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  1. @Mary Beth Thanks for including me in this topic. I'm activated eleven days on Rondo 2. My audi say it'll be a while longer before I can use streaming devices for assistance. I was surprised to get a Roger Pen from Med-El with my processor (but no neck loop). C T Lex
  2. Hi All, From Wednesday until today I was on my first mapping session. My progress was great Wednesday and especially Thursday. I was hearing the melody of music and understanding some words on TV and phone. Today before mapping my audi had me chose a volume level that was loud but comfortable. After doing so she created four new programs . When driving home and on program 1 everything was very loud including secondary sounds like the heater motor running. It's like sound of incidental things are too loud and competing with mainstream stuff. Sadly, at home with this program the melody of streaming music is now obscured by an edge of sorts. Same with Audio on TV. I am wondering if "loud but comfortable" was a baseline and as such was too loud? Or am I supposed to suffer for the greater good... If I use the remote and click volume down four clicks things are improved but still loud. Can anyone relate to my ramblings? Thanks, C T Lex
  3. Hi everyone, I am happy to say I was activated yesterday as I sit here streaming The Flamingos and actually hear the lyrics and melody well. Admittedly I have trouble making out the lyrics, but I'm good with the melody. Yesterday, Mariah Carey's beautiful rendition of Oh Holy Night was rather poor but today it was much better. The rate of change over just hours is amazing. After activation my audi and the Med-El rep introduced me to what came with the Rondo 2 processor while I"m listening only with the implant. I was just happy to hear sounds and these guys are talking to me already! It has been a tough waiting period. I Had trouble with spitting up blood (for three weeks) and tinnitus of my heart beat (which was maddening). But now that's all done and I'm good. I am old guy so needed a little good news and yesterday I got. it. I did lose most of my residual hearing so I chose Rondo 2. Many on this forum have mentioned how loud the volume is on the Rondo2 and it is true. I am hearing the TV at much lower volume than with my hearing aids. These first four mappings are testing different volume levels (all seem loud to me). On TV the quality of the dialogue is such I'm not understanding much of it. But, hey, it's a little better than it was yesterday. For some reason music comes through more accurately than TV audio? Thanks to all who post here. Your comments about your experiences and devices have been very helpful, especially in choosing Rondo 2 (special shout out to @Mary Beth. @Jewel @Cara Mia ) C T Lex
  4. @Mary Bethis this one of the reports you read? https://www.hindawi.com/journals/aoto/2015/941230/ It describes a limited, but impressive, study of a Rondo processor combined with an ITE hearing aid with processor programming similar to that for Sonnet EAS. At least that's my interpretation. Thanks for pointing this out. C T Lex
  5. A belated thank you @Mary Featherston this what I plan to get
  6. @Mary Beth Thanks, Mary B. From the studying I've done the on the Pen a number of folks would agree with you. C T Lex
  7. @Mary Beth Thank you again, Mary Beth. That's a very reasonable price. What is your opinion vs Roger Pin as to hearing in noise?
  8. @Mary Beth Are you physically connected to your neck loop for sound or how? Also, I seem to recall you mentioned a way when using Rondo2 to compensate for only one mic by using Roger Pen. Those are sooo expensive. Does Harris Communications, (aka Atrone) make an alternative device similar to the Pen? Thank you, C T Lex
  9. @Mary Featherston Thank you, Mary. I will discuss when to test with residual hearing with my Audi, also I did not know a processor is not needed for the test. C T Lex
  10. Hi all, I am now at day 5 after implant and, thankfully, pulsating tinnitus is much improved. My next visit with Audi is 3/8. I assume that is for activation. I have a question in that realm. How and when is residual hearing normally measured after an implant? I assume that requires a processor... Thanks, C T Lex
  11. @Jewel Thank you,, Jewel. I'll keep a battery charger in mind. @Mary Beth
  12. Thanks, Monte. I'm sure that's part of my problem too. My throat was raw after surgery from that. But also, I'm bleeding into my left nostril, on the same side as the implant. The surgeon gave me some explanation about blood trapped up there from surgery. He said that would dissipate in a few days. Biggest problem I'm having is the pulsing tinnitus from my heartbeat. I'm only three days plus past surgery so I'm being patient for now. C T Lex
  13. @Mary Beth Thanks Mary Beth, regarding EAS users. I'm thinking it will be difficult to not choose Rondo 2 when the time comes. Jewel had residual hearing previous to surgery and adjusted very well to Rondo 2. I'm past day three since Friday's surgery. Still some blood in my throat today, after it stopped yesterday.. Main aggravation though is with the pulsating tinnitus which continues today. Not as bad as Saturday,, not much improvement since yesterday. I remain hopeful that will eventually stop. C T Lex
  14. @Mary Beth Mary Beth are you aware of any experiences here where someone compared Sonnet EAS and Rondo2? Feature wise I've compared them already but it'd be great to see a user comparison. Thanks again, C T Lex You do enrich this forum!
  15. @Jewel Thanks for your posts Jewel. After yours and Mary Beth's posts similar to what I'm experiencing I'm further at ease. I keep thinking I know a little about this stuff and then crash and burn. I have/had (won't know for awhile) significant residual hearing in the implanted ear. I saw your great post on Rondo2 and it helped me decide on Rondo2 before I know of EAS. With my left ear now implanted the right ear is laboring. Sound is not as rounded as it was, much more tinny. If I should lose the residual it's a no, brainer, I'll go with Rondo2 . C T Lex
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