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  1. I am now 8 weeks since activation. I am surprised to find that I already have a very clear preference for wearing my processor vs not. Even though its sound is still a bit strange and distorted (though getting better every week), it is FAR better than nothing. The combination of my normal ear with the implanted ear is pretty good in terms of stereo effect, overall volume, and feeling that the right side of my world actually exists. Every time I take it off for some brief reason I really feel that I'm missing something important and it's uncomfortable. This is reassuring to me, and I am more committed than ever to making this work. I wonder if this resonates with others early in their progress too?
  2. Pretty good. Had my initial 4 sessions, now I'm on my own for 2 months to experience the world! Apparently I'm progressing as expected so that's good. I have a big choral concert tomorrow night so that will be a big test.
  3. All my programs use natural setting (I asked the audiologist today)
  4. Things on that side sound generally loud, monotonous, electronic. But my good ear balances it out ok so my overall sound is like a louder version of life and as if through a microphone. These new settings have just added more nuance so that's nice. I have no idea! Those terms have not come up. I will ask...
  5. 3rd appointment done. I now have 4 programs. 1. Regular every day use 2. Singing (less high frequency and less overall power) 3. Noisy environments 4. Rehab (when I'm plugged in - louder)
  6. No I can't find clix. And I do not have any Roger devices.
  7. I'm not sure if I could use a practice sheet with another person, as my other ear is perfect and would cause me to accidentally cheat. Blocking my ear with my hands isn't effective. Any tips, or should I stick with exercises based on the computer where only 1 side is plugged in?
  8. Week 2: Everything is so loud! No question that I'm getting plenty of input. And I got a different program for noisy environments, which was great in a restaurant today. Audiologist recommended this week to start on angel sounds, and also to watch videos with captions eg TED talks, documentaries - things with one speaker to follow. Very interesting indeed! Can't yet tell what words are being said without looking at captions (I keep closing my eyes to test) but I can follow the general pattern of words if I can see them.
  9. I am very well, next appt tomorrow. Even though the sounds I get are electronic and not useful at this stage, I find it strangely comforting to have sound at all and I do prefer it to nothing.
  10. Kylie

    Wet hair

    Thanks that's a good start. Obviously bone dry is not necessary. Will check with audiologist next week.
  11. Kylie

    Wet hair

    Could it also damage the processor if my hair is wet? (Not really dripping, but at least damp.) That's what I'm really worried about. Today to be safe I let it air dry before putting it on, but it took 2 hours. Too long!
  12. Kylie

    Wet hair

    I have washed my hair for the first time since I got my sonnet, and now I can't work out if I can wear it while my hair is still wet! It is long and thick and takes a while to dry. I don't love using a hairdryer so I tend to dry it naturally. I may reconsider this though if it means I can't wear my device... Advice please?!
  13. Good today! Went to work. Half the time I was aware of the buzzing and the other half I forgot about it completely. More interesting was choir last night. At the start I struggled to hear anything clearly at all and was very distracted. But as the evening progressed, I stopped noticing so much and my good ear gave me enough input to sing with everyone, as I have been doing since I lost the right hearing. Though my friends said I was quiet, which I didn't realise. I can't really tell about my own volume very well. Overall, I felt good about this first experience of making music. I was very nervous as I really care about being able to sing and my expectations were low at this early stage (I thought it would be completely overwhelming and was prepared to leave if I couldn't cope.) In reality it was much better than that!
  14. Next week is my next appointment. I have 4 programs to get through this week, every 2 days to change to the next one. I think they're just a bit louder each time.
  15. So far I can definitely hear a range of sounds, though they are not clear. What I can hear the most is 'sharp' sounds like crumpling plastic, clapping hands etc. My husband thinks it's funny as I keep visibly startling at such noises around me. Also I've noticed that even in one day I have started to tune out the buzzing sound for periods of time, I just don't always notice it. Which I guess is progress in itself? And it's definitely lessened my awareness of tinnitus while wearing the processor so that's awesome.
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