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    Andy reacted to Mary Beth in Who already has Rondo 2 or is waiting to receive Rondo 2?   
    Now the fun begins.  Hang in there.  Things change quickly in the beginning.
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    Andy reacted to C T lex in Activated 03/06/2019   
    Hi everyone,
    I am happy to say I was activated yesterday as I sit here streaming The Flamingos and actually hear the lyrics and melody well.  Admittedly I have trouble making out the lyrics, but I'm good with the melody.  Yesterday,  Mariah Carey's beautiful rendition of Oh Holy Night was rather poor but today it was much better.  The rate of change  over just hours is amazing.
    After activation my audi and the Med-El rep introduced me to what came with the Rondo 2 processor while I"m listening only with the implant.  I was just happy to hear sounds and these guys are talking to me already! 
    It has been a tough waiting period.  I Had trouble with spitting up blood (for three weeks) and tinnitus of my heart beat (which was maddening).  But now that's all done and I'm good.  I am old guy so needed a little good news and yesterday I got. it. 
    I did lose most of my residual hearing so I chose Rondo 2.  Many on this forum have mentioned how loud the volume is on the Rondo2 and it is true.  I am hearing the TV at much lower volume than with my hearing aids.  These first four mappings are testing different volume levels (all seem loud to me).  On TV the quality of the dialogue is such I'm not understanding much of it.  But, hey, it's a little better than it was yesterday.   For some reason music comes through more accurately than TV audio?  
    Thanks to all who post here. Your comments about your experiences and devices have been very helpful,  especially in choosing Rondo 2 (special shout out to @Mary Beth.  @Jewel  @Cara Mia )
    C T Lex
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    Andy got a reaction from Mary Beth in Who already has Rondo 2 or is waiting to receive Rondo 2?   
    I had my operation 2 weeks ago (Bradford, UK) & hopefully receive my Rondo 2 on the 12/03 and get switched on!
    looking forward to it.
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