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  1. Thank you @marybeth!! Sorry I've been quiet for a while...but how did one great Austrian once say - I'll be back ;)
  2. Birds outside my window - a really nice sound! :)
  3. Like @Mary Beth I want to wish you, @Lynn Agnes and @Lori Martin all the best!! : )
  4. Hi there @Lynn Agnes and welcome.to hear peers! 🤗 Like @Mary Beth mentioned, I am also deaf one one ear - my left, just like you - and hearing on my right ear. Just to give you a little background as to my experience with ssd and the ci: I was born with regular hearing, turned deaf due to an unknown virus at three and got my implant aged 21- rather late, it was believed that the hearing nerve is damaged so I had no hearing aids, at 20 doctors found out my auditory nerve actually is working so - yaaaay - I could get a ci and have been a very happy user since 2011! You mentioned sound
  5. And the thing I am 2ndly most forward looking too is also mentioned in the poll: direct streaming from.phone to processor, that would also be awesome! 😃
  6. Welcome to hear peers, @segoro72!like @maryBeth said I am single sided deaf and got implanted in 2011 - so if you've got any questions, please feel free to ask!
  7. Hm, there's no poll for me to open?or is that maybe because - sorry - I was late to reply and it's closed now?anyway, I think it's a nice new feature! 👍
  8. Hi @Julie72 - let me start by wishing you and especially your daughter all the best for her haring journey! 😊 Like @Mary Beth said I am ssd and use a concerto/opus 2 by Medel for my deaf ear!my opus 2 came with a connection cable that lets you directly connect the processor with things like an iPod/smartphone/laptop and found that helpful for training, as otherwise, when training, you always hear with your hearing ear as well (note: I was told not to use that cable when devices are being charged).so I would listen to music/audio books I like with that cable to train just the hearing through th
  9. @matt - would be great to meet up in Graz next year, looking forward to it! 😃But how come, you as an Aussie have your bike stored in sinabelkirchen?what kind of bike do you ride?
  10. So, @Mary Featherston and @Mary Beth about Neuroth: It's an Austrian company specialized in hearing aids as well as hearing protection as well as certain medical equipment. They have offices/distribute in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France and I think also in Slovenia. Hm, I also just searched for an English website - couldn't find one either. About the hearing protection I use, here's a link to the product site of the one's I use (although mine are from 2010, so an older generation ;)) https://at.neuroth.com/gehoerschutz/gehoerschutz-fuer-erwachsene/gehoerschutz-fuer-mus
  11. Oh that's funny, @Mary Featherston, that there was an Austrian Neuroth-girl! It's not very common, but there's a few!
  12. Hi @Pianist! I love playing the piano (also play the transverse flute and sing) - I am single sided deaf and started playing music before I got my cochlea implant. However now with the implant I enjoy playing the piano even more as I hear the full sound better. For the transverse flute the settings of the CI were very important to me as I heared high piched sounds sort of "too loud", but with the right settings it works. Also singing in the choir to me is a lot more enjoyable with the CI, as now I can hear all voices a lot better and not just those that are on my hearing side! Hope that h
  13. Hi @Little_chooky Caroline, Happy to reply! :) Oh well, browser-stuff like that happens every now and then... (btw: a little later it turned up again but I had already rewritten it ;) ) Yaaay, so you now some German, that's awesome! :D Well our official language is also "German" but "Austrian German" - and our German is quite different than the German's German - at least spoken. Written it's quite the same and we understand them easily when they talk but our many different dialects kind of give them a hard time! ;) I sort of hear regular on my right ear - I say sort of as I als
  14. Oh no. I just wrote a nice reply and now it's a gone! Hm. Will start again.... So: Welcome @Little_chooky to Hear Pears!! I'm sorry to hear about your sudden hearing loss!! As @Mary Beth mentioned I am single sided deaf (SSD) on my left ear as well. I was born with regular hearing, turned deaf around age 3,5 (unknown virus) and was not fitted with hearing aids for the next 18 years as it was believed that my hearing nerve is damaged.long story short: my nerve is fine and thus I got my cochlea implant aged 21 and am a very happy CI user since 2011! ? So I know both sides pretty well -
  15. Oh, and now I just saw, that after rewriting the post I added it to another topic than intended, sorry...? This post of mine was meant for the Australian new post...but maybe it'll help here as well?however I will ty to get it to the other post as well...?
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