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  1. Cochlear stop billing Medicare Effective 07/01/2018. They Had Micropower Battery Company Listed As A Preferred Place To Get Batteries, But They Do Not File with Medicare. Then Cochlear & Micropower Battery Company Became A Partner Setting Up A Web Site www.cochlearbatteries.com Which Again They Do Not File With Medicare Also The Batteries Cost Leaves Extra Out Of Pocket Cost For Cochlear Folks. I Have Called Several Times & Talked With Many Medicare Agents I Have Gotten The Same Answer From Medicare.Which Is Send In But Since The Provider Is Not An Approved Medicare Provider They Said This Would Be Declined For Payment, You Can Appeal But Again I Was Told This Would Be Declined. I Have Many Calls From Phone Numbers From Medicare Agents Which Showed These Being Approved Medicare Provider But Each One Did Not Have The Disposal Batteries Just Medical Equipment. I am Lost On How Cochlear Will Abandoned Their Cochlear Implants People. This November Will Be Three Years Of Getting My Cochlear Implant. You Would Think Cochlear Would Of Done The Stop Billing Medicare On The Disposal Batteries Say Effective Say November 1st,Or December 1st 2018 Or January 1st, 2019 On New Cochlear Implants And Keep The Current Old Cochlear Implants People Going With Disposal Batteries. They Have Throw The Old Cochlear Implants Under The Bus. Thanks P D Kelley Power One P675 Batteries Are The Disposal Batteries
  2. Mary, I Have Cochlear Nucleus 6 Processor, This December 2018 Will Be Three Years. I Was Able To Get The Power One P675 Implant Batteries Direct From Cochlear. Got Email Telling Me Effective 07/2018 No Longer Will Have These Batteries. They Had A Company Microbattery To Call. I First Called Medicare They Told Me For Medicare To Pay Th 80% Have To Get The Power One P675 Implant Batteries From A Approved Medicare Supplier Who Accepts Medicare Billing And Payment. I Just Found Out Cochlear And Microbattery Form A Web Site Cochlear Batteries To Get Batteries But They Do Not Bill Medicare, They Are Not A Approved Medicare Provider. Medicare Has Given Me About 15-17 Places To Call Which Showed They Are A Approved Medicare Provider, But NONE Sell Batteries. I'am Needing Help. My Rechargeable Batteries Last Me About 5-7 Hours Which I have To Carry Two Extra Batteries. The Power One P675 Implant Battery Will Give Me two Days. Do You Have Knowledge Where To Call To Find Who Is A Approved Medicare Provider To Get The Batteries? I Have Been Out Since July 25th,2018. Thanks P D Kelley
  3. Cochlear Has Left Me Out In Left Field. Got A Email From Cochlear Letting Me Know This. The Had Microbattery Company As A Place To Get Batteries. I Just Found Out That Cochlear & Microbattery Company Are In Partnership But They Do Not Accept Medicare Billing Or Send In A Statement On The Battereis. I Called Medicare On This About 15 Times. I Was Told By Each Medicare Person That I Would Have To get Them From An Approved Medicare Supplier For Medicare To Pay There 80%. Medicare Has Given Me About 15 Medicare Approved Medicare Suppliers Which None Of These Have The Power One P675 Implant Batteries. I Was Hoping Someone Has Gotten The Batteries After August 2018. To Get Name, Phone Number To Give Them A Call On This Thanks P D Kelley
  4. No I Have The Cochlear I Was Given The Number Called Them If I Was A Patient No Problem Since I'am Not Can Not Do Thanks P D Kelley
  5. Does Any Cochlear Implant 6 I am having Trouble to find A Approved Medicare Provider Supplier Of Power One P675 Implant Batteries. I Called Medicare On This Nothing Within 200 Miles Of My zip code 63775 Was Given 14 Places From Medicare Got 14 Nos If You Have Gotten The Disposal Implant P675 Batteries After August 2018 I Would Like Their Name Phone Number To Give Them A Call. My Rechargeable Batteries Last Me About 5-7 Hours If I Go Anywhere I Have To Take One Or Two Extra Batteries With Me. But With The Power One Implant P675 Disposable Batteries I Can Get Two Days Again Need Phone Number Of Approved Medicare Provider That Bills Medicare For The Power One P675 Disposable Batteries. HELP HELP HELP HELP Phillip Kelley
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