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  1. I got the Samba at the end of January. I haven't ever heard any static noise from it. I also have tinnitus and find that I don't notice it as much when I wear the Samba. Hoping you have been able to resolve the issue with help from Med-El or your audio.
  2. Finally have a chance to post re. my BoneBridge. I had the surgery on 12/13 and after a couple of uncomfortable days the recovery was not bad. I went back to see Dr. Tucci on 12/28 for a post-op checkup and she was very pleased with how it had healed- even commented how "easy" the surgery was. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication with the Audio department they were unable to activate the processor that day. I had to wait until after I returned from vacation to finally get the Samba, which I got on 1/30. So I have had it now for a couple of weeks and I can say I am happy I had the surgery as it seems to be working well for me. The only problem I have had is that I didn't attach the hair clip at first and the processor fell off a couple of times- including once in a movie theatre! Fortunately it was not damaged and I now have the clip attached. I really don't even notice that it is there- it is so small & light. I am definitely hearing better in areas where I used to struggle, such as with a group in a restaurant. A neighbor even commented to me at a party the other night that he could tell I was hearing better. I am very happy that I do not have to constantly turn my head to put my "good ear" towards a speaker as I had to do before. The remote is not as useful as I would have expected- it doesn't really seem to do anything. I can't hear any big difference between the programs or using the volume control. But I will talk to the audiologist when I go back in 10 days & I imagine some adjustments might be needed. Funny story- the other day I kept hearing a chime which I thought was coming from my iPad of iPhone. I couldn't figure out what program was trying to alert me- was it a text, an e-mail, a weather alert? After about an hour I was away from my iPad and heard the chime again & finally realized it was the Samba notifying me that I needed to change the battery! The battery was the one the audio put in on 1/30, so I got more than 2 weeks use from it. Of course I didn't use the Samba everyday as I had the flu for a week and didn't leave the house then, so I don't imagine I will get that much life from the next one. But overall, so far so good! The audio told me he has one other patient who is also SSD & got the BoneBridge about the same time I did. The Med-El rep was in the OR for the surgery and another was with the audio when I received the Samba. So he is learning as we go also. I am very glad I had the surgery at Duke and have access to a really good audiologist there as well. My calendar has some upcoming social events (large & very noisy) which could be more of a test for the BB. I am anxious to see/hear how it goes, but I'm also optimistic that even if it's not perfect it will be better than it was.
  3. I just got home from Duke where Dr. Tucci implanted the Bonebridge behind my bad right ear. Surgery took about an hour. I have a Velcro headband with a plastic ear covering which I can take off tomorrow. Steri-strips come off in 10 days. I go back in 2 weeks and if healing & swelling are satisfactory at that point I will get the processor. Very happy to have this over! Feeling rather wiped out but no real pain. Grateful!
  4. Actually counting the days! 28 from today! 19 days until I go for a CT scan to aid in the placement. Feeling excited when I think about it. But it’s good that this is a busy time of year so there are lots of distractions to keep me from thinking about it too much.
  5. Ivana, Thank you for your response. It is nice to know that Dr. Tucci is considered a giant in the world of implants! I knew she had a good reputation, but didn’t realize she was known internationally. I am happy to know that I have placed myself in very good hands! I know that the CI is being done in the US for unilateral loss, but it is considered experimental and is not approved by the FDA for SSD. The BB just recently received FDA approval in the US, even tho you’ve had it in Europe for a number of years. So it may be some time before the CI is more commonly used for those suffering with SSD here. The FDA can be very slow to give approvals, which in many instances is a good thing, but not always. I think the CI may be used more often in children here as an aid in speech development. That’s just a guess based on some things I’ve read so others may have more accurate information. But I actually mentioned to Dr. Tucci that I had read about CI being used for SSD and she shook her head and told me I would not want to have that. I took her to mean that she felt the BB could be as helpful for me without such an involved surgery and rehabilitation. It is good to know that you have had a good result with the BB, even tho your loss was of a different type than my own. The audiologist told me that the BAHA gave better results to those with conductive loss rather than SNL. But I am choosing to be optimistic about what my result will be with the BB. I am sure it will at least be better than the CROS aid that I tried and hopefully a lot better! Thanks again for your input and good wishes. I will update you all as I continue on this journey. Debbie
  6. And Yes, the Samba is what I was told I would be using.
  7. The Dr. Said as soon as 2 weeks following the surgery, depending on the healing. She said if there is still swelling they would have to wait. I am going on vacation on Jan 2, so I am hoping I can get it before I go away, but that may be too optimistic.
  8. My Duke Doc- Dr. Debara Tucci is in the top photo (8th from the left) and my NYC Doc- Dr. Sujana Chandrasekhar is in the next one (right in the middle behind the banner.) Its wonderful to see so many bright young women joining this field which has been dominated by men for many years.
  9. Mary Beth, Wow- you have sure been through a lot!! I am glad that you now have good hearing in that ear again- that's amazing after all those years. I did say something about a CI to my surgeon and she said it wasn't indicated for SSD and is not approved by FDA for that, so no insurance coverage. She said she felt the BB would be the best option. I see that you had your surgery in NYC. I used to live in NJ and saw a Dr. in NYC - Sujana Chandrasekhar. She really helped me a lot when I was suffering with the vertigo. When I first went to Dr. Tucci at Duke she noted on my records that I had seen Dr. C and told me they are good friends. I guess the world of female neurotologists is not that large! Great tip re. the ear buds. I don't listen to music with them as often as audio books, but I will make that adjustment in my settings. That never even occurred to me! Thanks for your good wishes. It is nice to be able to connect with people who have had similar problems. People with good ears don't appreciate how much being deaf in one ear can impact your life.
  10. Dear Ivana, Thank you for your response as I was told you are the "Bonebridge expert"! A bit of history- I was first diagnosed with Meniere's in 1995 and it has always been unilateral, thankfully. I know the loss can be fluctuating with Meniere's, and that has been true in the past. At one point, in about 2006, after a period of numerous vertigo episodes, it had degraded to a point where I started wearing an aid. But after about 6 months I felt it wasn't working well, returned to the audiologist and discovered that my hearing had recovered to a level where the aid was no longer needed! Since that time I had sensed a slow progression downward. About 7 years ago I visited a new ENT who told me he thought the Meniere's had run its course and the loss at that point was permanent and I probably would not suffer from any more vertigo. Yay! All was stable until this past Spring. I had planned to see a new audiologist and get a new aid when I suffered a severe vertigo "attack". Since we had retired to a new state I needed to find a new ENT. I went to a very well respected medical center- Duke in NC- and had a complete audiological & balance exam. My audio exam report reads " Right ear- Severe 125-250Hx, rising to moderately severe, sloping back own to profound 6000-8000Hz, mixed hearing loss. Left ear- WNL 125- 600 Hz sloping to a mild hearing loss at 8000Hz" Speech recognition in right- 24% at 95dB and left 96% at 70dB, asymmetry noted for all tested frequencies." Otoacoustic Emission Testing , Comprehensive Diagnostic Protocol 1.6-8kHz absent in right ear, partially present through 56kHz in left. Much of the report is too technical for me, but I hope I've included enough that you can understand my level of loss. If I use earbuds to listen to music or audiobooks I hear nothing in my right ear, but very well in my left, so I just leave the right bud out. I have found social situations increasingly unpleasant- too much noise causes the tinnitus to increase and the struggle to hear anyone on my right side exhausts me and gives me a crick in my neck from twisting around so I can hear with my left! One on one with people is fine if they are in front of me, or on my left. I don't usually have trouble watching TV or movies- unless they have thick accents. My surgeon is very optimistic that the BB will help me and is a better choice now than the BAHA. So, based on all of this information, what do you think?
  11. Hi, I just discovered this forum and hope there are some Bonebridge recepients on here who can share their experience with me. I have SSD in my right ear from Meniere's. I knew my hearing had been getting worse, but I hadn't had an audio exam for several years until this past spring when I had a very bad recurrence of vertigo and sought out a new ENT, since I had moved. Testing showed that I had profound loss now with very low speech recognition in that ear and was told I was officially SSD. I was given the option to trial a CROS aid for 6 weeks, which I did, but was not satisfied with it. It was then that I revisited the surgeon who suggested a BAHA. I was scheduled to have the surgery for that next month, but the surgeon called me back last week to discuss receiving a Bonebridge instead as they had recently been approved for use in the US (don't know why the FDA is so slow!) and she & the audiologist feel I am a good candidate. I am now scheduled to receive the Bonebridge on Dec. 13th- an early Christmas present!!. I am excited about it, but somewhat apprehensive as well, as I will be the first person my surgeon has implanted and the first Bonebridge recipient at this hospital (Duke in NC). I am not concerned about the surgeon's skill- she does CI surgeries all the time & I figure this will be much easier than that. It just would be nice to hear some first hand accounts of the recovery from the surgery and how well it is working once the processor is activated. Thanks.
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