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  1. Thank you Mary and Daniel! It's heartwarming to see that you can appreciate the difficulty. I have to admit I've been mostly avoiding active rehab in English because I envision in advance the magnitude of what I'll have to go through and give up. I simply remember the extent of my first rehab. Step by step then
  2. Thank you Vera, Mary and Mary Beth! This is very kind of you. It's a great help! I'll do as you advised Joseph
  3. Hi, I am 41, originally from Tel Aviv (Israel), moved to London a year ago. I was rehabilitated in Hebrew (my implants are 15-10 y/o). My English is very good, but I find it challenging to listen to people. I often cannot follow. I'm very confused regarding hearing therapy professionals - from what I have been able to find out so far, most are offered through the NHS but I've already exhausted my rehabilitation years ago back home, and I do not wish the burden the public health system. I'm looking for a private clinic that might be able to help me to hear better in English, prefer
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