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  1. @Ford can you share some of the testing they did? I’m curious to know what I’m in for.
  2. I’m heading to Durham in early March. Would love to hear about Ford’s experience.
  3. @pdk peter we must have been activated at about the same time because I’m about 9 months in as well. I have focused on angel sounds mostly although I remember someone saying that experiencing life with a CI is rehab as well. In real life I’m doing okay. For the most part I can understand speech when I’m talking to someone if I’m looking at them. If someone calls me from across the room I can hear the voice but not sure what they are saying. Noisy locations are difficult and music sounds terrible (which is a big disappointment). Often voices sound mechanical or what I describe as synthesized. I wear my rondo 2 and sonnet on alternating days and can’t really tell the difference. Finally, I feel as though I have “plateaued “ in terms of improving but that may be because early on improvement can quicker - at least that’s what I hope. happy holidays.
  4. @Mary Beth at my last appointment the audiologist tested each electrode to insure the volume was the same for each tone. I think all the electrodes are set at the same level but I couldn’t see the computer monitor so can’t be sure.
  5. @Mary Beth i expected that they would change the “volume” ie strength of each electrode based on my ability to hear/understand speech. For example, increase strength of the electrode furthest in the cochlea to account for less hearing at high frequencies. But they increase volume the same for all. I’m 9 months before post activation and feel as though I have plateaued in terms of improvement. Still working with angel sounds as my main rehab.
  6. Until I was activated, my ear felt as though I had cotton in my ear. In fact, my wife said that the post op nurse told her the surgeon had put “packing” in my ear. Turns out, no such thing happened but it felt that way. Not to worry, upon activation that feeling goes away.
  7. Lori I was implanted and activated at Mass Eye and Ear in Boston - is that where you are? If so, the audiologists there are great. It’s a difficult process to get used to because I expected something totally different but trust them to help you.
  8. Marcy congratulations on your activation. I was implanted last March and activated in April also at Mass Eye and Ear. I found the audiologists to be terrific but I must admit I didn’t know the whole process of testing so it was a bit daunting. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about what you will be going through (or at least what I went through). I have both the Sonnet and the Rondo 2 and I usually alternate processors each day. Fortunately I haven’t had a problem with the Rondo2 falling off but I actually use the hair clip just in case. good luck.
  9. Roxane i was implanted last March and activated in April. While I didn’t experience any balance or taste issues I did have swelling - or what I thought was swelling - over the implant site. I called my surgeon and, after checking with him, his nurse called back and said it was just the magnet/implant not being flush with my head. While I thought the implant would be flush and I’d have no “bulge” apparently I was wrong. The surgeon confirmed that at my one month follow up. However, my bump wasn’t squishy - so I would recommend you talk to your husband’s surgeon just to be sure.
  10. Jan welcome. I started using AB clix on my iPad and found that, in the early going, it was helpful. However, after a while it wasn’t much of a challenge so I switched to angel sounds on my computer (the computer has many more option than just an iPad). Someone once pointed out that anything you listen to during the day is “rehab” because you are making your brain work to hear sounds/speech. I think it’s good to keep that in mind. I’ve been “activated” for about six months and it is a marathon, not a sprint. I admit that sitting in front of a computer doing aural rehab can be boring but if you think about all the positive aspects of being able to hear and understand you will realize it is worth it. I’m not where I want to be yet but even small improvements are a positive sign.
  11. @Mary Beth what”limitations” are you referring to? I thought Audiolink was wireless/BT streaming.
  12. I wish I had thought about the tracking of phonemes- or at least vowels and consonants - before. I can understand how that would be so helpful to an audiologist in an attempt to improve speech understanding. My audiologists are great but they give me a “booth” test with a list of words and score on both words and phonemes but they seem to reprogram/map based on tones that they play thru the CI. The idea of testing consonants/vowels during our own rehab and reporting that to audiologists is one we should let everyone know about. BTW angel sounds has a whole module on vowels and consonants.
  13. Peter Thanks for checking in. I’m trying to focus on getting speech understanding at a good level. Although I do try to listen to my iPod in the car with music I recognize to try to understand it better. Now I can pick up the words but not really the melody. Of course, it’s not Pavarotti!
  14. Marlene welcome. You will find a lot of interesting and useful information as you scroll through the various topics on the forum. I was activated about 3 months before you. The best advice I can give you is to dedicate yourself to aural rehab. It can be boring and frustrating but, in my view, is very important. I’m not where I want to be after 6 months but I am better than I else’s at 3 months - so keep your chin up!
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