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  1. hi @Little_chooky, we used our audiologists recommendation to choose which CI was right for us which at the time was Med-el. Really I don't think there are also of differences, at the moment I think cochlear if probably ahead technology wise (the phone app to locate lost devices and water wear are far superior) but I am sure this will turn around again. Generally we are happy with our choice and it functions well. The supply for Australian Hearing for parts is fantastic too.
  2. Wpw thank you @Kara of Canada @Mary Beth for your great ideas. I really appreciate it, I will most deff try these again soon, Thank you!
  3. Would be very interested to hear what works. We usually use stronger magnets (level 4) and a thick wetsuit material band (designed for grommets) over the top. But we went swimming in the local pools she lost it. It took us over and hour to find it and I am sure many people can sympathise just how stressful that can be. Its left us quite concerned about future swimming events. PS @Mary Featherston congratulations on being implanted, very exciting!
  4. Hi, Does anyone else have big trouble with this? We have tried water wear but found it very hard to use and quite expensive. We have also tried the cochlear bags but have found the bags leak at times, but still the most user friendly. What do people use? How do you secure them on?
  5. Hi, I'm Jess and live in Perth Western Australia. I have a daughter who was implanted at the age of 11months with bilateral implants. We have used the OPUS 2, Rondo and now the sonnets which are our processor of choice. My daughter is now 7 and has very fluent clear speech. We still have all the usual issues in day to day life, missing processors, broken parts but in general extremely grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful product. Thanks Jess
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