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  1. a great list Mary Beth. I have created a habilitation and rehabilitation website which I am hoping will provide a permanent easily accessible place to find these resources and also comment on them using the forum. pdkknight.editorx.io/getanearful Please check it out. Peter
  2. I cannot tell you which way to go. The few posts I have seen about kanso2 have been full of praise ( chosen instead of cochlear n7) However Trying to compare is impossible. I can only say whatever you choose is going to work , it's best to go for the best support you find. (I read a lot of Posts on the forums , there are many success stories.) Rehab is the same for any option. This is My personal opinion.
  3. Hi Tim I can only add that whichever solution You choose will be the right one. A CI implant will almost definitely improve your ability to hear. Just find support that You like and trust and go for it. Mary Beth has furnished technical details for Med-El but I'm sure any one of the Big 3 can provide a satisfactory solution. You have certainly joined the best Forum. Good Luck Peter
  4. I had mine 2 months before my 80th birthday and by the time I get the next one I'll be 81. It's brilliant. Peter
  5. The CI in the my right ear is doing all the work and it's really good. If all the tests say OK, go for it. Peter
  6. This topic is getting interesting. I actually thought it happened because I had not been listening to anything while messing on the PC for a couple of hours. After watching TV in the evening voices sounded higher pitched and less robotic. This morning I have a frog in my throat so it's difficult to tell what's happening. My left ear is now so poor that I cannot make a comparison. One good thing is it's not affecting my ability to hear. I'm understanding the comentory on TV without watching it. So now if You See Me walking round the house talking and singing to my self, I'm no
  7. Tonight my voice and my wife's sound robotic. As they say in south Africa 'yeah well no fine ' Peter
  8. Hi Jewel No problems with my own voice yesterday. My voice doesn't change on different programs either. Peter
  9. I was researching today and came accross https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6380526/ So I guess it's going to happen more. Peter
  10. Hi jewel I also experience voice and TV voices sounding different at different times. I don't really register my own voice. Voices tend to sound more gravelly in the evenings. External sounds remain clear. I'll pay attention today and check. Peter
  11. Hi Lori https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poems/famous/inspirational/ Maybe listening to something you enjoy while reading it, over and over will help. Would be great to have a partner to read for you. Might be fun to connect with some one in the forum using zoom or meet. Whatever you do, best wishes. Peter
  12. For me it's no good remembering a good mapping because your perception has already changed. Each new mapping is a new learning curve.. The audiologist is chasing a moving target. The cochlear method of mapping is to set the response of each electrode to the lowest volume a certain tone gives. Then for groups of 3 tones in a select frequency range, each tone is adjusted to sound the same volume. If any electrode gives a bad sound it is switched off. So you end up with the same volume for each frequency. The whole process is subjective. I have 3 programs. A fancy sc
  13. Yes a very interesting article. Did you pick up this ref? https://hearinghealthmatters.org/hearingnewswatch/2020/cochlear-implants-haptic-device-mosiacone/
  14. I think the idea is great. It has great potential as an app. But who will use it?? Medelmagic has not had a single download. Peter
  15. pdk

    getanearful updated

    I just edited the URL but it still tries to go to the wrong page, the double e in sourceforge still gets called. https://sourceforge.net/projects/getanearful/ Peter
  16. pdk

    getanearful updated

    I see a mistake in the URL https://sourceforge.net/projects/getanearful/ Please try again. Peter
  17. pdk

    getanearful updated

    Have been working on my getanearful app for android. Added a lot more training for people who have just started out. https://sourceforge.net/projects/getanearful/ The objective is to provide self training for those with android phones who cannot access the internet easily. I have also added medelmagic which uses the 2 matrices that are published in the Med-El rehab documentation, also includes the Ling 6 sound test. (select files and touch on medelmagic.apk) I have also added references which contain a lot of (for Me) interesting sites and articles for CI people.
  18. If you are deaf and can afford it, why would it matter what any one thinks. It can only get better. During my assement everyone was positive.
  19. Mary Beth has it right for serious practice. But to enjoy the book read as you listen. yes if you can see the text the sound is perfect. If you have an android phone check https://sourceforge.net/projects/bendmyear It's the sentences from angel. You only see the text if you display it. With the American accent, I have to repeat a lot of the sentences, but as soon as I see the text I can understand it. Sometimes when listening to an audio book the reader puts on an accent and I have to repeat the paragraph to understand it. Peter
  20. Hi Kirk Reading along with listening makes a big difference. After a year some women's voices and childrens voices sound odd. Television and radio voices some times sound gravelly more so since my last mapping. But I can mostly understand them. For me perception happens in jumps, I suddenly realise that a sound has come right. I can hear my granddaughters voice over whatsapp now. Music is another story. Percussion and piano, so Bach Brubeck and Peterson. Flute and clarinet starting to sound like they make music. It's been an amazing year for me. I marvel at it every day. Ever
  21. All that would be needed is a USB connection to the CI and a program to read and transmit the data. So you would have to buy the cable and download and run the program. It could work from a phone. The audiologist would need a special interface as well. Communication via whatever, no big deal. So why are we waiting?? Peter
  22. Hi Kirk. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. In my early days audio books was the way to go. angelsound .tigerspeech.com was also great. Peter
  23. I cannot see how this would be remotely possible. The processor has to be connected to a PC to be able to adjust the settings. The only solution as I see it, is to setup an effective practice routine. I think that practice helps your brain to adjust so that when you have your next mapping it will be that much more effective. And when you have that mapping you begin again on a better plateau. After a year I still experience change. . Peter
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