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    User of a hearing implant
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    1-2 years
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    Cochlear Implant
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    Pre lingual Hearing Loss
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    Progressive Hearing Loss
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    Unilateral implant
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    United Kingdom
  1. Hello everyone. I'm Stephen, from the UK. Born severely deaf, hearing aid user all my life, can speak and hear, now in my 50s. Deafness progressively got worse, so became profoundly deaf and was implanted 15 months ago. Unilateral implant, MEDEL sonnet. Very happy with results so far! Speech and music comprehension much better. However, I'm looking into combining the unilateral implant in my right ear with a CROS device behind my left ear. Does anyone here have any experiences - good or bad - with these? Anyone know of specific CROS devices that will 'talk' to MEDE
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