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  1. @Mary Beth thanks. I’ll try that. How do you feel about angelsounds? They don’t have different levels per se so it’s harder to see a progression. Should I just stick with one app instead of switching off?
  2. @Mary Beth I had forgotten how “easy” level 1 was. Well, I guess it wasn’t easy when I started! i can come a lot closer with identifying the words at that level with my eyes closed.
  3. Ok. I had completed level 8 and was working on 9. But I can go back to 1 and see what happens. Thanks.
  4. @Mary Beth a question about aural rehab. I have been using Clix and Angelsounds and I can do very well when I see the words in front of me - scoring from 85-100%. However, I have started to close my eyes before the word is spoken and my results plummet to 20-30%. I often can come close so I know my phonemic score would be somewhat higher. The question is this - should I continue to work with my eyes closed or is it best to see the words to better understand?
  5. @Mary Featherston sorry for the delay but we just returned from France. Yes, we did Omaha beach and the American cemetery. Breathtaking! i couldn’t understand a word the guide was saying but just seeing what our brave troops faced was mind boggling.
  6. @Mary Beth we are sailing on the Seine with Amawaterways. The highlight is a day at Normandy beach. I have been doing aural rehab by reading an audio book and with Clix and Angel sounds every day. And I will continue to do so on our trip.
  7. @Mary Beth you didn't misunderstand. I am concerned about my lack of progress in understanding speech (I don't even want to talk about how horrible music sounds). And it's both English and French because most of our tours and onboard staff speak English. We are in Paris for three days before boarding the ship and understanding French would be a challenge even if I could hear well . So your suggestion is helpful. Thanks.
  8. @Mary Beth i have been using Angel Sounds and AB Clix. What else do you suggest?
  9. @Mary Featherston i have not been to CDG before but we are not renting a car. I expect we will take a taxi to hotel and then on return we are coming off a river cruise with transportation provided by cruise line. This whole trip should be interesting because I was activated a month ago and am only at 26% word recognition and 50% phonemic. I’ll be depending on my wife a lot.
  10. @Mary Featherston We are heading for Paris next week and I checked with MedEl and they said I did not need a converter. all the equipment I received has adapters for Europe so I just need to bring those adapters.
  11. I don’t see my surgeon for another six months. During surgery he came out to my wife to say they were done and just taking xrays - so I assume they were of the electrodes. Not sure audi has access to them. I just want them to work!
  12. Thanks for your encouragement. In answer to Mary Beth’s questions, I know an X-ray was taken during surgery but wasn’t told the results. I will ask the other questions you suggest. And during aural rehab I can recognize the difference between one, two and three syllable words. I just can’t tell what the words are unless I’m reading them. And if I block my other ear, I don’t even recognize the words.
  13. At activation the audi tested the electrodes and set a basic hearing level. She also set up 3 more “programs” that were simply increases in volume. I increased volume every other day for a week and then went back to audi. Word recognition had not changed. She modified programs slightly but again set just 4 programs with simply increasing volume. I am to change those (go to higher volume) every week. Now on the second “program” with higher volume and still negligible word recognition in that ear. I go back to audi in a week and a half. Frankly, I don’t know where I go from here. I guess I just wait and hope that I will attain some word recognition. Otherwise this whole process was worthless.
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