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  1. My audiologist tells me the store is temporarily out Rondo 2 leashes and clips together and have back ordered them. Also, she had a tool which greatly simplified threading a leash and clip the way Mary suggested. If anyone is interested I'll find out exactly what the tool is. I intend to use fishing line as described by Thomas. C T lex
  2. @thomseabrook Thanks for the last email Thom. That is very clever. By looping at the hinge of rubber port there's little tension on the port cover. Thanks a whole bunch. C T Lex cc: @Mary Beth
  3. @thomseabrook So you just create a loop inside the processor and the lid holds it. Great, thanks for the input.
  4. @thomseabrook thank you or the input. This is for Rondo, correct? For Rondo 2 one of the eyelets on the leash sits in a groove held in place by processor cover. I'm not sure how the fishing line would attach to the processor... C T lex cc: @Mary Beth C T lex
  5. @Mary Beth after putting it under brighter light and magnifying glass, diameter of an eyelet is 1/8" and the opening is about 1/16". Regardless it is quite small. After playing around with a broken leash, an eyelet stretches to a diameter similar to its width. Just need the right tool. C T lex
  6. Thanks @Mary Beth You may be on to something. The eyelets are 1/16" in diameter, the opening within no more than 1/32". So maybe a needle threader could spread the opening sufficiently to create the loop? I had no idea what a threader was until your post. Thank you, again. It's an ugly solution but one can always tie the clip. I will certainly do that before going untethered C T lex
  7. Thanks @Mary Beth, this reply is for whomever is interested. Medel kindly supplied me with a backup Rondo 2 processor. I called customer service and they supplied clips and a leash w/o charge. But that leash broke when just handling it. Which leaves me with the leash and clip I'm wearing. If this leash brakes I will only wear my processor untethered very selectively. At one time the store had clips and a leash but that package is not listed now and I remember it being expensive. For the work around provided earlier to be practical one eyelet (the one at the clip) needs
  8. Thank you for your response, Mary. I purchased four leashes as back ups, with no clips. The eyelets at each end of the leash are identical in size, so forcing one eyelet through another is daunting. These eyelets are very tiny, and I have no forceps this small. I suspect I'd break the leash if I did. Thanks, but spare leashes w/o clips is not a solution for me. C T lex
  9. On my Rondo 2, the original leash attached to my clothing clip broke. I see no way to attach a replacement leash to the clip other than tying it in place. There's no way of looping the new leash through the clip as did the original one. So, I'm puzzled? Thanks, C T lex
  10. @Mary Beth Thank you, as always , I was told earlier by an Audiologist at this clinic something similar to "we get no reimbursement for these sessions, and this is what we do all day long" so I expect my seven sessions will be all they'd prefer to do, with maybe an annual one. But I shall ask them. I know it it is very early for me and will use your input as to aural rehab. Sadly, I've had very little audi assistance other than face to face from my clinic. But my surgeon was excellent and that's huge. C T Lex
  11. Hi all, I was given four versions of the same map on 3/15, each being progressively louder. The main problem I'm having is distortion. Given a sound, e.g., TV or radio. Sound reverberates, like the main sound is accompanied by a background sound, regardless of volume. The main sound comes through louder but the background sound distorts. I don't see my audi until 4/3 and she doesn't entertain questions in the interim. My brain does adjust to this somewhat after periods of listening but it is recurring. Is this policy of in- office-only audi support common at other clinics? And in
  12. @Mary Beth No, I only got to keep the Rondo 2. My Audi said there was a neck loop, but didn't know what kind. She wasn't the one that ordered my Rondo 2. Now that I think about it, I suspect it's either Roger Mylink or Roger Select (I hope). I'll find out soon. Thanks for the heads up! C T Lex
  13. @Mary Beth Thanks for including me in this topic. I'm activated eleven days on Rondo 2. My audi say it'll be a while longer before I can use streaming devices for assistance. I was surprised to get a Roger Pen from Med-El with my processor (but no neck loop). C T Lex
  14. Hi All, From Wednesday until today I was on my first mapping session. My progress was great Wednesday and especially Thursday. I was hearing the melody of music and understanding some words on TV and phone. Today before mapping my audi had me chose a volume level that was loud but comfortable. After doing so she created four new programs . When driving home and on program 1 everything was very loud including secondary sounds like the heater motor running. It's like sound of incidental things are too loud and competing with mainstream stuff. Sadly, at home with this program
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