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  1. Good to know. We're in the US at Mass Eye and Ear. Should I contact my Med-el rep to learn more? Thanks!
  2. Hi there! Just wanted to update everyone on this thread that we decided to move forward and my son was implanted in early January and activated in February. He's doing well with the processors in terms of wearing them most of the day and he can do well with closed set words streaming directly to his CI (which is amazing considering where he came from). But his audiogram levels seem low comparing to what others have demonstrated. He's around 45 dB average whereas most seem to be 20-30 dB with the CI only. Note this test was done in the booth with masking of the good ear at 65 dB. He co
  3. Hi Gemma! I think I may have seen your name on some of the FB threads (if I'm recalling correctly). You may have the record for duration of deafness followed by successful implantation! At least the longest that I have come across. Thanks so much for your feedback and I read the blog that @Mary Beth referenced as well which was very helpful.
  4. @VeroNika That is a unique perspective and very helpful! How do you perform on a hearing test now in that ear since so much time went by where the nerve wasn't being stimulated?
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and here's our backstory. We discovered that my son is profoundly deaf in his left ear at his kindergarten screen. He passed his newborn screen with no issues. We were shocked as he has apparently adapted very well and you would never know. Hears perfectly out of his right ear, does well in school so far (he's now in first grade) and is very athletic. The cause of his hearing loss is unknown but we're guessing it was early in life as he has adapted so well and doesn't seem to know any different (to the point where he doesn't even fully accept that
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