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  1. Vinod

    Sonnet 2

    I like to address this question to the sonnet CI users. In order to secure Rondo 2 on head Med el has provided a flxible thin cord with a clamp which can be attached to any place in clothes but for Sonnet there is nothing. Has anyone looked into any way to secure the sonnet processor? I tried to tie a thin flexible cord to the sonnet ear hook and attach to my dress. But there is no suitable place to attach on the ear hook. Any feed back will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Mary, I bought a Artone 3 max from Amazon and it arrived three days ago. I followed all instructions given in a three page manual which came with the device. I tried to pair it with cell phone but I could not make it work due to some reason. My both cell phones have Blue tooth capability. I don't know what mistake I am doing. Since you are expert of Artone, I am addressing this issue to you. Hope you can help. There is only one button to press so it should not be difficult. The button seems fragile so I don't want to over do it. Vinod
  3. I am not familiar with Artone neck loop. If someone can help me and tell me what it can accomplish and where to buy one from. Also specs if needed. According to this forum it seems it can help me in telephone communication via CI in one ear and hearing aid in the other. My hearing aid does have T and MT capability. Vinod
  4. Hi community, I use mostly Roundy 2 processor and I have difficulty in keeping it on the head all the time. Many times it comes off and falls from the body. The small clip which Med EL supplied is very flimsy. The thin plastic cord can break without any notice. I like to ask community what action they have taken to secure the processor.It is an expensive item if lost Vinod
  5. Mary Beth, Please tell me what is mapping and how it is done. I am not sure if my mapping is done yet? Vinod
  6. I very much like to talk/ meet some one with CI living near Jacksonville, FL area. Preferably procedure done at Mayo. We would be able to discuss some common issues. Let me know. My one ear CI has been activated about 10 days ago. Since then I am wearing Rondo 2 (some times sonnet) but it seems I have a long way to go. I can hear sounds but can never make out what is being said or any conversational speech I am trying to practice listen dialogues, music etc but still not much success. I know every one has their own journey but based on your experience make any suggestions which I should be practicing inorder to train my brain to process sound out of CI. I can't get frustrated at this point so any suggestion will help. Thanks Vinod
  7. I very much like to talk/ meet some one with CI living near Jacksonville, FL area. Preferably procedure done at Mayo. We would be able to discuss some common issues. Let me know.
  8. Mary, Appreciate your prompt reply. The sheets you sent are much easier to follow rather than The CLIX app on Ipad. There is too much noise on Clix. Even my wife could not understand a word. May be we are not doing something right we don't know. Are there some more sheets to practice or just keep on repeating these often. Vinod
  9. Hi Mary Beth, Thank you for your advise. I will download CLIX and follow instructions. But please tell me which Clix should be downloaded. At app store on my Ipad there are several and I couldn't determine which one should be loaded?? If possible attach a picture. Please respond so I can get started.. Appreciate your help Vinod
  10. I like to have input from others who already had CI. I had surgery on March 4th and first appointment for programing on March 26th. I have been fitted with MedEl Sonnet and Rondo 2. Though it is just 4th day today after fitting electronics / programming but my level of satisfaction is zero at this point. I do hear some odd sounds by CI ear but no conversation or dialogues. I do use my hearing aid sometimes in other ear. I want advice from persons who already had the procedure done. What kind of time frame I can expect before start hearing speech? I will appreciate hearing from my Hear Peer friends. Thanks
  11. My name is Vinod I had one ear (left) CI surgery on March 4th, 2019 at Mayo in Jacksonville, FL My first programming appointment/activation was on March 26th Audiologist gave me Rondo 2 and Sonnet processor
  12. I had my one ear CI first programming appointment three days ago. I was given a bunch of stuff in a big Med EL bag. Audiologist explained me how to use all the stuff but it is difficult to memorize in a short time. Though I was given some manuals as well but still will take time to get use to it. They gave two speech processors. Sonnet # 002566 and Rondo 2 # 007999 and was told to use either depending on choice. I was also told not to expect results immediately. It might take several weeks even a year. Right now I can not hear any thing from the CI ear except some odd noise like background noise or machine noise. No conversational or speech at all. Can someone who has already gone through please help me to tell what I should be doing to train my ear. The non operated ear still has a hearing aid which help me some otherwise I will totally deaf. My wife and daughter keep motivating me and talk to me face to face. What is the best way to self train and reduce time to get results.
  13. where Can I ask questions from the participants who already had CI. If this is a right place?
  14. I am new to this forum. don't even know how does it operate. My audiologist recommended me to write to this forum for getting answers of my questions. I had surgery on March 4th. for CI in left ear I am currently waiting for my first appointment for programming in end of March. The questions I have are listed below. I will appreciate if any one can respond these based on their past experience I feel as if I am losing my body balance while standing up or walking. Can not walk straight without hiting some thing in the way. I did suffer Vertigo attack six years ago. Not sure but could it be because of only one ear is working that too with hearing aid.
  15. Hi Jewel, Thank you for your input. I don't want to take any chances and will get CI after I return from the trip. Thanks. By the way how many weeks or months you think it will take to totally heal up and become normal. I do understand there is a lot of practice after activation.
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