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  1. Lucky me my date is a Friday! So I'm hoping to be back at work on Wednesday. I don't like sitting around.
  2. I have a surgery date!!! 12th April. Most anticipated phone call of my life!
  3. I tried it on my phone again today, this time at a noisy family lunch. It didn't pick up anyone across the table, only myself and occasionally the lady next to me. The phone was placed on the table face up near my plate, I didn't try to point it anywhere in particular. That was today's experiment!
  4. I had a play with it too this week. It very accurately showed me a conversation I had with my daughter and husband. It auto corrected with the context of the conversation! My daughter's tiny voice was not as well picked up, but mine and my husband's were fine. Will test in a noisier background next time to see how that goes.
  5. @Mary Beth No date yet! I have never checked my mail box so regularly... They said by the end of March, so I really should hear soon!
  6. Haha ok no worries then
  7. Is this some kind of spam thing? Wants us to share personal info??
  8. Haha @Mary Beth @Mary Featherston I'm so glad it's not just me! Yes I'm sure many pictures will follow @Jewel when I have all the hardware to put them on. It's nice to have some things to be excited about already.
  9. I have a confession to make... Though I'm still awaiting my surgery date I have gone ahead and ordered some skinit covers. I do love colourful things and it feels like a positive way for me to embrace this rather emotional and frustrating process. Anyway they arrived today!!! They were doing a special deal for ordering two, so I got two of course. I will upload pictures!
  10. Thanks @Monte @Mary Beth @Mary Featherston That is helpful and reassuring.
  11. My doctor said I can expect to take a week off work - my job is mostly office based, with some driving and large group meetings. When I do get my date, I will have to rearrange some work things (like training days that I facilitate). So far I am planning on returning to normal work after a week... Do you think this seems accurate, for those who have experienced the CI surgery?
  12. Aww thanks for this. Still awaiting my letter with my surgery date! They said Feb or March so hopefully any day now I'll hear (pun intended). Will keep you updated!
  13. Possibly, I really don't know. Another thing I might ask!
  14. Thanks, I will ask the doctor for more details at my next appointment.
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