 1, will try and get separate music program. Our SCAN program is made up from 6 modules so I want to make sure I get the least fancy interference possible .
  3. pdk


    I wonder how much of our progress is due to believing it's going to work. Pp
  4. pdk


    I know I am incredibly lucky. I was listening to Beethoven's 5th piano concerto on a mini mic after 2 weeks. I'll try and make an assessment how it all has improved. It definitely has.
  5. Thanks Mary Beth I'll pass on the info to our cochlear group.
  6. I was thinking of finding something to wear on top of the coil. I sent my audiologist photos of childrens stickers, and she was delighted with the idea. I like the idea to enhance the look of the coil. I fancy a thin wood carving. You could probably stick it to the magnet with silicone. I think there's a good business for someone.
  7. pdk


    Squelching along thank-you. Only joking. Small improvements. Speech is really good. Frank Sinatra sounds a little better, but Susan Boyle has not improved (wild horses ). Went to a concert and the cello concerto was bad. Percussion great. Listened to young persons guide to orchestra and enjoyed it, very good to relearn all the instruments. Went for a walk up Chapman's peak drive houtbay where I live and listened in amazement to the waves crashing in, perfect. All in all, going great. It's now 3 months since activation. Peter
  8. Spotify is an app for the smartphone. Also on Linux
  9. If you have had hearing aids that ability to communicate face to face, you have a good chance to hear at activation.
  10. Yes. Written for Windows . I'm still running xp, but there is a good chance it will work in windows 10 there is an option for old o/s The program is not large. Needs Java and quick time. You load each module separately.
  11. Yes tried spotify but did not find any particular easylistening, I have quite a lot of the cds. Just been listening to http://listeningadventures.carnegiehall.org/login.aspx And it's good . Allows you to play each instrument in the orchestra. Still lots more to listen to. Although its for kids, I think it's great.
  12. This could also be fun , just registered and logged in. http://listeningadventures.carnegiehall.org/login.aspx also this https://wwnorton.com/college/music/ilg/ENJ_12/BrittenYoungPersonsGuide.html
  13. Someone in our group described the 2nd layer as budgies, pretty descriptive. Yes, try hear under that layer , the sibilants, you soon begin to pick them up and they slowly join the real speech. My last mapping (5th) at around 10 weeks is brilliant, I can now sing to myself again (could do that on 3rd mapping) and wild horses by susan boyle is definitely coming together. For me percussion and piano are best. Piano played fast is almost perfect , but the slower notes "boing". Most voice is still a lot of hissing and this hollowed out sound, similar to the slow piano. I can hear the words of most of a song. It's going to take longer than the budgies. You never know what you will pick up, try it all you will be surprised at what comes out , a perfect passage now and again especially with music you were familiar with. There is masses of Chopin Mozart and Bach piano , hours of great listening. My favorite, Beethoven 5th piano concerto with those delicate piano solos. I also think that music will speed the speech comprehension. Maybe the more we rave about our progress , it will serve as a wake up call for others, and there is definitely progress (if only it was faster (joke)) O Yes Live is Best!!!!
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