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  1. @karenRS, @Mary Beth. I use the stethoscope with the DAI red jack cable and the audio quality is really much better, I would even tell you that better than a bluetooth connection. I suggest you look for a stethoscope with generic audio output and always use it with the DAI red.
  2. @Mary Beth, Thanks!!!!
  3. I apologize for the prolonged absence, moreover, to communicate with others I use more the facebook (via private message).
  4. @Ivana Marinac, how do you use the e-scope?, I made with my audiologist a map for to use with the stethoscope, and use always the direct audio input (only red cap).
  5. I'm veterinary doctor and finally can use the electronic stethoscope with the red cap cable (90% audio and 10% Mic). The stethoscope is a Japanese one and very old but with an incredible sound quality (so sensitive that it also picks up noises of friction with the skin and even voices of the environment).
  6. One question: does someone feel that with the implant the fan effect? When someone speaks behind a fan, their voice feels choppy. I discovered it today listening to music, it happens more in the right implant while with the left one there is still a lot of bass sounds. An extra fact: while I was in the post-operative and waiting for the activation, I had tinnitus that luckily almost everything disappeared, there is still a remnant (which lasts milliseconds) when I feel the bass sounds (or maybe it is not a real tinnitus but more well that some electrode is working more). What do you think?
  7. Hi to everybody, my activation was excellent! and I did not suffer like in the first of the right ear (I felt electricity!). Now I listen as if I had a poorly calibrated hearing aid, with excessive bass. Now I wait for the calibration, where the fine adjustments will be made.
  8. My first activation on the right side was on 6 March 2018 and now I can to discriminate simply words.
  9. When I think more about the activation, more nervous and anxious I am.
  10. I have tinnitus now, but I hope it disappears after the activation of the implant on the right side.
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