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  1. this is an odd question. as everyone here knows I am a bilateral recipient. After my first implant was done and healing was complete I noticed a very deep cavity below my implant. I also noticed implant was very low making it very uncomfortable to wear my sonnet processor that I love. After bringing this to my doctors attention my second implant was installed higher and effort made to move tissue so cavity in my head was not so deep. Being someone with multiple conditions I just dealt with left implant. As of late it appears to have gotten much worse and more difficult to wear sonnet device. Even to the point recently had to go to ER due to massive headache on left side of my head, it was so bad it made my eye hurt. long story short i have made 2 trips to doctor on this matter. Yesterdays visit I was informed that there is a way to fasten implant to the skull but doctor doesnt like to do this because of drilling into skull. For some reason all of this sounds odd. One after first implant was done he did second one different indicating maybe first one should have been done different. And 2 if there is a fastening method should that have been done during original installation. Now we are going through insurance stuff and what I have to pay upfront and so on. insurance has preauthorized device but yesterday was told they have to review doctor portion and what I have to pay up front. On original install of both I didnt pay anything upfront because my deductible and OOP was met this year is the same. I'm confused I feel maybe a mistake was made on first install and I should get some help to fix this. Has anyone had any experience with this. Isnt it normal practice to secure device to skull so it cant move ? shouldnt there be somthing covered covered by doctor given the fact he made extra effort to install right side different meaning maybe that care should have been taken on first implant. I have been told by doctor sorry things happen and so on but it just doesnt seem fair.
  2. that's funny I have often done the headphones as well its bit tough to get them just right but does work well. I had to use them for my first movie experience was a bit discouraged they advertised having telecoil but didnt 😔
  3. I'm sure we are but at least the app will help does it feed back what settings are ?
  4. I need to get one of those. I have the artone 3max love other than battery life but bought one of those phone battery things now it will last for days. The optic thing sounds awesome when I used my roger gear it would cut audio on tv my poor wife had to read captions with optic u should get both ?
  5. Also on this subject the sonnet has bluetooth capability I wonder if the app will work on. med el is always talking up the expandability of our gear
  6. I so agree with Evron hate to sound negative but my 2000 dollar hearing aids had app control and direct bluetooth. Unfortunately I was to deaf for them to work. Thankful for my implants but at 237000 dollars total thank god for insurance you think it would have these basic functions. the roger system and all that extra gear or a neckloop relying on 1930s tech is a bit of a bummer. But I can hear 😁
  7. so the sonnet 2 actually has an app that works on your phone without carrying a fine tuner. I have only had my implants just over a year I sooooo want somthing with an app. The fine works ok but I can never remember what map is what lol. I wear my sonnets more than more rondo or rondo2 and like the sound of them the best just soooooo want an app. Can you bluetooth music directly to them without a neckloop ?
  8. I wish so bad I could get my hands on hardware and software to make my own changes. My aud has even said I would be one that would be able to use it. As i said before sound has been my whole life I've even spent time in recording studios cutting CDs. The part I struggle with the most with med el is the lack of interaction. The fine tuner is great however (and I'm sure it's easier for most) I have to remember all the settings and remember what setting I'm in. I'm not quite sure why that is. When I was going through the whole let's prove u are deaf thing lol my hearing aids had android app that I could work with and they were just cheap set as far as hearing aids go. The hard part is much like music an equalizer would be great for the ongoing change in sound around you. When a song changes quite often you find urself making changes to smooth out recording mistakes. That would be great for CIs as well. I havent tried any other CI so cant honestly say they are better or not but I do feel med el has made the best implant in the industry the synchrony is sweet and the effort they made to cover a wider range of tones is awesome. I just wish we could have more on the fly control
  9. for me I went rondo 2s but wished I hadn't I went to a Christmas party with DJ. the night before same DJ with sonnets sounded great with rondo 2 I just wanted to leave. conversations were good but music was terrible
  10. ya I've tried them all I run natural the most and adaptive in meeting settings. I tried omni I read that it worked well for someone else but it seemed to fade out vocals and electric guitar bass was still good
  11. actually what I have found is natural no wind with the threshold setting at 10 db on left and 0 on tight
  12. I was lucky my aud had an extra tool and she was sweet enough to give me one
  13. I recieved my ro do 2s about 3 weeks ago they are sweet
  14. that's interesting I have never tried the opus2. The only real glitches I have had with my sonnets has been them shutting off once and a while when going from telecoil to mic. If it wasnt for the on the ear thing that after about 10 hours of wear gets a lil sore I would wear those all the time. The sonnet has many more mic settings than the others I have. I was able to hear completely out of my left ear and partially out of my right until Jan this year and I have always been a huge music buff. music has been most of my life from owning my own car audio shop to playing bass guitar so this was a huge sudden blow to me. the sonnet seems to have a richer sound quality to it. On the rondo 2 yes they are super light the sound quality is good as well but for me they seem to be better for communication than music. I also have had a problem as I do with my rondo with keeping them on my head lol. I have #5 magnets in rondo's and 3 in my rondo 2s but unless I shave that portion of my head any sudden moves make them fall off. It's not really a major problem as I keep my hair super short anyway but between haircuts it just aggravates so I go back to my sonnets. I just need to order stronger magnets the down side to that is they will tend to hurt after while as with the rondo. I recently had testing done and adjustments made with my rondo 2s I am scoring in the mid 80s in each ear and upper 90s with both on so I am very happy with verbal performance. i would love for the bluetooth to be activated in them apparently it is capable but just not turned on. I also would love to get software and hardware to make my own adjustments. Like I said being in the sound business for over 25 yrs I think I can do it. overall I am happy and doing very well with my CIs considering I have only had one for 6 months and one for 3 months. I have a great team working with me my doctor is awesome and my audiologist is super great and very patient. I have a sound lab built at home so often I will listen to music adjust my equilizers to a sound I like and bring her pictures of my settings so we can compare. Overall I think med el has done a great job with the CI itself i believe over time the processors will get better and better. For me it was nice to get my first t3 MRI and not have to worry about magnets
  15. I currently have 2 sonnets I believe they work best for listening to music and using telecoil I have 2 rondo's they work well for watching TV but are somewhat heavy so I try not to wear them to long. I also have 2 new rondo 2s they seem to work well for everyday use and are very light i havent had them long so not really sure about music. my scores with the rondo 2s have been in the mid 80s on each side and upper 90s with both on
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