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  1. I also have single sided deafness, and have had great results so far (18 months.) My hearing is well balanced with the 2 different ears, the brain is amazing at putting it together to make 1 sound. Though when I listen with 1 ear at a time the sounds are definitely different. Also my tinnitus has reduced too! That seems to be a common happy side effect.
  2. Hi @PamR Sorry for the delayed response, haven't checked my notifications for a whole week while I was moving house! Anyway... I also became SSD suddenly, at age 38, following an ear infection. I also found it affected my orientation, not hearing people behind me (very off putting when surprised and hard for my kids who weren't heard unless they were face to face). And it affected my enjoyment of all noisy environments, which I started avoiding. I rescheduled all my catch ups to quiet coffees at home or at an outdoor cafe. Weddings and funerals were a hearing nightmare - too man
  3. I have the sonnet 1. Don't know about the inside bit.
  4. @Diane hello! These are very similar to questions I was pondering before my own surgery. I became deaf in one ear very suddenly at the age of 37. Also tinnitus. My other ear is excellent. I saw an audiologist and ENT who both told me that a CI would be the ideal solution. I have now had it for 1 year and it is fabulous! Having a hearing side is very helpful, and in a brief time the brain clearly adapted to the mixed inputs and sorted it into one coherent sound. Earlier in the process it did sound electronic overall but that fades with time and rehab practise. Single sided hearin
  5. I agree with everything here. A good dose of a resilient and optimistic attitude is needed to make it worthwhile. Surely that is a significant factor! And as I was saying in a different thread - you need to find ways to 'own' it and for it to be a part of you. Not something you resent or feel you have no control over.
  6. @Leila Riley I completely lost my right side hearing suddenly as an adult of 38 years so it was a big shock and yes I was angry and upset too. I quickly went into my usual pragmatic mode and researched all options and asked the specialists lots of questions. They recommended CI and I told them to put me on the waiting list immediately! While I was waiting I spent more time reading, including this forum which was ever so helpful as a 'real' resource of lived experiences. Nearly exactly a year after my hearing loss I had my surgery and I've been actively working on my recovery ever sin
  7. I was able to hear right away. It was robotic but I could understand some speech by the end of the first day. Within a few weeks it was getting really good for speech, though still had an electronic tone. This is fading over time and sounds are becoming more natural.
  8. Hi @Glenda I had no negative side effects from the surgery. And like @Megan L. my tinnitus is gone when wearing my processor, but I occasionally notice it when I go to bed (though not very often.)
  9. @Ludomiro Hello! My path was similar. I experienced sudden hearing loss on right side, from perfect hearing, at age 37. The cause was an inner ear infection that damaged the cochlear. I totally agree that a single sided hearing experience is significantly lacking. No stereo means no orientation to sound, no nuances, hard to track conversation, hard to filter in noise etc. It is a loss of way more than half of the hearing world. I am a semi-professional singer so I have also been focused on music experiences. I sing solo and in a close harmony group. I continued to sing whi
  10. Kylie

    Music with CIs

    @Ludomiro I mean when I am doing music listening for practice I need to plug in with cable or artone (Bluetooth) to avoid my hearing ear. That's when I can hear solely CI interpreted music.
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