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  1. I have gotten it to pair with my spouses phone as well bit have not used it long enough to know if it disconnects. Even with my phone, one it is paired, it does not disconnect right away. It may only do so after a few calls. Wished Phonak would redesign the device so it would be easier to understand what feature you are in instead of having to know what each type of blinking/color light means.
  2. I have bilateral cochlear implants and just recently got a Roger pen with the Roger 21 receivers. My Roger pen keeps getting disconnected from my cell phone's blue tooth after being paired. I have a Motorola droid turbo 2 and it is an older phone. I am trying to trouble shoot why the roger pen and cell phone keeps getting disconnected. I have called Phonak and did a default reset and it would connect for a while and then start disconnecting again. Has anyone experienced this issue and how did you resolve it. Phonak seems to think it is the cell phone. If anyone has not had this problem, can you tell me what kind of cell phone are you using with your Roger pen? Thanks Bruce
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