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  1. pdk

    Pay or free?

    It will have to go some to beat Angel and IMAP
  2. Where is that number located? Capetown is a long way away I think.
  3. pdk

    Rehab tips

    Can't fault that Mary Beth. Maybe add, choose a simple challenge and after repetition check for improvement. Say listening to a recorded sentence over and over. For me one of my targets is enjoying music. I listened to scales played on different instruments and I can hear improvement. I find the Angel program very helpful when I learn by myself. join a hearing group near you if you can. You will find someone who is or once was much worse off than you ever thought. If you are doing well you can help someone else. You will find someone to share with.
  4. Hi johnL Hope all is going well. My CI is amazing but definitely no useful residual. I did try a residual hearing aid but the sounds were almost hilarious. I was and am so happy with the low frequency hearing that I decided to forget it. Peter
  5. pdk

    Jazz trumpet

    Amazing how different things work for different people. Just listening to baroque duet. Both trumpet and voice a wonderful squelchy sound. I'd love to enjoy Wynton again. Glad for you
  6. I'd like to add some thoughts. Each one of us will have started from a different set of circumstances and after switch on will experience a unique result. So I enjoy hearing how each person relates how their hearing improves, I definitely helps to know things will improve. There's no going back. I'm going to spend as much time as I can with all the resources I have to attain the best results from my new device. My thinking and incidentally my audiologist agrees, the more I practice the more things will improve. What I must do, is decide on a few activities and measure my improvement. I do keep notes of new things I hear and experiment with. My conclusion... If you want to try something, do it and keep on doing it until it gets better. I must stop now and play scales 😀 Peter
  7. You have no choice. I think the piano will be good and I definitely think you should play. I'm going to continue with scales on my guitar, but have moved to my mandolin for songs. I must add that I am a lousy guitar player but I enjoy it. Peter
  8. Five weeks down the road I went to a live concert. Wagner the flying Dutchman,, shotakovich piano no 2, and Berlioz symphony fantastic. The whole was amazing. My favourite Berlioz the last part which I know blew me away , almost like before I had hearing aids. I had removed my left ear aid before the concert. that ear hears about a quarter of the cli. Yes there were a lot of squelches but they somehow got buried. The piano which with recorded music sounds better. At the concert I could hear the hammer hit the wires on high and low notes. Slow passages distort, plumby. I listened to the same concert broadcast this evening not nearly as good. The loud parts much more squelchy. When I got home I got out my acoustic guitar, it sounded absolutely terrible. So what can I say? Nothing is predictable. I do think good headphones bring out the worst in music but they are better than Bluetooth on the cli alone. .Next Week I'm going to an organ recital .what can I loose. We can go to the rehearsal in Capetown city hall for a good price. Did anyone say life is boring? Happy listening Peter
  9. Five weeks behind me. I called the high frequency sounds over speech a second layer. I only figured it out on my third mapping it is all the sibilance from the c, t, and s. It will gradually join together. After my activation I got home played my guitar, not so good. On to the PC and through some of my favourite classical stuff. Drums great, piano not bad. Now drums, piano, tuba, trombone, cello, violin, flute all sounding pretty good. Big orchestral bars a wonderful squelchy sound. Joan Sutherland and Kathleen battle sound good. Normal pop, Sinatra, mel tormey, Susan Boyle all squelchy. I'm going to listen to Susan Boyle every day until it comes right. I think trying to separate 2 semitones is not necessary. If I play a scale I hear every note. If I play f then e on the top string the e sounds higher. If I play a on the top string I hear two separate notes. Two fantastic cli programs. www.morefrommusic.org. And angelsound.tigerspeech.com They work on xp and win 7 I could go on but I don't want to bore all of you. Happy listening. Peter
  10. pdk


    Hi Jewel I am not a user of spotify but I managed the first few bars of Rick. For me I can hear the words but what a lovely squelch sound . You must be doing very well. Great Peter
  11. pdk


    After 4 weeks I am going to listen to Susan Boyle singing wild horses at least twice a day until the 'squelch ' goes away. Strange most voices are squelchy but Joan Sutherland, Kathleen battle are almost perfect. Music is going to be tough. Peter
  12. Since switchon 3rd march I have had 5 mappings. From third session each improved my hearing. However practice helps. I have listened to 2 audio books and have the radio on all the time. If you are not happy, go for another session. Good luck Peter
  13. The definition of residual hearing for us recipients is very different from an audiologist. In a proper test I was able to hear some tones. At home I hear if I put my finger in my ear.. If I turn up my amplifier till the headphone almost rattles I can hear music. In reality no residual hearing. What was interesting, during recovery my ear felt very blocked but I could hear bubbles when I swallowed. Also two or three times when it felt like the bubble had stuck, I could hear my voice. So far no change, no residual. Keep smiling I can hear much better with my cli. Peter
  14. Go for it. I have cochlear cli and switched on a month ago. I have hearing with an aid in my left ear. I have listened to 2 audio books. My guitar sounds odd but I could hear a semitone the same day as switch on After my second mapping I could listen to Beethoven's 5th piano concerto on a minimike, full orchestra sounds squelchy, but piano good. A lot of music is far from perfect but add the left ear and that helps tremendously. Peter
  15. Thanks Mary Beth, Going for final meeting with audiologist. (Tigerberg Hostpital Capetown South Africa) to get final costing of implant components. Cochlear is the preference here. I'm trying to find out the difference in speed of the nucleus 6 vs the nucleus 7, finances are limiting me to the nucleus 6 . It would seem that they both support the same basic hearing software (not worried about iphones). Will then make decision for implant scheduled on 14th Sept. Peter
  16. Hi Tim You say you talked to Sara about the choice of implant. What was the outcome. Come to that , which one is the best for music? I have to decide shortly. Peter
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