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  1. I just recently received my Rondo2..tried it out in the audiologist office,along with clips for attaching it for safety.I plan to swap it around with the over the ear processor,until l become more used to it.To ME,there is a slight difference in the sound quality between the over the ear one,and the Rondo,so I'll need to get adjusted to it.Anyone else feel this?
  2. I could hear immediately,although for the first,hour or so,voices sounded like " Donald Duck"! LOL After that they gradually became more normal.
  3. Hi everyone,this is Peggy,or GraniPeggy,from Reidsville,NC. I had a unilateral,left ear CI done at the beginning of the year,in Chapel Hill,N.C.,by Dr.Pillsbury of UNCMed. I haven't posted in awhile,and l do apologize,there has been a lot going on non-CI related,and l got behind. Most of you may remember that l am totally dead in the rt.ear and was very nearly so in the left,but we chose to use that (L) one after scans and tests.Also,you might remember that at the visit to activate the CI,I was able to hear almost immediately AND,pretty clearly,after some " Donald Duck" sounding voices,initially.Lol. Since then,l have been released by Dr.Pillsbury,and began therapy with Audiology,l believe in March.Im now seeing audiology every 3 months.After the very first check,I admit that l was worried and dissapointed..Although generally l was hearing well,l mean when you go from reading lips,totally to hearing sound..that's GREAT!! But the first testing done to see how l was doing with sound " discrimination" when NOT being able to see the speakers face..didn't go well,at all.The audioligist,who l love,reassured me that it sometimes takes time,and adjustment. She also stressed PRACTICE,in daily conversation with family,as well, as using online programs available to CI recipients. I did these things religiously,and when l went back for my most recent checkup,last week,the results were amazing! Over 60%increase in understanding of recorded male,and female speakers from the first time! Then,as I'd gained so much improvement,she did some new testing that will be used in coming visits as a " baseline" for comparison.I want to stress that l have been COMPLETELY happy with my hearing,I had virtually NONE when the implant was done. And admittedly,at first,l didn't understand the importance of the audiology visits.TRUST me,they ARE important! I was so caught up in the awe of even being able to HEAR again,I wasn't understanding that it could,and would be even better,with time,practice and audiologist " tweaking" the CI program via computer.I was SO happy the day of activation that I cried all the way home,a 2 hr drive! LOL Now,I'm on cloud 9 being able to actually hear the radio ! I have had NO problems of any kind related to the implant surgery,or the implant itself,and my whole world has changed,for the better..I'm still having a lot of " firsts",too. I'm now able to use the Bluetooth feature,in situations such as a crowded restruant,etc.I have also received the Rondo2,with which you dont wear the processor over the ear.I'm working with getting used to that,and also talking/ hearing on the telephone,now,too. I pray everyone who already has,as well as those who will soon have a CI will have as positive and wonderful experience as I'm having! Hugs...
  4. You are right,Mary Beth,l did receive a back up processor! It was a relief,too,because I'd already wondered how I'd manage if the original one needed repair!
  5. Hi Mary Beth,you asked me recently about what online sites my audiologist told me about to work on my listening here at home? These are on the list she gave me,that are free,but there were others that l can buy if ll choose to. 1)Soundscape,2)Angel Sound3)The Listening Room 4)Audio Concentration/Matching game 5) Randall`s ESL Cyber Listening Lab. 1.www,medel.com/us/Soundscape 2 angelsound.tigerspeech.com 3thelisteningroom.com 4 www.manythings.org/ac/ 5 www.esl-lab.com Also,l have a question: in some of the brochures l recieved,I saw that some folks clean the battery compartment with a q-tip dipped in alcohol? That wasn't mentioned at my activation visit.Should l be doing this? Thanks!
  6. Mary Beth,The audiologist gave me a list,which l don't have at hand now,but one was a Med El one,and there was one l believe called Angel..hearing? I will post them here, tomorrow if you like,when l have the list in hand.
  7. JDashiel,I'm sorry so slow replying. My activation was Feb.6th and it went great! I was hearing immediately,with some distortion,voices at first sounded like Donald duck! Lol Within an hour,while discussing everything with the audioligist,the distortion cleared up and voices still sound normal about 98% of the time.In a crowd setting,in public places,there was still some,depending on the direction of the sound.I am unilateral CI..the other ear was not a candidate.BUT,later on I'm hoping the surgeon will be willing to attempt the other ear,or possibly a different type of procedure,I'm even game for clinical trials.
  8. Hi Monte,I definitely will keep in touch here and of course this group is great support for me and my zillion questions! I went out to a restaurant today,a flea market and a dept.store...those places reminded me that though I'm hearing very well considering l couldn't hear before,but I have work to do to reach my full potential.Im going to start some online programs tomorrow,and keep working for the best results l can achieve!
  9. This is the dryer that l have! Also she told me that I will be receiving a Rondo2 ( l believe it was 2) from Med El,in the near future,as part of a promo that's happening.I wasn't expecting that,but it's a great surprise!
  10. MaryFeatherston, it may be because he implanted on the side where l had a little residual hearing? Not much,but some,which was aided by a hearing aid.(The other ear is just completely stone deaf.) I went out to a restaurant today,and l did note that in a crowd situation,esp voices from behind me, there was some change,some of that Donald duck quality was back.lol I'm wondering if the fact that l can only hear from one side has something to do with that. I know l have a long way to go yet,and need to get more practice with different sounds,but l agree that I'm really blessed! I went into activation petrified it wasn't going to work for Me!
  11. Thank you,Jewel,that's how it's feeling so far! I've sure been blessed,especially that my surgeon was Dr.Pillsbury,at UNC,Chapel Hill,N.C. He came highly recommended by my ent.
  12. Thank you,Mary Beth,I appreciate it..and the support of all of you.
  13. Mary Beth,l apologize for not posting sooner..it's been kind of hectic! Lol The activation went fine and l was hearing as soon as it was turned on! Voices sounded like cartoon voices at first,but within the hour that smoothed out to more normal sounds.Im getting used to wearing the sonnet mic and coil, and working on things the audiologist talked to me about to help myself,such as online programs ...I'm so happy,this is a dream come true for me!
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