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  1. I had quite a different experience with the team in Perth. I was not given a choice, just told that the device will be from med-el and was given a bunch of brochures etc about it. I'm not unhappy about this, especially after researching the alternatives, but it's curious that others have choices.
  2. Kylie

    How long have you been implanted?

    Just black. I'll cover it with something more interesting!
  3. Kylie

    How long have you been implanted?

    Had all tests and scans, selected colour of external device, just awaiting surgery date! Letter should arrive any day now...
  4. Kylie


    I would love to see pictures of other people's skinit designs?!
  5. Kylie


    Wow I cannot believe how many designs there are!!! So amazed.
  6. Kylie


    Brilliant thank you!
  7. Kylie


    I was looking at the skinit website https://www.skinit.com/create-your-own/custom-skins/medical-device-skins/cochlear And these don't seem to match the med-el items. How did you get yours @Jewel
  8. Thank you for this video @Mary Beth It was great to hear you speak, and so reassuring!
  9. Kylie

    Aussie with Single Sided Deafness

    @Mary Beth I am getting the sonnet. Though I don't think I was given a choice, it was presented to me as the device I would be receiving now that I was getting a CI. At the time I didn't even realise there was an alternative (I know better now, after reading this forum and the med-el catalogue!) Perhaps the sonnet is considered best for me and they didn't want me to have anything else? Or some funding thing? Don't know.
  10. Kylie

    Aussie with Single Sided Deafness

    I am soon to receive my CI (also in Australia) and though all the options were presented to me, this was the only one the ENT and audiologist strongly recommended. Not a last resort but the most suitable for my condition - severe sensorineural hearing loss following an inner ear infection in right ear. Perfect left ear. It is expected to gain me the most 'normal' hearing function. I did lots of reading on my own and became convinced they were right so now I am waiting my surgery date. Nothing I have read in these forums in the last few weeks since I joined has made me doubt this decision. Obviously I will have more to say once I'm implanted!
  11. I am also in Perth Australia! @JessDunn
  12. Getting through my last 'quiet' Christmas before surgery. At lunch I could only hear a few people closeby, and only on my left side. My poor Dad was largely ignored on my right. But I really enjoyed my daughter playing Christmas carols on the piano (she's 7 y/o), which I could hear quite well. I even played a few myself, which I have been uninspired to do lately, but the joy on her face was motivating for me too! And I am thankful for the looks on my children's faces (and my husband!) when they opened their presents - don't need hearing for that!! I look forward to next year's experience post-op! I should be many months into rehab by then. I hope everyone here is having/has had a lovely Christmas/Solstice/other appropriate holiday.
  13. Kylie

    The sound of singing

    Since becoming deaf on one side, it is painfully obvious to me that the sound of my voice has changed (to me only - of course I sound the same to everyone else!) I find it especially strange that my 'internal' voice that resonates in my head is different, and when singing I find it unpleasant and annoying. I get a buzzing quality to it like a bad cable (pretty sure that's my damaged inner ear but it's really hard to explain!) I don't notice it much when I just talk. So I am curious what this is like for others, and what I might expect after my implant is done? Did your voice change to you? And was it different/better/worse/other after you had your implant?
  14. Kylie

    Opportunities for meeting in person

    Wow that sounds amazing! I wonder if there are events that come up in Australia? I'm gonna have to do some digging...
  15. Kylie

    Guide for a music rehabilitation: step by step.

    And is active music rehab similar? Do some start early and some wait until later in the process?