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  1. I have forgotten to attach it a few mornings at school and I feel lost without it. I try to wear it all waking hours. It only comes off right before I go to bed and it is back on after my shower in the morning. It just brings awareness to how much you miss if you are not wearing it.
  2. @Mary Featherston I believe it would be typical. Once the sticker is in place and the device is attached it was immediate. Of course the sound is through bone so it was a little different at first but the longer it’s on the better. I only notice a difference now when it’s noise with vibration (the signal light in the car, the phone ringing etc) I am so happy with the results. My audiologists said that insurances are more likely to pay for Adhear because they’ve added the headband as an option for wearing on top of the sticker. I still have not seen a bill and I’ve had the device since before Christmas. We decided that no matter what it was worth it. I believe the cost is around $2100. I hope your friend is able to try it and that it is covered for him as well.
  3. @segoro72 I did go twenty years without a hearing aid as they were something my insurance would not cover and they would only make sounds louder which would have bothered me more than helped. I didn’t realize until I wore the Adhear how much I was missing. I coped and thought I did well but I missed out on a lot of sounds and conversations. I don’t believe it stopped me from doing well in life but it made situations difficult. My close friends and family knew to stay on my left and were great when I ultimately did not hear them. Restaurants and concerts were the worst. Now they’re amazing as I can hear people on all sides. I researched and work with children who have hearing impairments and I’ve learned so much from Mary Beth. She’s my go to as she’s so knowledgeable and stays current on all things hearing. I hope you’re able to find a way to try Adhear I know you won’t be disappointed
  4. My story 😉 I attended college to become a speech language pathologist. My sophomore year if college during finals week I woke up unable to hear. It was diagnosed as a cholesteatoma. My ear was removed so they could get the tumor removed. A year later a second cholesteatoma had formed and they removed it through the canal. Leaving me with a 40% loss in my right ear. I compensated. I considered the Baja but did not want to risk the surgery. Mary Beth kept me up on all the latest with Adhear knowing I would be a perfect candidate. I was able to do a meet and greet in VT with Med el and try it. It brought me to tears. I could hear out of my right ear immediately. I didn’t have to turn my head, I didn’t have to read lips I could hear and localize sound. It had been 20 years. After that I called my ENT and asked for an updated hearing exam and spoke with the audiologist. She went through my options and of course I wanted Adhear. She got preauthorization from my insurance and ordered the device. I was fitted right before Christmas. I wear it from the moment I get out of the shower until I go to sleep. The stickers are lasting about 5 days. I do take it off to excercise. I share it with everyone and even keep stickers with me so people can try it. Sticker placement is a bit tricky but if you have someone help you once you find your best spot its easy to peel off and reapply. Old habits are hard to break but I’m learning to trust that I can now hear equally out of both sides. I never realized I hug people on that side and that is the only time I get feedback when the device is pushed into me. It’s a small price to pay. Batteries are lasting about a week. If you have any questions please ask. I’m happy to share my experience
  5. I believe this is the right spot - Mary Beth! This forum is new but my name is Nicole and I am an Adhear user - I just did my one month follow up
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