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  1. I tried posting this link last week, but apparently it did not post. Just something to read...to give an idea of what I am driving at... https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/eq-explainer/
  2. About 1/2 the time I wear it I do not use any controls at all....I only use controls in a conference room or restaurant...
  3. I have the Med-El in my left ear, while I am still using old hearing aid in right ear. And quite frankly, the old hearing aid is better. The CI, I am sure, has great potential. But that potential will only be available to us users when we get control of making our own adjustments/mapping. It is the 21st Century...there should be some app or better fine tuner to allow us to make adjustments adapting to our then environment. Yes, the fine tuner has several adjustments, all set up by an audiologist in their office or sound booth. But the real world is a noisy restaurant, a conference room with several people speaking at the same time, a noisy train, a noisy street.....I am not happy at all with this product.
  4. The information all of you offer is very useful..I will discuss with my audiologist on next visit, and I think I will try what you suggest. Thanks
  5. Thanks for follow-up comments/questions. I do have an appointment for another adjustment, and will see what we can accomplish.
  6. New York Area...and I wish we could get a group together in this area (Rockland/Orange/Westchester Counties) for periodic get-togethers. (It is not always practical to travel into NYC).
  7. Yes I tried the tuner. And yes I have Roger Pen
  8. I wish I had control over everything. Though I realize tht there should be limitations (as not to do damage to myself).
  9. I wonder if Med-El would provide some type of app that would allow us CI wearers to have greater control over making adjustments to the sounds we hear. Having them done in an audiologist office is one thing...But then in a conference room with a group of people - Well, that is just something else. It would be nice to have some control on adjustments that we can find the comfort zone for any particular environment.
  10. I too have great problems with this Roger Pen...Some people are clear. I guess much depends on their phone system. I use it with a Samsung Galaxy. Some times people are just garbled...too bassy. Plus, sound just statics on and off...I've got to do all types of contortions to get the signal back. Does anyone have any particular type of cell phone that does work with this thing?....Doesn't the maker recommend a particular phone? Right now I am looking for a closed caption app for my cell phone...Any recommendations?....
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