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  1. Thank you @Mary Beth. I am planning to create innocaption account now. Read about speak see. I think it’s a little bit costly right now. Lets see in future. Thank you for the information.
  2. Hey there, I am looking for starting my post graduation course and will be looking for a full time job after that as a software engineer. I already have 5 years experience in a company, however then my hearing loss was not that troublesome. Now that it is progressive, I want to know some opinions and experiences. What all experiences you guys had during job hunting due to hearing loss? Was it tough getting away with in person interviews or phone interviews? Did you inform employers before interviews that you are hrd of hearing? What all accommodations were provided to you, did you ask fo
  3. Are hearing aids covered by public or private insurance in USA. How did you guys get yours during the usage period?
  4. I agree you @Mary Beth @Mary Featherston @Jewel.
  5. I know this might probably sound cheesy but for some reason I feel good that I signed up for this forum. I am not yet qualifying for cochlear implants but learning from beautiful souls here who have experienced same journey as yours really feels good. In a world where hearing is taken for granted, we unite here to hear. I feel confident enough that I am ready to face the hearing loss journey. I know it’s scary, it always will be but reading the posts here from people who got implanted or are in that process, helps in not feeling alone and left out.
  6. I was a software engineer until last year when I resigned. I am planning to start college again to study further. Do we have any software engineers or computer science students in the forum here? What are the challenges you face due to hearing loss and how do you overcome? Does implants or hearing aids help you?
  7. Thank you @Jewel @Kara of Canada @Mary Featherston For the support.
  8. @Hicksy thank you. I am a great observant too. I know we all have been and will continue to cope well. Just sometimes anxiety and depression kills everything we planned. I feel constantly worried about my future and that will people around me will not accept me if things continue to worsen. Even after not being able to hear well for a decade now, I become sad if I can’t hear someone even today. Just hoping this phase passes and I start accepting hearing loss.
  9. Hi @Hicksy, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am just about to join college and looking forward in future to get a job. I am not yet a candidate for cochlear inplant so I have no other option than to stick with hearing aids. How did you manage then, since wearing hearing aids didn’t help, the college, job, how did you cope with hearing loss?
  10. Thank you @Jewel. It feels nice to talk to someone who understands our experience s. I did not understand what the recruitment was. Did you use any kind of device other than hearing aids which made everything loud?
  11. @Jewel when did you start wearing hearing aids. Did u wear all the time since start of hearing loss? I have read that for CI to be successful we need to wear hearing aids always?
  12. @Mary Beth Thank you mam i will go through the links. That is some interesting stuff. @Jewel thank you for sharing your experience with me. I am really happy for your CI and that everything is working great. Enjoy hearing the world
  13. Hello everyone, I have mild to profound sensorineural hearing, a ski slope starting mild at lower frequency to profound in the highest. . Tinnitus is horrible. just want to know how do you guys cope with this. Just some experiences. Are you also planning for cochlear implant in future if you have this type of loss now or have you had this type of loss at some point in past before going for implant.
  14. @Mary Featherston @Mary Beth I really want to thank you both for sharing everything you can with me. I will definitely bring up this tinnitus thing with my doctor. Thank you. Hope you have a great day.
  15. Nope no change always same loud. Mam does increase in tinnitus always mean increasing hearing loss @Mary Beth
  16. Thank you mam @Mary Beth. I am just scared all the time about future. It is just difficult to let go off anxiety with sirens running in my ears all the time. My doctors did CT and could not find anything wrong. They did not advise me to for MRI. For now I just hope I can receive cochlear implants when I qualify at db level. Your kind words really made me feel better. Just want to accept tinnitus and hearing loss as part of me.
  17. 2 years before, I was diagnosed with mild to profound sensorineural hearing loss. I had hearing difficulties since 5 th grade. But it was somehow easily manageable by me and so never went for a audi test. However 2 years back I experienced tinnitus in one of the ear and then I hd to rush to ent and audiologist who confirmed hearing loss. CT scan was done which showed no imperfections. I started wearing hearing aids however not too often since I was okay managing somehow. Last year I saw sudden increase in the tinnitus in the ear and also it had started in the other ear. We again rushed to hosp
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