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  1. I am so glad I found this forum. I can't tell how how relieved I feel to have people to chat with. I appreciate the responses and more so, knowing that I am really not alone.
  2. Please tell me about the side effects of the BC implants and devices too.
  3. Hi Ivana. Thanks for the response. We tried the cros hearing aids in class today. Daniel said he could hear his teacher and even wore it during the play and lunch break. The sound was good. He just felt they made his ear itchy. I know I should not look at surgery negatively, but I am just wondering if we should let him use the cros or adhear for now, and when he can understand what the surgery will entail, then we can go that route. It will also give us some time to save some money towards it. Please tell me more about the different types of BC implants and devices. We have been told abo
  4. I want to know if other parents felt the way I did. Or am I just overly sensitive? Are my fears and anxiety irrational? Am I the only parent that has felt so devastated to learn of their child's hearing loss? I was told by a colleague that it is not a big deal. He has one ear that he can hear from so why am I so emotional.
  5. I contacted the audiologist today and asked her if we could have the adhear for a week. Mary Beth I already feel so guilty for this and not even noticing something was wrong. I just don't want to make the wrong decision. My instinct right now says try something non surgical first. I really want to connect with parents or anyone who can share their experiences with me. And I guess I need a hand to hold onto along this journey. Feeling lost and confused and people here seem to have little or no understanding.
  6. He is keen to hear with both ears and is excited about this. I just am so fearful of him having the bonebridge. How safe is it for kids and will there be any issues as he grows? I am worried about him being in pain. Mary Beth I am just very afraid.
  7. Thank you Kara. I feel so out of my depth right now. So many mixed emotions, so many questions and I just felt so alone. Trying to understand what it has been like for Daniel all this time, and worried about the impact this has for his future. I am gladnto be here. I hope my questions dont sound silly.
  8. Good Morning from my side. It is almost 6am here. Thanks for this Mary Beth. We briefly tried the Adhear at the audiologist's rooms. She felt that it may not be clear enough for him. Seeing this, I think I should ask her for a trial. I read some of the posts here of the post op recovery for th Bonebridge and I am worried about my little one being in pain. It just freaks me out to think he will have the device in his skull. I have all these fears. I am so confused right now. I am not sure if I am just being irrational over this or reacting like a parent would. Thank you for this vide
  9. Hi Mary Beth. I am so relieved to be a part of this community. I am just confused and so afraid of choosing the wrong device for my little one. Also in a state of shock. Feeling like a really bad mum not to have any idea that he could not hear in one ear. We had no problems with speech development or any sign. Thank you. I truly need support through this and I am very grateful to be here.
  10. Hi all. We just learnt my son has single side deafness as his cochlear and auditory nerve did not develop. He was born preemie. I am so confused right now. His ENT suggested a bonebridge. I am terribly afraid of him having surgery. I would love to hear from everyone about these devices. Is it safe for him to havethe bonebridge? I truly prefer something non surgical but we have been told that the bonebridge is best. Please help me through this. Would an Adhear not be better?
  11. Hi all. Just learnt my son is deaf in the left ear. He was born preemie. His cochlear and auditory nerve in the left ear did not develop. His ENT wants him to have the Bonebridge. He does not qualify for a cochlear implant. I am so confused and trying to come to terms with this. I am so afraid of the surgery. I would love to hear from parents. Please help me through this.
  12. Hi everyone. We just discovered that my son, who turns 8 end of December, is deaf in the left ear. He was born premature and his cochlear and auditory nerve did not develop. He started grade 1 this year and started complaining of his ear not working well. Our ENT wants us to consider the Bonebridge for him. Please please can someone tell me about it. I am so confused and still trying to come to terms with this. I am so afraid of him having surgery for the implant. Please help me and advise me through this. My Daniel is from a set of triplets. One of my little ones passed away from or
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