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  1. @Kylie glad to hear you’re done and feeling okay. I like the arrow on your neck pointing to the ear. A nice road map for the surgeon.
  2. @hadron I will make sure I ask those questions. Thanks for making me look smart.
  3. She didn’t put a coil on my head. My wife said she saw the computer screen the audi was using and said there were a lot of lines across it that were all going up at the same time so I’m guessing the lines were each electrode and she was raising all of them at once.
  4. Dave I’m in Boston - home of the super bowl champion Patriots and World Series champion Red Sox!! ive been in touch with the med el customer engagement manager but she won’t be in the area for a few months. But I will plan on attending an event when there is one here. Thanks.
  5. I return in a week. The audiologist did not test each electrode individually. She simply said I am going to turn on the CI and slowly increase volume, let me know when you can hear a sound. When I did, I explained what it sounded like and she said she would increase the volume and to let her know when it got too loud. When I did, she backed it down a little and said she would put in four programs that were increasing the volume and I am to switch to program 2 in 2 days, program 3 2 days after that etc. there was no indication of any “fine tuning” or an attempt to get speech recognition. So I can’t tell if all electrodes are working.
  6. Thanks Jewel. I guess she tested them all but she didn’t explain what she did because all she was interested in was the volume. And since all I can hear is high pitch I was thinking she just turned those on. But I can’t be sure. Although I will be sure to ask when I go back next week
  7. @Mary Beth @Jewel thanks for the encouragement. But I don’t even know if all the electrodes are working because there is only high pitched noise. And it’s basically all the same pitch And I ‘d be happy to hear marimba- at least it’s music 😀
  8. Good luck Kylie! Today was activation day for me. Not what I had hoped for. When the audi turned on the CI all I could hear was high pitch echoing noise. She said that was fine and set 4 programs, each with more volume and told me to wait two days and go to program 2, then another 2 days for program 3 etc. But there was no attempt to fine tune and I told her it didn’t help me understand speech one iota, just loud noise. Very discouraging.
  9. Thanks pdk. I have my activation appointment this week and the doctor will remove the “packing” in my implanted ear so I will get a chance to see what I can hear.
  10. Monte, that’s great news. I’m happy for you. I’m looking forward to the same great results - fingers crossed! Remind me, did you have any residual hearing after the surgery? And if so, how long did it take for you to realize you had some? That’s the one piece that’s still missing for me because if the “packing” in my ear canal.
  11. @Monte thanks for asking. It went well. Pain was tolerable, no balance issues and I can taste my wife’s great cooking! Some tinnitus but it’s not too bad. However the surgeon “packed” my ears so that ear is completely blocked and I can’t tell whether he was able to save any residual hearing. Packing doesn’t come out until activation - another three weeks - some I’m anxious about that. And also impatient - I hate sitting around. How are you doing?
  12. Thanks for your responses. I’m curious to hear from those that have retained some residual hearing as to how long it took to realize it was still there. Was it immediately after surgery? A week? A month?
  13. Questions for those with CIs. I was implanted March 12 with flex 28. As part of the surgery the surgeon “packed” my ear canal. As a result, I have no idea if I have any residual hearing and the packing doesn’t come out until activation in April. Have others experienced this same process? How long does it usually take before we can determine if there is any residual hearing? I would have hoped I could have heard something in the implanted ear even with the packing but because I can’t, I fear the worst. Thanks.
  14. YesI. Activation and follow up with surgeon same day April 11. Although strangely activation in the morning, surgeon in the afternoon
  15. Well, surgery complete and Home recovering. So far, so good. Pain is tolerable, no increase in tinnitus (yet), and I can still taste my wife’s delicious food! The only downside is I can’t tell if he was able to retain any residual hearing. The surgeon performed a canal up mastoidectomy and “packed” my ear canal and I have to wait until I see him in a month for it to be removed to be able to tell if there is any hearing left. That was a surprise I thought I would wake up and know right away. But I guess I’ll have to wait
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