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  1. Best wishes Lori. Johnl good to see news from you. Give us a rundown of what training you do besides Angel. 9 months down the line for me. I can now hear a cockatiel screech as it used to sound, it shuts my system off a lot of times as well. I think listening to audio books is the most enjoyable way to make progress. Using Angel with head hood hoed etc I can't get better than 76% , the American accent doesn't help. I have a session once every couple of weeks. Peter
  2. pdk

    Text to Speech on Android

    The problem is the full stop at the end of the URL Peter
  3. pdk

    Text to Speech on Android

    https://sourceforge.net/projects/bendmyear/ Strange, the above I copied and pasted from the actual site. Please try again Peter
  4. pdk

    Text to Speech on Android

    So let's have some how to requests. Maybe Elliot can help on the iphone side.
  5. I recently had to give a presentation to our local group about how computer training can help improve your speech understanding. It became very clear that not many people from the 'Older' generation were able to perform downloads and installations to get the benefit of lots of apps available. So I wrote up a step by step description of downloading a Book from Gutenberg Books ,renaming it and loading into an 'text to speech' app. Anyone interested can get it from the 'files' directory at https://sourceforge.net/projects/bendmyear. I'd like to have feedback as I think it would be good to create a library of simple operations that could possibly encourage people to be more adventurous . Peter
  6. It will not hurt to wait until Feb . It's probably good to wait for a possible improved design. I have one ear that can listen to music with headphones. I have followed many stories in the CI world and I definitely cannot judge which is better, cochlear, which I have, or a medel device. It seems to me that whichever way you go it will be up to you how much you train your ear to hear again. My bad good ear helps tremendously. I keep hearing improvement, I enjoy a lot of music but it does sound different and as I have said before Pavarotti is still a disaster. But as I listen I hear good sounds in all sorts of different music and a lot of squelch in vocals and orchestra. Percussion and piano are best, and now flute has come right. Having a CI is way way better than not having one. Peter
  7. We had our meeting, an audiologist, representative of Cochlear products in SA and Fanie Du Toit who is on the Council for Persons with Disabilities ( he does round the country running hearing assessment tests so people can then get help from an audiologist) We are going to start with the English language and expand my app Bend My Ear and add more basic phoneme sounds. They reckon that sentences are for competent listeners. So we'll try and create the ability to break down lists of sounds and play them individually. The audiologist is working with her standard hearing evaluation material. So the app will contain more modules. Unfortunately Christmas is nearly here and things will only start at the end of January. So meantime I'm figuring out how to work with Android Studio. Meantime we need to be able to motivate people to use Aural Rehab. I made a search for poll on the Medel site and the results were to say the least disappointing. Less that 20 replies in most cases. I thought a poll which asks Partners and Family members to assess the CI person's ability to communicate might wake some people up. I think we have to go back to the manufacturers and get them to include Rehab material in their Activation kits. I think also the IOWA Phoneme test is a great idea. Public libraries should have Angel installed and people could do tests using the internet option so that the audiologist could have that info available at mapping time. For those who use Rehab the rewards are Great Peter
  8. I would like to poll on who uses computer apps, and other relevant questions to be decided. The objective would be to get CI users to train more. We wear probably the most expensive device we own so why not get the full potential. Peter
  9. Hi Mary Beth. I'm sure you mentioned running a poll on a topic. How was it done. Peter
  10. The old story, everyone is different. My ci dominates my hearing. I can only get the direction of a sound by turning my head to and fro. However it's not a thing that worries me. At the moment I'm listening to the radio and cannot tell from the sound where it is in the room. There are going to be so many pluses, with a CI you will never regret it. Peter
  11. Great response, my mapping is done soley with tones, trying to achieve a constant volume over the audio range. Going to a meeting next week to discuss apps for training. I'll keep you updated. Peter
  12. I'd like to add how important practice is. I would like to suggest something which may stir the pot. I don't think Audiologists in general provide enough info on training especially Computer backed training. I think we should go one level higher and ask the manufacturers to jack up their support and start providing references especially for all the new comers. How many of you out there feel supported apart from the usual mapping updates? Peter
  13. Hi Mary F Yes music is slowly improving for me. Harry Belafonte sounds good for me now. Susan Boyle Wild Horses still a long way to go.
  14. Good luck Marlene. Hi johnl. When I listen to Pavarotti it's frustrating not boring, laughable, will he ever come right? Go for the sounds that are nearly right and soon they will be exciting. Keep going it will improve. Peter
  15. pdk


    Some one fairly recently mentioned how good it would be to do it yourself. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2962926/ I had this in my offline pages. Peter
  16. Thanks, that explains the set locations. Peter
  17. Hi Mary Beth Cochlear America requires an address in USA or Canada. I need a valid address from someone. Peter
  18. Good luck to you too Rick H. Last night I had some more thoughts. The length of the electrode is the same for medel and cochlear. For me residual hearing is a myth. Has anyone retained a little residual hearing from an already degraded hearing?. Would it be possible to use a Cochlear setup program to map a medel implant and vice versa. That would really show the difference. I do think the results are from the mapping technique which as technology improves will keep making our quality of hearing better Peter
  19. I have the nucleus 7 implant. I was able to understand speech from the word go. After 6 months speech is very good. Loud voices tend to distort. I could also enjoy percussion and piano within 3 weeks. . However I cannot hear music as I did before. There is always some distortion. There is gradual improvement and I can enjoy listening. Jewel says she hears as well as before but on the face of it no ci electrode is going to do the job of 3000 or so hair cells. As each of us is unique it's very difficult to say which implant is best. I think it's best to go for the best support team. So far I have not found any comparison between the different makes as to which is the best for music. I can't resist a comment, the battery lasts at least 14 hours. For me the n7 does a great job. Peter
  20. iAngel sounds a lot more sophisticated. Enjoy Peter
  21. Try my app on https://sourceforge.net/projects/bendmyear Make sure you have set permission on your phone.. Angel also helped tremendously Peter
  22. Great progress. I find I'm very tempted to jump from one piece to another but really get best results by listening to a whole CD. The more you try the better it gets. Peter
  23. I listened to Perry Como yesterday, my best sounding voice yet. Most singers still lousy. Male tenors the worst. My own voice is sounding better. My regular challenge Susan Boyle is getting better. The best sound is the birds in the garden, makes up for everything. Peter
  24. That sounds like progress.......
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