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  1. I didn't have much problem with pain when getting implants simultaneously. I took a pain killer before going to bed for 3 or 4 nights, after that I didn't take anymore pain medicine. The biggest problem I had was dizziness and not being able to eat for several days due to the sedating then the dizziness. After keeping me in the hospital overnight they let me go home after promising I wouldn't try to walk around without help for several days. It was a week before I could get around pretty good on my own, and at the end of 2 weeks I would still get very dizzy for a minute in the morning when I first sat up in bed. At the pre-op appointment my ENT had me go into his Audi for a simple little procedure that helped out a lot. The crystals in your ears that control your balance can get stuck and need to be joggled loose. I don't know if there is any one out there with that problem but if so it's easy and quick to fix. Mary Beth, Thanks for the rehab suggestions
  2. Marv B Northern Utah Bilateral Cls; both ears are Synchrony implants with flex 28 electrode: Both ears use Sonnet processors Both ears were implanted on Sept 25, 2018 and activated Oct 10, 2018 I enjoy music, (playing piano), gardening, reading, and family, I have a 5 year old grandson in AZ who was implanted just 2 weeks ahead of me, I look forward to adjusting to where I can wear the processors without the howling, whistling, and whining they give me now (keeping telling me that will improve) and can enjoy music again. I have my promotional Rondo 2's and will get them programmed next month. May have Mike problem of trying to keep them on my head
  3. Thanks for the information on insurance paying for batteries. I had wondered about that
  4. If I remember right I think I got 11 boxes for each Sonnet kit
  5. Mary Beth, thanks for the advice. You gave me some good ideas to try for a church setting. I use 2 Sonnets at the present time. I have received my Rondos but don't have them programmed yet. When getting the Sonnets I had a choice between several years supply of disposable batteries or a charger. The disposable batteries seemed to be the better option for me until they get rechargeable ones that will last longer than at present.
  6. Before I got my bilaterial, CI, I had 2 high powered hearing aids. I had agreed to play a piano solo at church between the 2 main speakers. (approx 200 people) As the first speaker was winding down one battery went out. I always carry a spare but somehow that day I didn't have one. Fortunately I could play the piano with just one ear on. However, I couldn't be sure that my other battery wouldn't go out in the middle of the solo. I just try not to think about that possibility and everything work out okay.
  7. I was activated about first part of October and got a Roger Pen along with my Sonnets. I'm not to good when it comes to electronic devices but I will say that my wife and I have found the Roger Pens to be really great for when we make 12 hour trips to go see the grand kids. It makes the trip nicer and probably much safer also, to not be trying to read lips so much. Now I'm trying to figure what works better in church setting, to have it by the side of the podium, in conference mode, or to attach it to the base of the microphone stem with a twister, in lanyard setting. I appreciate the knowledge you more experience people provide.
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