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  1. it is not setup! for setup the special equipment is necessary! you attentively once again read and examine! I just integrated bluetooth-receiver with the speech processor, added everywhere used - cheap audio the slot, simplified - reduced the price of a way of charging having included in construction usb-port which can connect to chargers of cell phones actually modified the speech processor. these improvements do not influence settings in any way and cannot damage речевй the processor. I gave you the idea of future model of the hearing aid with an implant.
  2. the photo shows a cover (on the OPUS2 battery compartment) printed on a 3G printer (it is grayish-white. photo the cover is equipped with an audio jack (compatible with all cell phones, also a USB port-plug (also compatible with connectors for all cell phone chargers). on the photo. a cover with an electronic card attached to it — a bluetooth receiver--(connected to an OPUS2 battery or battery compartment), and a USB port plug. 4. picture shows (connect easy also Like a proprietary OPUS2 cover with a direct FM plug for connecting to a cell phone) the connector where the bluetooth -receiver and USB plug are connected. The bluetooth receiver- is connected to the power supply (battery, battery), it is possible to track the charge level of the battery part of OPUS2. (at photo there is a screen snapshot showing the charge level of the battery compartment OPUS2). On photo 3 there is a fee that can be bought for aliexpress for $ 2. You insert a AAA type AA battery in it (very common in everyday life It is used in TV remote controllers and costs $ 0.1 to 40 tenge). This board converts the voltage from 1.5 volts to 4.5 volts (which goes to OPUS2). You connect this board to the USB port plug (photo 6.) of this cover (on similarity as a baby-power bank)
  3. крышка батарейного отсека от OPUS2 напечатана на 3G принтере .модифицирована .есть с блютуз приемником .есть с стандартным аудио гнездом (совместимым со всеми сотовыми телефонами )все крышки снабжены также USB портами -штеккерами совместимыми со всеми видами зарядных устройств сотовых телефонов
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