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  1. I think the idea is great. It has great potential as an app. But who will use it?? Medelmagic has not had a single download. Peter
  2. pdk

    getanearful updated

    I just edited the URL but it still tries to go to the wrong page, the double e in sourceforge still gets called. https://sourceforge.net/projects/getanearful/ Peter
  3. pdk

    getanearful updated

    I see a mistake in the URL https://sourceforge.net/projects/getanearful/ Please try again. Peter
  4. pdk

    getanearful updated

    Have been working on my getanearful app for android. Added a lot more training for people who have just started out. https://sourceforge.net/projects/getanearful/ The objective is to provide self training for those with android phones who cannot access the internet easily. I have also added medelmagic which uses the 2 matrices that are published in the Med-El rehab documentation, also includes the Ling 6 sound test. (select files and touch on medelmagic.apk) I have also added references which contain a lot of (for Me) interesting sites and articles for CI people. Getanearful is still going to have more added in the near future, waiting for input from 2 professionals working with me. Peter
  5. If you are deaf and can afford it, why would it matter what any one thinks. It can only get better. During my assement everyone was positive.
  6. Mary Beth has it right for serious practice. But to enjoy the book read as you listen. yes if you can see the text the sound is perfect. If you have an android phone check https://sourceforge.net/projects/bendmyear It's the sentences from angel. You only see the text if you display it. With the American accent, I have to repeat a lot of the sentences, but as soon as I see the text I can understand it. Sometimes when listening to an audio book the reader puts on an accent and I have to repeat the paragraph to understand it. Peter
  7. Hi Kirk Reading along with listening makes a big difference. After a year some women's voices and childrens voices sound odd. Television and radio voices some times sound gravelly more so since my last mapping. But I can mostly understand them. For me perception happens in jumps, I suddenly realise that a sound has come right. I can hear my granddaughters voice over whatsapp now. Music is another story. Percussion and piano, so Bach Brubeck and Peterson. Flute and clarinet starting to sound like they make music. It's been an amazing year for me. I marvel at it every day. Everyday sounds are back to normal. Detecting where a sound is coming from is hilarious. My left ear is pretty useless except with headphones so music is getting better all the time with the headphones. So keep up the practice. Peter
  8. All that would be needed is a USB connection to the CI and a program to read and transmit the data. So you would have to buy the cable and download and run the program. It could work from a phone. The audiologist would need a special interface as well. Communication via whatever, no big deal. So why are we waiting?? Peter
  9. Hi Kirk. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. In my early days audio books was the way to go. angelsound .tigerspeech.com was also great. Peter
  10. I cannot see how this would be remotely possible. The processor has to be connected to a PC to be able to adjust the settings. The only solution as I see it, is to setup an effective practice routine. I think that practice helps your brain to adjust so that when you have your next mapping it will be that much more effective. And when you have that mapping you begin again on a better plateau. After a year I still experience change. . Peter
  11. Keep wearing your hearing aid, I think it's very important. I manage with my CI when the hearing aid battery packs up, but when I put on my headphones that hearing aid is working and keeping my brain receiving sounds. Peter
  12. Fo I think two things happen. The brain learns and then the mapping can be altered to the now 'best level' and so it goes. My mapping so far only works on soft setting and comfortable level for the whole frequency range. The comfortable level must be equal for the whole range. That in fact caters for all the odd ways I hear each frequency. So I must wait until March 16 for my next mapping. More good sounds... Steel guitar, tuba, clarinet and flute Peter
  13. Not going bilateral, the hearing aid helps balance the sound. I also can listen to music with headphones and no hearing aid. The gravelly sounds are in the lower frequency range. My low frequency hearing has always been amazing, also percussion instruments sound perfect. The more harmonics in the music the more it is squelchy. The mid range 400-700 hertz are where there is problems. The guitar sounds two different tones, the second tone is lower and delayed. When I sing at that frequency the sound level drops. The ci program needs modifying. I get bad results from saxophone, cello, guitar and singing voice. It's similar to activation where you hear the sibilants as a higher level which for me disappeared after about 3 weeks. So with music I get this higher level squelchy sound. I will have to spend some time to analyze it all before my next mapping. I still find the experience fascinating and exiting. I really enjoy the feedback on this forum. Peter
  14. Good to hear such great results. I'm also having voices sounding gravelly by the end of the day. I thought last night when I woke in the early hours, I'll volunteer to have a Med-El CI in my left ear and then I will be able to say which brand is best. Then I went back to dreaming. Peter
  15. Good to hear such great results. I'm also having voices sounding gravelly by the end of the day. I thought last night when I woke in the early hours, I'll volunteer to have a Med-El CI in my left ear and then I will be able to say which brand is best. Then I went back to dreaming. Peter
  16. Hi Mary Beth Knowing your story, that makes a big plus for Med-El. However this is my first year and the speech side has been great from the start. Peter
  17. Is it possible to swap processors? The electrode is a passive device so it should be possible to activate it with any processor. I'm convinced the result we hear is due to the programming. I'm up for my year mapping session. Currently I have turned my volume down to it's lowest and am only using my music program. I'm going to ask for a program with as little adjustment intelligence. If I sing to myself, midscale strange compensation happens. When wearing headphones it cuts volume occasionally. On the plus side music is definitely improving, but vocals have a long way to go. So when I hear someone say music is great can they say what does not sound great. Peter
  18. pdk

    Updated getanearful

    Android users... https://sourceforge.net/projects/getanearful Added Med-El sentences matrix 2 with some more noise choices. Peter
  19. Hi johnl I had a hearing aid ready to go for my residual hearing. I have zero residual hearing. What do you hear? I can hear vibration if I rub my ear and sometimes wind noise on my bike, but using headphones volume high, nothing. Peter
  20. I went for the best support that was available. I made the right choice. EvaD you will make the right decision . Peter
  21. This answer is just from me. The trombone sounds reasonable to me as does a tuba and my didgeridoo so assuming your friend has a CI find a second hand one what does he experience blowing yours? Peter
  22. Thanks for the info. I just thanks for the comparison, it's great to have feedback. (I remember being wrong last year sometime 😀) I just tried them briefly by putting my phone next to a poem playback on my PC and speech tester performed much better. I'll try again sometime. My speech understanding has improved so much I have not needed speech to text. Peter
  23. Truly great. I still think speech texter is even better for android. I'm so happy to see new tech ways of making life better. Peter
  24. pdk

    Text to Speech on Android

    Just added med El's matrix 1 sentences to https://sourceforge.net/projects/getanearful Peter
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