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  1. Thanks Mary Beth, that's great news about the upcoming release of the Med El AudioLink, i assume that for Sonnet users like myself it will be as good as, if not superior to the Rogers Pen and Artone System. Will wait to see when it will become available in Canada and the cost.
  2. great thanks for taking the time to repost the review of the Artone Mic it is very informative and helpful!!
  3. use sonnet. I received Artone 3 max neckloop (but no mic) with my kit. I had been checking out the Rogers pen but it is rather pricey.... I think in Canada the unit cost would come to $3,000
  4. i have had the artone 3 max loop for two years and it has been great listening to music etc on my ipad but did not realize it had a mic that could be paired with it
  5. at meetings, restaurants, family gatherings wherever there is more background noise than usual
  6. Does anyone have experience using the Artone Mic Wireless Microphone (with the Artone 3 Max Bluetooth Neckloop) and if you would recommend it. Thank you
  7. Thanks Mary Beth, i emailed Artone but did not receive a reply yet, was not sure if i had the correct contact information for them but will try again if i don't hear from them in the next little while
  8. I have had the Artone 3 Max bluetooth neckloop for 2 years with my CI and it has been amazing. However it seems it will no longer charge... no lights at all and will not connect to the Artone app. Does anyone know if it is normal for the battery to fail after 2 years and if it is possible to have a new battery installed?. Thank you!
  9. Hi Mary Beth it would not power up, The replacement adapters worked for a short time and then stopped functioning. When i switched over to disposable batteries using the disposable battery holder everything worked fine so it does seem that it is a rechargeable battery adapter issue. The first adapter I had worked fine for a year and a half until this summer which has been more humid than normal so it is possible that the issue is that the adapters are impacted by humid conditions. .....no matter how much i used the drying unit they stop functioning completely.... some in a matter .of days
  10. Has anyone else being having problems with the rechargeable battery adapter malfunctioning due to excessive summer humidity. I had no problems for over a year and a half but have gone through three replacement adapters in the space of two months .
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