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  1. I've been pretty busy enjoying my improved hearing and life. But the last couple months my left ear has continued to deteriorate. So yesterday I had surgery on my left. Another Flex 24. Everything went great and I'm only taking tylenol today. Activation in 2 weeks!😁
  2. It just keeps getting better! My world has changed and I am very pleased with my results!
  3. Today I had a wonderful WOW moment that I wanted to share. I had my single sided CI activated about 4 weeks ago (Flex 24 with a Rondo 2). I have been dedicated to not wearing my hearing aid in my other ear so that I could get my brain used to hearing through my CI. I just started wearing both my hearing aid and using my CI together. Last week I thought I could hear the direction of a bird singing, but wasn't sure if it was a fluke or lucky guess. Today I did an experiment with my daughter. I blind folded myself and she ran around me in circles and stopped and made a little noise. I pointed in the direction that I thought she was, and then removed my blindfold. I got it right EVERY time!!! It was amazing! I haven't been able to tell the direction of sound for almost 19 years. Today, thanks to my CI, I can. Wow, wow, wow!! I would be interested in "hearing" about other peoples' wow moments.
  4. I had bilateral stapedectomies. If you don't want to hear, you can always put in an ear plug. Also, with the Stapedectomy, you may still need a hearing aid. There is one very real risk to a stapedectomy. About 1% of Stapedectomies result in TOTAL deafness in that ear along with a loss of balance for almost a year. I know, because I am that statistic. I had been deaf in my right ear for the last 18 years because of the failed stapedectomy. My surgeon was new, which seems to be a common factor in failed stapedectomies. Even with the failure, I would try again if I could. But my advice, make sure your surgeon has done lots of stapedectomies. Experience counts! Good luck to you!
  5. Hi Lynn, I have single sided complete deafness and just got my implant on February 4th. They activated on February 21st and I am now about 1 month into my new hearing journey. Prior to my CI in my right ear, I couldn't listen to music anymore due to extensive distortion in my "good" (left) ear. I am approved for bilateral implants, but haven't made a decision yet if I am going to get the other side done. My left ear started to improve, so I am going through the excitement of learning to hear again with my right ear. Everything is so much better already, I'm not sure if I want to risk giving up what residual hearing I have remaining in my left ear. I had not heard a sound out of that ear for over 18 years, so the improvement is really remarkable and has been life changing so far. On the day of my activation, I went home and played every note on the piano. It sounded very poor, and I only heard 12 distinct notes from one end of the piano to the other. Not doe, ray, me, fa, so...rather a distorted doe, doe, doe, doe, doe, doe, doe, doe, ray, ray, ray, ray, ray, ray.... It was as if each pair of electrodes could only "hear" one note for a range of notes. And it sounded terrible. Now, a month later, I can hear all of the notes differently from one another. Last week, I was on a road trip and was listing to an oldies station using only my CI. I put an ear plug in my left ear to force myself to learn to hear through my CI. Anyway, I started listening to bye bye miss American pie, and it sounded pretty good. I was so happy to hear the melody and understand all of the words. Picture some middle aged dude singing at the top of his lungs as he drives down the highway! haha. Anyway, I can tell my CI is getting better day by day. My Audi says my results are remarkable and that although they do the fewest Medel devices of all of their implants, they think the best results initially have come from Medel. I know I am thrilled anyway. I'm not sure how long it is going to take for me to really enjoy the finer nuances of music again, but I am encouraged with my early results. Good luck on your surgery and let me know how it goes! Oh yeah, the other day a bird was singing on a lamp post behind me. I had both my CI on and my hearing aid turned on in my other ear. When I heard the bird, I felt like I knew the sound was behind me and I turned and looked. There she was, serenading me!! Not sure if this was a fluke or not, but something told me that she was behind me. It was a good day. Monte
  6. Still going great. I notice that in a crowed, noisy environment, my Rondo 2 picks up a ton of back ground noise. I tried using my Roger Select and set it to "T" only and it cuts out a lot of the noise. Any ideas how to cut down the excess noise from the Rondo 2 mic?
  7. Hi Ford. I'm also a newbie and only use Rondo 2. I traded in my Sonnet on Monday for a 2nd Rondo 2. I really like it and I wear glasses, so it was just easiest for me to have one device that I can swap out or a spare if necessary. I have a CI in my Right ear and use a HA for my left, but will probably go bilateral CI soon since it is already approved. My results have been nothing short of amazing. It has only been 1 week and 2 days since my activation and I can understand almost everything with my CI ear already. I use my Roger select with MyLink and the setting to "T" only when listening to audio from my TV or phone. I plug my select directly into the audio jack on my TV or phone, which cuts out the normal audio. and just loop the MyLink around my neck. That way the only sound I get is going to my CI and my Left ear is not helping. I want to push my brain to rely on my CI and learn. I'm sitting here now listening to the news in my CI with an earplug in my left ear to ensure that the only sound I get is the TV audio. But Mary Beth is my hero and she is WAAAAYYY more experienced than I am. I am going to look into the Artone BT neckloop myself and will likely get one. Sounds like one less piece of equipment to use to watch TV or YouTube or whatever. For other listening practice, I have been using our piano and I recommend you do the same if you have access to a musical instrument. On the first day, the entire key board had about 12 notes. It was as if each electrode could only hear a single note or it interpreted all within a certain range as the same thing. I would hit all of the keys and it would change the tone about every 10 or 12 keys. Now, only a week later, I can hear distinct differences between the notes on the keys next to each other. Huge difference already. @Mary Bethwhere is the best place to purchase the Artone BT Neckloop?
  8. Great news Shaun. I just got my Rondo 2 today. It works great. Very comfortable! Glad I got it. I got activated early. It will be one week tomorrow. Getting a little better every day.
  9. My activation was 15 days after surgery. No issues except that the Sonnet was a little irritating behind my ear. I just wear it hooked over my glasses now. My Rondos just came in though and I am exchanging my Sonnet for the Rondos. Happy about that. I really don't like my glasses and the Sonnet behind my ear. I like to run and it kind of shakes around and makes a lot of noise when I am running. I am hoping that a head band will secure my Rondo better and be more comfortable.
  10. Still doing great! It is getting a little better day by day. Still sounds very mechanical and high pitched. I go in next Friday for some mapping. hoping that will help. But I am very pleased with the initial results. I'm just too impatient! Wondering how @Shaun and @GranniPeggy are doing?
  11. First day "WOW" moments. -The wine pouring in my glass - My daughter said, "I love you Daddy" and I understood it! -The rustling of a plastic bag -Steak sizzling on the grill. -Throwing a handful of stones and hearing them hit the ground 20 feet away -The sound of water from the tap running into the sink -I could rub my fingers together and hear it in my right ear OMG this is great! Thank you to the mentors on this site. Especially the three super stars; @Jewel, and @Mary Beth, and @Mary Featherston! You are all so wonderful for us newbies getting ready to embark on this incredible journey. Thanks! You are the BEST!
  12. Okay!!!! It Freakin works!!! I was activated today and it is amazing! So many wow moments already!!! My latest wow moment is hearing the wine pouring into my celebration glass! My Audiologist said I'm a rock star! I could make out words within about 5 minutes. Check out the two videos below. https://youtu.be/oabi-7ddjO4 https://youtu.be/e6PYT6sivlY
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