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  1. In my experience telecoil is an excellent technology, which is surprising given BT advances. I found both the Rogers and MiniMic (from Cochlear Ltd) devices to be less than optimal. The connection is erratic and the sound quality is just okay. I decided to see what telecoil could do and was pleasantly surprised. Instead of a neckloop I now use an ear hoop. Since I have one CI and normal hearing in the other ear, I use this: https://aarphearingcare.com/product/noizfree-mobile-hr-1-side-induction-ear-hook/ For bilateral CI users they sell a headphone with two ear loops, ins
  2. I have the Flex 28 electrode array, but only electrodes 1-8 are activated. The remaining 4 extra-cochlear. Yes, I use the adaptive program. It's great. In fact, because I don't like carrying around the FineTuner, it is the only program that I now use.
  3. Yes, my experience is quite unique. I am using the Sonnet, and waiting for the Rondo 2. The quality of speech in the Cochlear and MedEl devices is pretty similar. The MedEl device is far superior when it comes to listening to music. With the Cochlear device, I found that everything was mushy and I could not distinguish among musical instruments. On the other hand, listening to music with the MedEl device is much closer to natural sound: so much so that I was overcome with emotion and cried for 10 minutes the first time I listened to music using the MedEl device. Finally,
  4. As a former Cochlear device user, I can tell you that Kanso is not as good as the Nucleus 7 processor, because Kanso is based on the older Nucleus 6 technology. My understanding is that that is not the case with the Rondo 2, which apparently uses the same software and hardware as the Sonnet processor.
  5. Yes, I received a new Med El device a few months ago because my Cochlear device was not MRI-compatible. The biggest problem was terrible vertigo following the second surgery. It resolved after about 2 weeks. IMHO the Med El device is superior.
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