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  1. Visualizing sticking the roger pen behind the ear like people place their pencils there... I can’t imagine the technology is that far away!
  2. THATis interesting and good to know!!! I will definitely add that to my list of things to ask!! Thank you!!:)
  3. Hi Dave, Yes, I definitely want to go bilateral. I will ask about it, but I think I’d have to probably pay out of pocket (about $45,000) for a second at a private clinic, but it’s probably cheaper than retraining to another career at this point. So, why not dive right in, right?🤷🏻‍♀️ N
  4. Thanks all!!:) I’m really glad to have found this group!! Definitely nervous about getting a CI, but it is good to know there are lots of people to bounce questions off of!!💛💛
  5. Hi Everyone, I joined this group as I’m in the referral process of getting a CI. My hearing was perfect up until I developed mononucleosis in June 2015. From then on I developed tinnitus, bilateral vestibular loss and pretty rapidly progressive hearing loss. My hearing used to improve with steroids, but the steroids have lost their impact now. I’m complete deaf in the left ear since May 2018 and now have severe-profound hearing in my right ear until 1000Hz and then it goes to nothing. I have a Phonak Naida UP, but it just allows me to hear sounds now, not speech. I am an ER nurse on
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