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    that's interesting I have never tried the opus2. The only real glitches I have had with my sonnets has been them shutting off once and a while when going from telecoil to mic. If it wasnt for the on the ear thing that after about 10 hours of wear gets a lil sore I would wear those all the time. The sonnet has many more mic settings than the others I have. I was able to hear completely out of my left ear and partially out of my right until Jan this year and I have always been a huge music buff. music has been most of my life from owning my own car audio shop to playing bass guitar so this was a huge sudden blow to me. the sonnet seems to have a richer sound quality to it. On the rondo 2 yes they are super light the sound quality is good as well but for me they seem to be better for communication than music. I also have had a problem as I do with my rondo with keeping them on my head lol. I have #5 magnets in rondo's and 3 in my rondo 2s but unless I shave that portion of my head any sudden moves make them fall off. It's not really a major problem as I keep my hair super short anyway but between haircuts it just aggravates so I go back to my sonnets. I just need to order stronger magnets the down side to that is they will tend to hurt after while as with the rondo. I recently had testing done and adjustments made with my rondo 2s I am scoring in the mid 80s in each ear and upper 90s with both on so I am very happy with verbal performance. i would love for the bluetooth to be activated in them apparently it is capable but just not turned on. I also would love to get software and hardware to make my own adjustments. Like I said being in the sound business for over 25 yrs I think I can do it. overall I am happy and doing very well with my CIs considering I have only had one for 6 months and one for 3 months. I have a great team working with me my doctor is awesome and my audiologist is super great and very patient. I have a sound lab built at home so often I will listen to music adjust my equilizers to a sound I like and bring her pictures of my settings so we can compare. Overall I think med el has done a great job with the CI itself i believe over time the processors will get better and better. For me it was nice to get my first t3 MRI and not have to worry about magnets 
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    Mike got a reaction from Mary Beth in Who already has Rondo 2 or is waiting to receive Rondo 2?   
    I recieved my ro do 2s about 3 weeks ago they are sweet 
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    Mike got a reaction from Jewel in Quick intros   
    I currently have 2 sonnets I believe they work best for listening to music and using telecoil I have 2 rondo's they work well for watching TV but are somewhat heavy so I try not to wear them to long. I also have 2 new rondo 2s they seem to work well for everyday use and are very light i havent had them long so not really sure about music. my scores with the rondo 2s have been in the mid 80s on each side and upper 90s with both on 
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