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  1. There was when I first hooked it up but I just unplugged it for 20 minutes and plugged it back in and I notice no lag time other than maybe a half second but it’s not even noticeable unless you are looking for it. I am using the RCA cables to connect it but it also comes with an optic wire which I bet is even faster, I just can’t find that output as my TV is wall mounted.
  2. It’s phenomenal. I can turn the tv almost to the lowest setting when my wife and dog are sleeping and control the volume just in my ears.
  3. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. I just saw you wrote. The ARTONE TVB IS FANTASTIC. It plays tv sound right into my cochlear device in one ear and my hearing aid in the other.
  4. Just thought of what I thought was a genius idea. Instead or getting Bluetooth out of my Dish network (which works) or Roku, which doesn’t, I thought I should use the original remote for the TV and look through it’s settings (I have Sony enigma TV, not an LG) but nothing. So I await the TV streamer and will let you know how it is when I get it.
  5. I have an IG TV. I can’t imagine why I can hear tv when I’m using dish network but not when I’m using ROKU. The only thing I can think is in Dish settings there is an icon to turn Bluetooth on and off and to link devices. I can not find anything like that on my TV.
  6. Hello there. Yes, when I first used it it was bad. The next day I unplugged everything, waited a while and plugged it in and then the lag was hardly noticeable. On another note, my tv streamer should be hear (get it, hear) within a week or so. Can’t wait to try it out.
  7. Thank you. Just ordered one, only 55 bucks on amazon. Thank you.
  8. Sorry haven’t responded for a while. Pesky thing called cancer set me back a bit. But doing great now and the doctors think I am cancer free. Caught early so my chemo is only pills that I take at home. I’m hearing the tv pretty good using my implant/OTE hearing aid in my other ear combination, but still need to read closed Captions a lot. When you say about Artone TV streamer, is that a separate device from the 3max?
  9. Hello from rainy and more rainy and more rainy SCRANTON PENNSYLVANIA. Hearing again hear (pun intended), Will do. Thanks.
  10. IHello again my fellow hear again people! Hope everyone is doing as well if not better than the last time I posted. Me, I’m now six months post activation and over my first few months angst. Still hearing better every day. Sitting on my front porch writing this and can’t help hear the beauty of all the birds chirping which I have not heard since my brain tumor in 1994. Ironic as I sit here writing this I hear them for the first time in so many years. My query for the day revolves around my wife and I cutting our cable and getting a Roku TV streaming device instead. Does anyone know how
  11. Hi Mary Beth. My Audi thought the Roger mylink woukd only transmit to my Cochliar device. But as I looking at adds to purchase it I am seeing that it works with all Cochliar devices and hearing aids with a tekecoil. Do you know if that is true?
  12. Hey Mary Beth, thanks for the info. Hope all is well. And yes, the Rondo 2 is sooooo simple.
  13. Thanks for your response Mary Beth. A Sonnett was included in my Rondo I kit. I did not get the plus Kit, just the Rondo two and charging station. The truth is, I like the Rondo2 so much, I will probably never want to use my Sonnett again.
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