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  1. Hi Mary! I finally met my ENT after one month of waiting.But I am disappointed. Cause he think any aid is necessary for my case. He think any ENT will not prescribe for me a hearing device because of one-sided hearing loss. He would check-up my good ear if its hearing decreased he would only prescrime a devices for this ear. I think I will see another ENT. Elswhere I didn't like his consultation. He even didn't care of life quality . Accordinf to him an one-sided hearing loss is not a problem.
  2. Hi MED-EL Moderator. Sorry for responding to your post in French. I didn't realize I wrote in French until many days later(lol). It is a reflex I think. Is it possible to meet ADHEAR team without meeting an ENT before? I am planning to meet an ENT the next week. My diagnosis of single sided deafness has been done in my country, not in France yet. Best regards!!
  3. Hi Nicole. Sorry for not responding quickly to your post. I had an exam, so was very busy. Your wonderful experience with your hearing aid make very optimist. Thanks one more time for your sharing. I have to see probably an ENT before to encounter an audiologists.
  4. Merci Med-el Moderator. Je les contaterai dès que possible
  5. I am really happy for you 😊. I imagine how could it be marvelous to refind binaural hearing (for someone who knew it😃), that i never knew in my life. Your story make me optimist. I am not expecting a perfect binaural hearing, just to could hear from both side, to enjoy the band life, to cease expensing more effort just to could hear, which tire my brain and could have drawbacks at long term.
  6. Thank you Nicole for sharing your experiences with us, particularly I. But I have some questions for you. So you remained 20 years without hearing aid? What has been your experiences during these 20 years? Have you known islolation? frustration in band life? Did you have some difficulties to continue your study (I hope you became a great speech language pathologist.). What changed in your life with your new hearing aid? I ended up medical studies in my country, I am general practitioner. But I realized that better hearing was so important to me , that it became something of vital for me. That is why I do all to succeed to be in France, cause I know I could have a solution there, that I could not have I my country( that does not have more than 4 or 5 audiologist in all. And some them were unaware of bone conduction prothesis some years ago, when I exchanged with them. Now in my country, only classical prothesis are available: The famous intracana hearing aids) . Now I am doing a Master in Public health, to become biostatistician in a university of Paris. I am there since three month, and didn't still see a doctor for my hearing problems. But I hope soon.
  7. I hope this option is available in Paris
  8. Thanks Mary for the information!
  9. Thanks Kylie! Nice to meet you! I will be happy to share your expérience.
  10. Hi my name is Seydou. Sorry for my bad english cause I am francophone. I am 29 and am from Africa. I have a single sided deafness since my birth I think. Cause I a don't have any history of otitis in childhood. I did not have have any alternative treatment in my country, since not available. So I managed with it, difficultly. Now I am in France, precisely in Paris for study. I think it is a chance for me to have a solution here. Since many years I am doing research about single sided deafness. I heard about it many alternative treatment such as CROS, BAHA, or Cochlear implant which is becoming an indication in this pathology. But my question is about the Bone conduction alternative which seem to be most effective than the CROS according to many testimonies I read on internet. I barely found on forums people using it for single sided deafness. And I read a post on this forum about about a woman who told about her child's single sided deafness. As I expected many respondent didn't tell her about the bone conduction option. Which make me less optimist about the bone conduction as the good option in single sided deafness. So I would like meet on this forums peoples who are single sided deaf and use a bone conduction prothesis like BAHA, Bone bridge, Ponto or other, so that to exchange with them, to know their experience with these prothesis, in their professionnal life, in their band life, in noisy areas or during parties. Thanks!!
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