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  1. Kylie

    Music with CIs

    @Mary Beth Thanks for the recommendation. For speech it doesn't really matter, even in crowds I can usually hear all around me pretty well. It's so good!!!
  2. Kylie

    Music with CIs

    Great topic! I enjoy music in the real world very well, but this is with 1 CI and 1 'normal' ear. However when I am listening plugged in to my CI it is still musical but strange sounding and I can't always pick the instruments or exact melody, though this is definitely improving. I have an impression of what I'm hearing but not all the details. I am now 9 months in. I am currently focusing on the music sections of the angel sounds training as I am keen to improve this area.
  3. I had sudden loss and wanted the implant from the start. But if I had any doubt it was erased when I was at a funeral - couldn't understand the speeches properly, and couldn't hear a word anyone was saying to me, even up close, in the noisy foyer afterwards. It was so awful.
  4. Ok I will talk to my audiologist about this at my next appointment. Thanks!
  5. 1) micro USB 2) yes the T setting, and I have a sonnet only 3) no I have never used it before so I don't know about settings for it. But I was getting some sound, just very little. So it musn't be completely blocked.
  6. I tried my artone neckloop today for the first time, both with my tablet and my phone. But it was so quiet I could not catch anything clearly. I maxed the volume on the fine tuner, my devices and the artone. Anything else I can try??
  7. My initial setting was also 'flat' but over the first 3 months that was changed a few times with different levels in each frequency range, depending on which sounds (consonants) I was hearing or missing. It helped immensely.
  8. Well done @Lori Martin for getting this far! It will only get better...
  9. Thanks @Mary Beth and hello @Julie F! I have been activated for 6 months now, using a Sonnet, after a year of SSD from a sudden illness. My other ear has excellent hearing. This poses an interesting problem in that rehab requires isolating the CI so the good ear doesn't cheat. So as mentioned in previous post, the best way is to plug in using the cable. Which was practised during my initial visit with the audiologist. I do that nearly every day and it is very straightforward. However I do not use any other tech devices (nor was I offered any in my package so I haven't had reason to try) because in everyday situations I use the combined hearing power of my good ear plus CI. But if I had a free device I would certainly take it and play with it! I just have no opinion on what might be most useful. I am keen to hear if anyone else is using them with SSD...
  10. I wanted to post a 6 month update, saw Audi yesterday for testing. Best News! Ahead of all expected milestones! Even scored 'normal' on the speech in background noise test. Audi said there is nothing more she could hope for, and we'll re-test at 12 months. Functionally my hearing is not 'normal' or perfect but it's pretty damn good. I can operate in most environments without undue stress, maybe more focus than previous. I'm working on the music modules now in angel sounds - that is hard and the area I most want to improve now. More rehab!!!
  11. It was funny - we met in a tennis class and found out that we live 2 suburbs apart!
  12. Yes you're free to go exploring the world - I wouldn't think you will need your audiologist during the week, between appointments.
  13. This morning my 10 year old son tried to sneak up on me while I was getting dressed. It's a game he plays sometimes when I think he's still asleep. He even put socks on to dampen his foot steps. But I heard him and caught him first! It was so funny!! I never used to hear him with one working ear.
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