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  1. He said go with the plugs... Thanks
  2. He told me the plugs would be OK. Though I have CI I would imagine the loud noise may do some damage, perhaps to cochlear itself. So, why take a chance. Also, the Doctor did not sound surprised by question
  3. 9::30 in the morning? ....Alright, count me in....But with this lockdown, like many people, I have developed a certain life style change...You know - Not shaving, not brushing my hair, wearing the same clothes that I slept in for the rest of the day...( and sometimes the day after). ... ....I am joking of course...(well not completely). But I do notice this in online meetings that I attended...People not turning on their videos...And the first thing I think is..."Is this a bad hair day for them, or did they just not bother getting up for the day...." But this will be interesting for me as I never used Google meetings, and am interested in the CC feature. I tried Zoom and a few others, but I really do not bother with them anymore as I had trouble with hearing what people were saying. Too many people speak too low, or do not know enough to talk into microphone, or just lousy reception and static. So, I will give it a shot....Unless I am working that morning (I will not know until the Thursday before). So, count me in...
  4. I have not been to a shooting range since my CI. And I am planning to go back. Does anyone have any experience with what is best to wear? I imagine if I take CI off I could simply use ear plugs. Or would earmuffs be needed. ...I guess I should call Doctor on this one.... But if anyone has experience, please let me know Thanks
  5. I looked at the link..pretty fascinating...I did not realize there would be so many types of shields. I use a couple of cheap bandanas I bought in Target, and sometimes surgical masks when I go for tests in the hospital or doctor's offices. This whole thing is kind of fascinating, and the fact that it is really similar to what people went through with the 1918 H1N1 Flu reminds me that it is something that does occur...like the 100 year storms, or 100 year floods.
  6. No, but I looked it up at your mention and will keep it in mind. I think I first should get a new cell phone. So, I will shop around on that...Thanks
  7. I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime phone that is probably about 5 years old. And to me the sound is sometimes terrible, with and without the Roger pen. With the Roger pen the sound is very "bassy", almost echoing. And some calls are terrible (though the other caller can also have a bad phone). But I am wondering if anyone has found any particular phone that works well with the pen?
  8. I tried posting this link last week, but apparently it did not post. Just something to read...to give an idea of what I am driving at... https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/eq-explainer/
  9. About 1/2 the time I wear it I do not use any controls at all....I only use controls in a conference room or restaurant...
  10. I have the Med-El in my left ear, while I am still using old hearing aid in right ear. And quite frankly, the old hearing aid is better. The CI, I am sure, has great potential. But that potential will only be available to us users when we get control of making our own adjustments/mapping. It is the 21st Century...there should be some app or better fine tuner to allow us to make adjustments adapting to our then environment. Yes, the fine tuner has several adjustments, all set up by an audiologist in their office or sound booth. But the real world is a noisy restaurant, a conference room with several people speaking at the same time, a noisy train, a noisy street.....I am not happy at all with this product.
  11. The information all of you offer is very useful..I will discuss with my audiologist on next visit, and I think I will try what you suggest. Thanks
  12. Thanks for follow-up comments/questions. I do have an appointment for another adjustment, and will see what we can accomplish.
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