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  1. Hello from rainy and more rainy and more rainy SCRANTON PENNSYLVANIA. Hearing again hear (pun intended), Will do. Thanks.
  2. IHello again my fellow hear again people! Hope everyone is doing as well if not better than the last time I posted. Me, I’m now six months post activation and over my first few months angst. Still hearing better every day. Sitting on my front porch writing this and can’t help hear the beauty of all the birds chirping which I have not heard since my brain tumor in 1994. Ironic as I sit here writing this I hear them for the first time in so many years. My query for the day revolves around my wife and I cutting our cable and getting a Roku TV streaming device instead. Does anyone know how to use Bluetooth with the Artone Max, or any other way?
  3. Hi Mary Beth. My Audi thought the Roger mylink woukd only transmit to my Cochliar device. But as I looking at adds to purchase it I am seeing that it works with all Cochliar devices and hearing aids with a tekecoil. Do you know if that is true?
  4. Hey Mary Beth, thanks for the info. Hope all is well. And yes, the Rondo 2 is sooooo simple.
  5. Thanks for your response Mary Beth. A Sonnett was included in my Rondo I kit. I did not get the plus Kit, just the Rondo two and charging station. The truth is, I like the Rondo2 so much, I will probably never want to use my Sonnett again.
  6. Nice to hear from you Mary. Do you know if you need the Roger neckloop to use the Roger select with a Rindo 2?
  7. Hello everybody, this is @hearingagain. I’ve been off the grid for a bit will cell phone problems, but still hearing better every day. Anybody know what a Roger Select is? Is that what is needed to hear my Roger pen out of my rondo 2? Did I see someone on here say the Roger select cane with their free Rondo2?
  8. Hello everybody, this is @hearingagain. I’ve been off the grid for a bit will cell phone problems, but still hearing better every day. Anybody know what a Roger Select is? Is that what is needed to hear my Roger pen out of my rondo 2? Did I see someone on here say the Roger select cane with their free Rondo2?
  9. Yeah Mary, me too. Forgot to charge mine after leaving my Audi around 4 on a Wednesday. It went all day the next day without a charge, so that night i purposely didn’t charge it to see how much longer it would go the next day. I figured it would be dead when I woke up, but it wasn’t. It didn’t go dead until aroung one in the afternoon.
  10. My audi and I have not yet gotten into the roger penn, although she did sync it with my cell phone as it shows up as a Bluetooth device in my cell phone settings. Not sure what that is going to do as I need the sound entering the roger penn go to my ear and not my phone. I have also heard a little about other roger devices. Anybody know what they are and which ones are good to have? Also, as the roger pen came in my original kit without a loop, I figured it just streamed directly to my CI. But now I heard something about a roger neck loop. Do you need that for other roger divices? Do you need that for the roger penn? I got the Artone 3 max the other day and it is beyond incredible, but that does not help with any of the Rodger items, does it?
  11. Yes Marybeth, hearing TV and Music out of two ears is miraculous. I NEVER EVER thought that would ever be the case again. And so incredibly clear in my hearing aid ear and pretty darn good in my mind CI ear considering my activation was less that three months ago. And I notice an improvement every week. Last month, I started hearing different pitches and was able to make out whispering. The month before that I started being able to differentiate between different voices. On another note, I am going to start another topic about other roger devises and what experience people have had with each of them. My audi and I haven’t gotten to the roger penn yet although she did sync it with my cellphone and it comes up in the Bluetooth listing on my phone. Being that it came with my original kit and no roger loop did, I figured it would just stream wirelessly to my CI. Is that the way it works? If it does, do the other roger devices do the same thing or do I need a roger neck loop?
  12. Yep, I got about the same on my first charge. Don’t know about charges after that because I’ve been charging every night before I go to bed and it’s never gone low.
  13. this is outrageiusly easy. Charged it over night and found the instructions online minutes after I wrote to you. Already synced my cell phone and my TV. It is miraculous. At first it was a screechy static sound. I though it was broke until I turned the volume on it to a comfortable level. I’m so used to turning everything up to the max, like my old Bluetooth loop. This is incredible. And I hear in both ears now as my hearing aid in my other ear is Bluetooth also.
  14. Opened up my Artone 3 Max box today. No instructions with it. Marybeth, I know you wrote somewhere on here with simple instructions on how to synk it and use it, but I can not find what you wrote. Can you re-send? Does the Artone usually not come with directions and I’m just supposed to go on their website?
  15. Really wow’d by the Rondo 2. The hearing really is better than my original Rondo. Jewel, when you say your audi removed your Omni from your your sonnet, what exactly do you mean. New and not familiar with the all the Cochlear lingo yet. What is an Omni?
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