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  1. @Monte - dude, sorry for the late response, I'm bad at the forum thing. I assume that either your close to activation, or have been activated already? And I'm glad to hear your doing well! I was activated on the 20th, it sounds just like a Dalek in my head (see Dr. Who). Today is my first day back to work after taking a month off, so I'm struggling a bit, but I think that it will only get better. Already I'm hearing things that I haven't heard in years, often I'll have to stop and ask myself "now what was that sound". Small things like the microwave going "beep beep beep" when its done, or one of the dogs walking across the hardwood floor. Everything seems to be going well, and after another test and an audiologist/Med El consul we are going to do the acoustic attachment as I still have a little of the lower frequencies left to work with. I'm finding that listening to music that I'm super familiar with helps me understand how the Ci interprets sound somewhat, or at least is appears to be therapeutic. I was so glad to be able to get out skiing and back to my active self, the snow has been really good. Especially after last years epic non-start. All the best buddy
  2. Very thoughtful @Mary Beth - I was just wondering how @Monte is doing? I’m feeling much better and looking forward to my activation on the 20th. Doesn't look as if there is enough residual to use the acoustic attachment to my Sonnet. I knew that part was a gamble though.
  3. Hi @Monte I’ll be two weeks implanted on Monday. Not turned on until the 20th, with acoustic mapping a week later. I’ve had my first follow up with the surgeon, he seemed pleased with everything so far. Personally - well, I have some tongue neuropathy and taste disturbance on the implant side. An unexpected biproduct I’m afraid. My surgeons response was less than promising when I asked him how long this could go on. He suggested that it was better than facial hemiparalysis, as the two nerves apparently were quite close in proximity (facial n.viii and ix ?). A point I could not argue with. Also, “complete” electrode insertion was achieved in spite of round window that was not “favorable,” a reference to the angle of the window. This made the procedure more difficult I guess and can sometimes portent greater loss of “usable” residual hearing in that ear (greater damage to the hair cells?). He seemed hopeful of some residual and possibly for the use of a hybrid. We’ll see...er......hear. All I know is it feels like the worst case of swimmers ear I’ve ever had with a confirmed middle ear full of fluids. Thank god for closed caption. I’ll admit that the short term isolation and discomfort have led me to wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. I continue to read stories of others who have been where I am now, for the sake of a little objectivity. I’m not one for social media but have been compelled to reach out to others like the HP’s site for this reason. The good news is the bouts of vertigo and nausea have subsided significantly and the constant headache isn’t quite constant. The first week kind of sucked to be honest, but I’m feeling a lot better now. Thankfully my sense of balance seems intact. I’m a very active person and was forbidden from any physical activity for two weeks post procedure for obvious reasons. I’m sure once I can get some exercise I’ll feel better about the whole thing (1more day😬). Hope this wasn’t TMI, just reporting it the way it is for me. I wish you the best of all circumstances on the 5th. May your round window be “favorable”.
  4. Thanks Mary - I wore hearing aides for about 6-7 years prior so I’m still using my left one to mitigate what appears to be complete loss on the implant side. It’s disconserting how sudden deafness of one side can throw you off. Even the little bit that I had. The vertigo is pretty bad and I’m having some pst-surgical drainage from my right nostril when I stand up. All to be expected I guess. I work at a cancer hospital so I can’t go back until I’m functional so as not to be a liability. I have some concerns about functioning efficiently at work and hope that all will work out. thanks again and best of luck on the rehab
  5. Hi all - my name is Shaun. I’m a 56 yr old, progressive bilateral loss, severe tinnitus, at around 20% recognition before implant, right side implant with flex 24 on 1/21. Going with the Rondo 2 processor. Thought it might nice to get some other perspective first hand. Thoughts, tips, reflections - I’m just trying to come to grips with the change. thanks
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