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  1. C T lex

    How long have you been implanted?

    @Mary Beth I will not be implanted 'till Feb 8th
  2. @JohnL JohnL, I am just slightly past you in selecting a device company. I must have MRI capability. That reduced my choices to Med-El or Advanced Bionics. I used written documents provided by my clinic, mostly to augment web based content for the respective companies. And, I Googled a lot. Google helped me investigate for FDA recalls, sanctions, etc. Med-El, to me, had better docs and an excellent web presence, plus no sanctions or recalls (that I could find). Good luck. C T Lexx
  3. C T lex

    Need information for Surgery Implant

    @Mary Beth @Jewel @Cara Mia Thanks for your posts, all helped. I am gradually becoming a little empowered, which is needed. Time limits exist for trialing the two processors. I am awaiting confirmation from audi as to how long. Because of this if I have residual hearing I'll give priority to Sonnet EAS trial and Rondo 2 if not. Rondo 2 was my preference before EAS Cara Mia, when you say the Rondo 2 processor could be programmed to allow compensation for low frequencies electronically and speed up adjustment time, can you comment on whether sound was affected? Also, is there a source for looking closer at this programming? And, stupid question, what does EA stand for? Thanks. C T Lex
  4. C T lex

    Differences in Cochlear Implants

    @Mary Beth For Mary Beth and others interested in this topic I am scheduled for implant in Feb and am qualified for EAS. I will have the opportunity to trial both Sonnet EAS and Rondo 2. These posts have been very helpful. Please correct me if my take a ways are incorrect. First, the Synchrony implant will function correctly with Sonnet EAS and Rondo 2 in corresponding trials. Major confusion factor from Med-El documentation which often implies there is a distinct Synchrony EAS. There is not. Further, if the need occurs Sonnet EAS can be converted to a purely electric processor without difficulty. A question in that regard, How would the physical hearing aid attachment on Sonnet be disabled/removed? My surgeon has not yet discussed electrodes with me. She has mentioned an intent to preserve residual hearing. From what I've read here and elsewhere it appears the Flex24 is not necessary, in deed the majority opinion would be Flex28 is a more flexible option (no pun intended). I recall reading that no. 675 batteries are said to last 60 hours. I assume that's the best option available. I will look seriously at the EAS option but still love the simplicity of Rondo 2. My thanks to all for the discussion. C T Lex
  5. C T lex

    Helpful tips for new members

    @Mary Beth Thanks for the lessons C T
  6. C T lex

    Need information for Surgery Implant

    @Sherrie Thank you Sherri. Reassuring words. Do you recall if the quality of sound is better with EAS active, as opposed when all electric? C T
  7. C T lex

    Need information for Surgery Implant

    dumb question: How do you imbed @userid directing a post to userid? Or maybe I need to go somewhere in hearpeers for dummies for posting instructions.
  8. C T lex

    Need information for Surgery Implant

    Thanks Mary Beth. I am using Kentucky Clinic, Cochlear Support Group. It is part of the UK hospital. Thank you so much for your responses. Excellent point regarding more time may be needed to adequately test the EAS Sonnet and Rondo 2 alternatives. Also that Flex28 has been used with EAS. I really like Rondo 2 and Sonnet EAS must be significantly better in the end for me to opt to stay with it. They were about to order today and I've put a hold on that until speaking with my Audi. My audi disappeared in Dec and my surgery is Feb 8, hence the big rush. I wish I could get more info from others about EAS experiences. I haven't yet found others on this forum. I'm thinking this method might not be often used. Thanks again C T
  9. C T lex

    Need information for Surgery Implant

    Hi, I met with my Audi today while prepping for surgery next month. I am allowed to try both Sonnet and then Rondo 2 for 30 days each. After looking at my audiogram she recommended an EAS approach for Sonnet testing Since EAS requires FLEX24 arrays, I'm thinking Rondo 2 would not function properly with such an implant. Am I wrong? C T
  10. C T lex

    Comparison of Rondo 2 and Rondo

    Yes, I've studied it thoroughly (best of my ability). Med-El website and docs are very good for the uninformed. This forum has helped too. That said, I"m sure to have many questions after surgery and look forward to "talking" to you and others. C T
  11. C T lex

    Comparison of Rondo 2 and Rondo

    Thanks, Rondo 2
  12. C T lex

    Comparison of Rondo 2 and Rondo

    I am scheduled for implant in February. Were your failures a surgical problem or device failure?
  13. C T lex

    Lack of auto logging Rondo 2

    Blushing, make that Rondo, but on second thought Rambo woulda been a cool name
  14. C T lex

    Lack of auto logging Rondo 2

    Thanks for your reply, Mary Beth. I found a side-by-comparison table of Sonnet and Rambo 2 (and as I recall also Rambo 1). For the life of me I can no longer find the web page to verify its source. Most of the features were the same. Only single mic in Rambo 2 and no wireless charger in Sonnet are ones I can recall . Also, the auto logging difference. Great info on Rondo 2 availability
  15. I am new to this blog so I hope I'm adding a post properly. I am scheduled to be implanted soon and am considering Sonnet and Rondo 2. I'm an elderly man and the Rondo 2 simplicity is appealing. In selling my audiologist on the idea I anticipate the lack autologging with the Rondo to be concern. I'm curious whether there's an alternate way to have such logging and why it was not included in Rondo 2. Like everyone I'm curious as to an availability date in the U.S. Thanks for any input