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  1. Thanks, that explains the set locations. Peter
  2. Hi Mary Beth Cochlear America requires an address in USA or Canada. I need a valid address from someone. Peter
  3. Good luck to you too Rick H. Last night I had some more thoughts. The length of the electrode is the same for medel and cochlear. For me residual hearing is a myth. Has anyone retained a little residual hearing from an already degraded hearing?. Would it be possible to use a Cochlear setup program to map a medel implant and vice versa. That would really show the difference. I do think the results are from the mapping technique which as technology improves will keep making our quality of hearing better Peter
  4. I have the nucleus 7 implant. I was able to understand speech from the word go. After 6 months speech is very good. Loud voices tend to distort. I could also enjoy percussion and piano within 3 weeks. . However I cannot hear music as I did before. There is always some distortion. There is gradual improvement and I can enjoy listening. Jewel says she hears as well as before but on the face of it no ci electrode is going to do the job of 3000 or so hair cells. As each of us is unique it's very difficult to say which implant is best. I think it's best to go for the best s
  5. iAngel sounds a lot more sophisticated. Enjoy Peter
  6. Try my app on https://sourceforge.net/projects/bendmyear Make sure you have set permission on your phone.. Angel also helped tremendously Peter
  7. Great progress. I find I'm very tempted to jump from one piece to another but really get best results by listening to a whole CD. The more you try the better it gets. Peter
  8. I listened to Perry Como yesterday, my best sounding voice yet. Most singers still lousy. Male tenors the worst. My own voice is sounding better. My regular challenge Susan Boyle is getting better. The best sound is the birds in the garden, makes up for everything. Peter
  9. That sounds like progress.......
  10. Try downloading a signal generator program and see what you can hear. Peter
  11. One of the things that really impresses me is the sound of my own voice (I just realise what I typed) after each mapping I judge it's success on how my voice sounds. It's seems so much better than with a hearing aid. What I'm trying to say is reading out loud could work well. After 6 months my guitar still sounds terrible. I think the way the CI filters in frequency bands causes missed frequencies. The brain starts filling the gaps somehow. It's fun trying to analyze what is going on and suddenly realising a sound has changed over time. In the early days squelch wins.
  12. Keep it up Evren, you are doing all the right things .listening with text to speech will probably get you going the quickest . Peter
  13. A lot will depend on your area and the experience of surgeon and audiologist. You will probably be fine with any of the main 3 brands. The surgeon will choose the actual electrode after you have made your choice. I think the major criterion is your support. Peter
  14. I also have the impression that my hearing aid does very little. However if my CI battery goes flat, my left ear starts functioning. Without any aids I am very deaf. However if I have the CI on my right, no hearing aid on my left and listen to music with my headphones, the left ear sounds slightly louder than the CI. This really helps my music enjoyment. I strongly advise you to keep wearing your hearing aid. You need to keep that ear in action for as long as you can. Peter
  15. I was going to wait until a couple of people had tested it. My first tester has a Samsung galaxy a30 which refused to download it. However I was checking the view on my phone browser and there have been 16 downloads. So try your luck. Https://sourceforge.net/projects/bendmyear Hope it works I will get hold of a galaxy phone on Friday and try and figure out what is wrong. Peter
  16. A great article on equalizers, there's nothing to stop you putting on head phones and changing audio settings. I have tried my treble control and cannot hear the difference between plus and minus six, the full range I have. I also echo, everyone has their own journey. I'm sure Neil if you compare your start with the result now there is an improvement. My friend fanie waited 5 years before going to his first concert. For me it took 3 months before a bird sounded like a bird. After 6 months the tones around 300-600 hz changed from a buzzy sound to a nice tone. It took the audi
  17. I never use my treble and base settings I sometimes reduce the volume. . I also think that even if one could afford the equipment to do mapping the average person would do more harm than good. There are just too many variables to cope with unless you have extensive training. A CI is not a hearing aid.. There's only one way to go, practice, practice and more practice your brain will eventually figure it out. Keep on trying, it may take a year but it will work in the end. Peter
  18. https://m.facebook.com/SAHearing/posts/2867833283290215 Fancies facebook page.
  19. Yes it is. It's so much better than a hearing aid. Have to continue listening to music. Played an old Harry belafonte CD yesterday and it was sounding pretty good. Although it's not the same most music is enjoyable. I compare it to the early sound of speech with the budgie sounds on top. I used to listen under that higher sound. I try the same method with music and it's beginning to pay off. https://roadtoindependence.co.za/fanie-du-toit/ If you haven't found this man, do it now. He's a double implant, has a daily following of 5000 in south Africa. Peter
  20. Just had my 6 month mapping session and a program upgrade. Another leap in hearing. I never though it could possibly improve so much Wishing all those starting out as much enjoyment as I am having. Peter
  21. Here is a screen shot. Hope you can see whole screen I'll try again Peter
  22. I have been asked to present a talk on using computers to help with training. If I can figure out how to do that from a USB I'll be happy to put it somewhere on the web. I have finished the basic android app I want to distribute. I'll be using source forge and setup something there. Still a big learning curve to go through. Have to find out how it will work on different phones amongst other things.
  23. No I don't believe in paying for this type of help. I find it hard to accept the cost of medical things and worst of all it's taxed as well.
  24. https://www.hearingloss.org/hearing-help/technology/auditory-rehab-programs/ I had this in my offline pages. Definitely worth a follow up
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