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  1. @Mary Beth my wife has made several masks and sent them to our daughter who is a physician working in a hospital in NH. She is working in the ICU but required to reuse n95 masks as there are not enough. She used a pattern from the hospital and it had the elastic around the ears. That’s probably not best for Sonnet users but it’s better than nothing.
  2. @Mary Beth I was there last week. What a great experience. And the research team was terrific. It was definitely exhausting but they made it very comfortable. And, boy, are they smart!! I’d go back in a heartbeat!
  3. I agree with Peter - keep wearing your hearing aid even if you don’t think it helps. My daughter is a physician and told me I should keep wearing the hearing aid. Her comment was “use it or lose it” meaning if you don’t continue to stimulate your “bad” ear, it will stop working.
  4. One guys opinion - I would not make a decision based on what’s going to be in your non implanted ear. I would make the decision based on what you think is the best implant for you and what your surgeon said. If he doesn’t do AB did he suggest either MedEl or Cochlear?
  5. When I first started wearing my Rondo 2 I used the clip that attached to a shirt collar but I found having the wire flop around the back of my neck aggravating. So I switched and use the hair clip ((you should have received both in your welcome kit). At first it was a little strange, being a guy and using a hair clip, but it’s better than the alternative I.e. what happened to you.
  6. The more important question - does MedEl listen to what we ask for??
  7. Hard to pick just one. So... sonnet - wireless charging a la rondo2 and smaller size. Rondo 2 - slimmer design and dual mics/latest ASM.
  8. Dave do you prefer the Rondo 2 because you hear better, it’s more comfortable, the battery lasts all day or something else?
  9. @Mary Beth i think I hear better with my sonnet but the difference is marginal which is why I alternate daily. The rondo is more comfortable and the battery lasts all day which is a big plus over the sonnet rechargeables (and when I use the disposables I’m really never sure when the will go dead). Bottom line - I don’t have a preference. But I’m 10 months post activation and neither of them give me the results I had hoped for at this point.
  10. I typically alternate between my Sonnet and Rondo 2 each day. Meaning one day I’ll wear the sonnet and the next the rondo 2. I rarely change volume or programs. If I’m driving with me wife or if we are in a very noisy environment I’ll use the roger select and neck loop changing to T with the fine tuner. Unfortunately music still sounds terrible no matter what processor or program I use
  11. Peter unfortunately I don’t have much residual hearing. With the EAS on I can detect some low frequency sounds and I think it helps a little with speech understanding but all in all there isn’t much left. Without the processor on I’m practically dead I the implanted ear
  12. I agree with everything that has already been said. Remember, the internal device stays with you forever. The external devices change and can be upgraded. I also suggest you listen closely to what your surgeon says. While my surgeon didn’t give me a recommendation per se he did say “in my hands, the MedEl electrode array gives me the best chance for keeping some residual hearing”. That tipped the scale for me. Good luck.
  13. @Ford can you share some of the testing they did? I’m curious to know what I’m in for.
  14. I’m heading to Durham in early March. Would love to hear about Ford’s experience.
  15. @pdk peter we must have been activated at about the same time because I’m about 9 months in as well. I have focused on angel sounds mostly although I remember someone saying that experiencing life with a CI is rehab as well. In real life I’m doing okay. For the most part I can understand speech when I’m talking to someone if I’m looking at them. If someone calls me from across the room I can hear the voice but not sure what they are saying. Noisy locations are difficult and music sounds terrible (which is a big disappointment). Often voices sound mechanical or what I describe as synt
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