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  1. As we spoke about tonight with my terrific CI program here in Perth - this is my audiologist, with her special interest in SSD. https://www.spinnakerhealth.org.au/our-impact/dayses-story/ https://research-repository.uwa.edu.au/en/persons/dayse-tavora-vieira/publications/ Someone might glean further info from her publications listed above!
  2. I have a cochlear implant after losing my hearing suddenly on one side, in my late 30s. Had my surgery 18 months ago. I can't speak to your specific device choices but I can certainly speak to becoming stereo - it's 500% better! It's not just hearing the other side sounds but also orientation to sound, as you mentioned, and a deep richness to sound that doesn't happen with one side. Also I can hear whispering now and other soft nuances that lost me before. And I can process sounds in busy environments much better too. I could never go back to single sided hearing.
  3. Kylie

    New Med-El app

    I too was disappointed, I thought it would contain actual rehab exercises or tests like some of the other apps. I don't know why this will be a paid app after the promo period.
  4. @John R I watched your vlog - nicely produced and you speak like a pro announcer! I do hope you keep making the videos. A few particular things resounded with me from your content: the desperate hope that tinnitus would go away (mine is much reduced when I'm wearing my processor - is yours?) the hearing effort is exhausting when you are impaired, and is always underestimated hearing impairment can indeed be lonely and isolating from family/friends, but being honest with what you need from them is so helpful. I myself have also had so much support from my social
  5. I heard beeps and everyone was a robot talking underwater.
  6. Hi @sarahphee Welcome! How do you find your hearing more, 6 years in? I would watch your documentary if it was available! What is a hybrid CI? I myself have a single side implant, and am hearing on my other side. I am 20 months post surgery at this stage.
  7. It's currently AU$155-185 for sonnet rechargable depending on micro or standard size (USD$117-140)
  8. Yes as far as I know that is correct.
  9. You can buy the audiostream in Australia for AU$490 including the battery frame. (That is approx US$372 at today's rate.) I have not yet purchased one as I am undecided about the value for the high cyst. Looking forward to reading others' reviews?
  10. LOL I have a similar frustration with my ENT! They were so concerned about the risk to my residual hearing and expected me to feel the same but I did not care one little bit. It was not at all functional so what did I have to lose? Then after the surgery they excitedly told me that I had retained much of it, and I told them I didn't care (or more polite words to that effect) and they acted like I cursed! It was funny and confusing 😃
  11. Within 6 months I could close my eyes and not miss too much, if I concentrated very hard, though it sounded very tinny and electronic. Now at 18 months it sounds way better, more like voices than robots, but still definitely an electronic sound overall. Don't need captions now, can listen to any audiobook etc.
  12. Early on I really liked TED talks, documentaries, YouTube - things I could turn captions on and watch while I listen. Then graduate to closing my eyes and checking how much I could understand in small bursts. Moved later to podcasts and audiobooks without the visual cues.
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