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  1. Good Evening- I am new to the Forum. I live on the North Shore in Boston. I have met with an ENT , a surgeon and an audiologist atMass Eye and Eye. So, I am heading down the path of getting an implant. I have worn hearing aids for 20 years and they just don't work effectively for me anymore. I am an older adult ☺️, but still active with golf , jogging/walking and trying to keep up with the grandkids. In meeting with the audiologist she showed me the different brands and explained some of the features of the different manufacturers. I'm supposed to choose based on 30 minutes or so of information.... tough to do , given this is a long term decision. I've gotten materials and am trying to make the best informed decision. I'd be interested in why you chose Med-El as you implant provider. I find that the user community is the best source of information.
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