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    Thank you @Cara Mia and @Mary Beth for your wonderful responses.  My CI Implantation is done and I am in a recovery week, seems pretty good as of now except some bizarre taste issues and clicking sound and ringing in ear. Sometimes this ringing in ear is causing to not to function (not to grasp words properly) in other ear as well might get better coming days.
    My Activation is scheduled for next week my audiologist might evaluate the residual earing and might determine the EAS is suited one or not, If the residual hearing is preserved I will choose the EAS one as based on the above suggestions its giving more natural way of hearing.
    Also read in the forum the US Recipients will be given a Roundo2 voucher, If so am I eligible to get the Roundo2 voucher, Getting Roundo2 voucher will help me a lot and I can choose to programme Roundo2 to for all frequencies and use Roundo2 whenever needed and based on need.
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    Nagaraju got a reaction from Mary Beth in Questions from a person in the US soon to be implanted   
    Thanks a lot Mary for providing a detailed explanation.
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