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  1. I’ve got no other programs yet. Can’t increase volume either at moment. and the sound coming through has changed earlier today as well (3pm)...so already my voice & other people are sounding different/hollow.. 😞 weirdly though, TV doesn’t sound different...just not as loud.
  2. Hi, has anyone experienced problems with the Rondo 2 & change of sounds / hearing later in the evening or after wearing it for the day? The last few nights the sound appears to change the longer I wear it and the sound gets “hollowy” & not quite as loud as it was a week ago? im only on my 2nd mapping & 11 days away from 3rd visit back to my audiologist. any advice?
  3. Hi, so, i had switch on, on 12/02. That went well for the first week, but it was hard work due to the deep bass sounds which sounded as though they were coming out of the bottom of a very deep barrel. And the sound of the car tyres on the road was far too loud. I then had the first change to the mapping on the 19/03. This opened up a whole new range of very high pitched sounds. The deep bass noise from the car tyres disappeared. I'm now learning to hear speech again which is a slow process, but I'm starting to follow speech from the TV without looking at the subtitles. There's definite progress, but I'm still struggling a little with the balance issues. Although there's no vertigo or anything, I can't walk very fast at all, as when I do, everything suddenly feels like my head is swimming through treacle and quite unsettling. It doesn't give me confidence yet to go anywhere or walk any distance. Hopefully that feeling will pass, but it's now a month since my operation & I'm signed off work for 2 more weeks. Just a small question regarding the charging of the Rondo 2 (might sound silly or daft), at night the lights from the charger & Rondo 2 are very bright. Is there any way to change the settings to "turn off" these lights? As it reached the point where I've had to put the charger in a different room overnight. Thanks.
  4. Hi Ford, sadly my hearing in my other (left) ear is almost as bad as the ear with the new CI. For the next 3 months my Audiologist doesn’t want me to wear the hearing aid in my left ear...do it’s going to be very difficult...I’m not looking forward to going back to work at all yet..
  5. Ok, I’ve been switched on. I was fearing very loud noises & being overwhelmed, but, it’s nowhere near as loud as I thought & I’ve already had to increase the volume. Most noises are very tinny, which is a slight improvement from everything sounding like that on a submarine radar....beep.....beep... cue torpedo...
  6. Thanks, Mary Beth. looking forward to it, still wondering how different it might be...especially without a hearing aid in my left ear for at least the first 3 months. the audiologist where I go, said they’ve only done a couple of Rondo 2’s so far & had a few teething problems with programming.
  7. Hi, I had my operation 2 weeks ago (Bradford, UK) & hopefully receive my Rondo 2 on the 12/03 and get switched on! looking forward to it.
  8. Thanks Mary, I hate my current hearing aids...listening to music is impossible & if I’m suitable for CI, I could potentially get one in about 4-5 months. (Been researching for last 6 months in anticipation). I'm curious about the comments on wind/hair noise. I have very short hair, so hiding the CI is a non-starter, I thought it would be better than hearing aids, which again are awful when it’s windy.
  9. Hi, I’m new to the forum & in the process of C.I. referral. I like the look of the Rondo 2 & wondered if anyone can advise what it’s like when listening to music. (I miss my music!)
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