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  1. Only one, my left ear was operated successfully last year due otosclerosis. so hopefully I c'ant help you and stays it with 1 CI... :) I would think you need a different Audiolink with a switch button between the CIs. Possibly Something to Think About Me-Del !?
  2. Thank you for this info Mary Beth, I'll go with that to my audiologist. I like it indeed, especially in meetings it is very helpful!
  3. That is correct Mary Beth, But as indicated above, the Sonnet 1 has problems linking with the Audio Key (true Audiolink) and the audiologist has to make a small adjustment to the processor. Unfortunately, my audiologist does not know enough about this. Calling, watching TV, listening to music are all possible and very helpful! translation print screen: audio processor: configuration not valid. Audio processor is not configured for use with audio key. (contact your audiologist) Did contact my audiologist already...:)
  4. Dear fellow CI users. This problem still exists in Belgium. I recently purchased an audio link, but I cannot link my CI with audio key. My audiologist doesn't know what minor adjustment she has to make ... Listening to the TV works. (My Sonnet 1 does link to the audio link.) It would just be nice to be able to leave the remote at home ... Is there more news about this in the meantime? Friendly Regards and keep on hearing, Joos
  5. The same as Kylie says: it is comforting that there is some sound.I just finished my 2nd fitting. Now they have raised the sound considerably, but something useful: not yet.If I follow the subtitles of a film, I hear what is being said true the CI. Without subtitles not yet. I can hear some birds, but not all of them!:) tx for asking!
  6. Waw, Wow, daring! Good that you are so positive about it! I hope tomorrow is not so bad ... We will see. I can't go back ...: D
  7. Tx everybody! exciting time to come tomorrow! But also afraid!:O
  8. stitches. I am not allowed to wash my hair for at least 2 weeks. Today I may go home. Let's see how the daughter of 2 is going to respond to my bandage. On Facetime yesterday: daddy pain ...
  9. Nice to hear that everything goes well Kylie! I'm implanted yesterday. I was very afraid that I would be very dizzy, but luckily this was not the case. Actually, I dont't have much trouble with the recovery. The only strange thing is that I no longer have taste on 1 side of my tongue. But this will come back. I have to stay in the hospital until tomorrow. Keep the bandage on for a week and then the countdown to May 2! Greetings
  10. I did not had a choise (I'm participating a study about SSD), else I should have chosen the rondo2 for sure. But it will be the Sonnet. After a few years ill be happy to try the rondo 2!:) (but for now its to expensive and insurance just pay back 1 processor).
  11. 3 days to surgery: expectfull, but scared as hell!:o
  12. Hey, I am quite new on this forum. a 10 years ago I have had a stapedomy performed that has failed. Because the side is also deteriorating, we will go to the next step: CI in April. Our situation is quite different cause I have a wife and child, but I just wanted to mention why I think my hearing is so important: - You talk about car and traffic there. In a traffic environment, I think safety is extremely important. You can not safely drive the car in my eyes without being able to hear well. - And of course I want to HEAR my daughter grow up. I hope that I have been able to
  13. My operation date is April 16. First I have to do all kinds of tests (BAHA, cross). I look forward to it with a double feeling. Somewhere I hear that the voices by CI are monotonous. That you can not distinguish between man and woman. But at least you hear them ...
  14. good luck! Let us now after surgery...:)
  15. The choise FOR me is made: Sonnet. Cant get a Rondo at this moment. Maybe later when the adjustment of my brain is made with the Sonnet...
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