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  1. Thanks. I haven't had any acoustic trauma that I can remember, but I know I had infections for a long time before they were discovered. If I remember correctly some bone in the middle ear was replaced with a prosthesis, but was removed again later. I also have a cholesteatoma that the doctors have left alone - I guess it's either benign or complicated to remove. I also had encephalitis as a kid, but if my understanding is correct that rarely leads to hearing loss on only one side. A question about the audiogram - the bone conduction test seems to cover fewer frequencies than the regular s
  2. Being able to listen to something while I toss around in bed would be great, bur when it comes to listening to music I'm very picky. I'm happy to save money on everything but good coffee, good shoes and good headphones It doesn't look like the Cozyphones are available in Norway though ?
  3. Glad to hear that. Do you just place the headphones over the processors instead of your ears? It'll look weird, but it would be great if it works!
  4. Oh, and another question maybe you can answer. I can hear noticably better with my left ear when I hold my nose and blow, like when you're trying to equalize the pressure when flying. If I blow pretty hard, but not so hard that air passes through the eardrum. I guess maybe the eardrum is a little loose or flappy normally, and when I apply pressure it tightens up. I do it sometimes when I listen to Beethoven and the music peaks Anyway, does that mean that maybe my eardrum could be "tightened up" surgically?
  5. Thanks for replying! I had a lot of surgeries when I was young, because of repeated infections. I'm not sure what they did, but they made me a new eardrum made of skin taken from behind my ear, I think. There's a hole in it but apparently it's nothing they want to try and fix (I can blow air right through it). I'm pretty sure they removed part of the bones in the middle ear. I hear mostly bass on that ear (left) and it's pretty useless for hearing speech. I *think* the cochlea is pretty much intact. Regular hearing aids haven't been of much help, especially with background noise which is when
  6. I've seen several mentions of people getting feedback when something gets too close to the sound processor. I don't understand why, if there's no speaker on it (normal feedback happens when the mic pics up the same sound it's sending to the speaker). Anyway, if I get a BB or some other BAHA, I was hoping I can still use headphones for music, placing one of the cups over the processor. Either that, or somehow streaming the music to the headphones and the BAHA simultaneously.
  7. Hi, I'm a candidate for an implant. I think the choices are between Cochlear Baha, Oticon Ponto and the Bonebridge. As far as I can tell, the Bonebridge would be the safest, and I suspect it can produce louder or clearer sound as well since the amplifier/vibrator is under the skin. One thing I haven't figured out yet, though, is whether the effect will be louder on the side it's on. I'm not completely deaf on my left ear and I think my cochlea is pretty much intact. But will the sound travelling through bone be equally strong on both sides, or will there be a sense of direction?
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