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  1. Thanks Monte. Appreciate it. The whole thing is a bit scary and overwhelming but I need to get it done. I just wish I could get it done sooner so I could start working on rehab. Patience is not one of my strengths.
  2. My surgery is scheduled for 3/29 but I’m trying to move it up.
  3. JohnL

    Sonnet 2

    To update you - MedEl could not give me any information because the FDA has not approved Sonnet 2 for the US. I guess we will have to wait until MedEl announces the release for Canada to find out more.
  4. JohnL

    Sonnet 2

    I agree that we must be happy with our choice. Which makes it all the more difficult because I lean toward Med El for the internal piece but the Cochlear external processors are a bit “better” for my life style. With new features on the Sonnet 2, it may be a slam dunk for MedEl. Did I see somewhere that MedEl offered “free” Rondo 2s to those with recent Rondos when they first came out with Rondo2?
  5. JohnL

    Sonnet 2

    Understood. There are three things that are making me hesitate with the current Sonnet. I may be able to use EAS and the Sonnet adapter is a tube as opposed to the Nucleus 7 which is a standard hearing aid wire. Second is the rechargeable battery life - much shorter than nucleus. And third is the iPhone and Bluetooth compatibility which is better with nucleus 7. Not deal breakers alone but with all three ... ive messaged med el thru Facebook and will let you know what they say.
  6. JohnL

    Sonnet 2

    Thanks. I’ll give that a try. Even if they don’t give a timeline perhaps they could give us the features. After all, it’s publicnin Canada. And I realize technology is going to change. I’d just hate to get a Sonnet and a few months later need to buy a sonnet 2. I have some other reservations that I can address on that page too.
  7. JohnL

    Sonnet 2

    Is there a way we can get someone from Med-El to give us more information about US? I am about to make a decision between Med El and Cochlear and a new Sonnet would tip me over to Med El.
  8. Mary, you phrased the question better than I did. I think that is the better way to look at it - I.e. will 2-4 weeks after activation be better than what I’ve got now?
  9. Daniel why was Cochlear the “last option on your list”? And if you chose them, are you happy with your choice?
  10. I know, I know, everyone is different 😀. But I’m curious to get some input - and here is why. I am scheduled to pick my manufacturer early February, get surgery late March with activation mid to late April. But I am scheduled for a long awaited European vacation starting in mid May and I want to be able to hear conversations during the vacation and don’t know if 3 or 4 weeks after activation is enough time. So I have to decide whether or not to put off surgery until I come home and other’s experiences will be helpful. Thanks.
  11. Yes, I was able to enter a selection. And it is a huge decision. I know this is a Med El sponsored board but I really wish I was able to communicate with users of the other manufacturers (especially Cochlear Inc because that product interests me as much, if not more, than the med el product line). But at least this has helped with the med el products.
  12. I am a candidate and have an appointment with an audiologist in a couple of weeks to review the options and make a decision on which manufacturer I am going to choose. A daunting decision to say the least because each manufacturer says they are the best.
  13. That sounds like a very long time since the website documents talk about “up to 16 hours”. If You can get a whole day out of one charge, that is huge. Mom anxiously awaiting Jewel’s review of her Rondo 2
  14. Thanks. I have seen that comparison chart previously. However, I’m not smart enough to know what all that engineering stuff means. I can’t tell whether one implant is better than another based on that data. But thanks for trying.
  15. I have not been able to find research on the topic or capacity - nor am I sure I’d understand it 😀. The surgeon has said if I chose med el he would use a soft, flexible electrode array - he described it as a wet noodle! Based on your knowledge is there a lot of capacity in that array?
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