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  1. Just an update to this in case anyone finds it helpful. I've just bought a Sony SRS LSR-100 - it's a little speaker which streams audio from your your TV using a radio signal (which is much stronger and more reliable than bluetooth). It has a 'voice zoom' button which works really well to increase the clarity of spoken dialogue. You can even use it as a remote control for your TV. Working really well so far, and would recommend. It's not cheap, but I found it for £125 (in the UK). I also managed to get it VAT exempt on medical grounds as it qualifies as a hearing aid. Again, this may not be possible outside the UK, but it's worth investigating. Some links, reviews here:
  2. I have a Minitek Wireless enhancer, but it makes virtually no difference (is possibly faulty - I'm investigating). I haven't heard of a Roger Select, but it sounds great. Will find out more. Many thanks, Mary Beth.
  3. Hi All, Curious to know whether any of you have any suggestions for how to set up speakers etc for watching TV. Even when wearing my bonebridge I need the TV louder than my wife would like (!), so I'm looking at options for positioning a speaker behind me on my deaf side. I've even been looking at one of these neck speakers - Grateful for any advice, tips or steers on this. Do you have a TV speaker setup that works for you? Jamie
  4. My audiologist recommended it when he did the post-op Bonebridge setup.
  5. Hi Verena - Apologies - my audiologist has misinformed me! He even discussed whether I should switch to Android! Are there any plans for an app to replace the miniTek in the future? Jamie
  6. Desperate for an iPhone app to replace the Siemens MiniTek remote for my Samba. I gather there's an android app, and don't understand why one hasn't been released for apple customers. @MED-EL Moderator - do you have any idea if one is in the works?
  7. jamesm

    New Samba

    Hi @Eve - how are you getting on with your Bonebridge/Samba?
  8. jamesm

    New Samba

    Hi Eve - I did feel some discomfort sleeping on the implant for the first three weeks or so after the operation. I think I just tried to sleep either on my back or on my good side, or tried Mary Beth's elbow trick. The swelling and soreness healed up after a few weeks and now I can sleep on it without any discomfort. My audiologist did tell me that some people find the swelling takes longer to go down - it sounds like this might be the case for you. Does the skin around your bump feel hot to the touch, or is it red? My bump is also pretty pronounced - or at least it feels that way when I run my fingers over it! But my wife assures me that you can't actually see the lump (and I have pretty short hair). Wish I could give you some more advice on the static noise you're experiencing - it definitely doesn't sound normal. I hope your audiologist and/or Med-El is able to solve it for you. Do keep us posted. In the meantime, some (no doubt silly) questions that spring to mind: - Do you only hear the static when you're wearing the Samba? And does the static noise ever get better or worse or is it absolutely constant? - are you wearing any metal hairclips, earrings, jewellery etc near the implant that might be interfering with the magnet and making it buzz? I recall reading a thread on this forum about how fridge magnets can produce weird sounds in the implants if you put one near enough. [Found the thread! Here: https://forum.hearpeers.com/topic/1226-bonebridge-vibration-buzz/ ] Hope your appointment with the audiologist goes well. Don't be afraid to keep asking questions and asking for more investigation if you feel something isn't right. And let us know how you're getting on. All the best, Jamie
  9. jamesm

    New Samba

    Hi Eve - I'm about a week into using a Bonebridge and it doesn't make a static noise. This seems like something the audiologist might be able to tune out? I certainly wasn't warned that it might make a static noise, nor have I seen it reported in the literature - I'm hoping this suggests that it's either a mechanical fault or something the audiologist can fine tune away. Is the sound a constant hum/buzz or noise distortion like a speaker turned up too loud? I occasionally have the latter (even when the device is turned right down) and am going to try to get the audiologist to adjust the settings when I see him next week. I see that Med-El have been in touch with you, anyway, so I really hope they help you find a solution to this. Must be very frustrating after all the angst and high hopes of the op. Good luck, and do shout if you have any questions. Happy to help if I can. Jamie
  10. Hi Segoro - Do you know what the cause of your deafness is? I have single-sided deafness caused by otosclerosis in my right ear. After four failed stapedectomy operations, in January I had a Bonebridge implant and it's fantastic. If your type of hearing loss means you are a candidate for a Bonebridge, then I would recommend it. Happy to answer any questions you have. Good luck! Jamie
  11. Hi All, I had my Bonebridge op in early January and had the processor turned on and tuned in last Friday. All going well so far but just wanted to introduce myself to the forum as I found various of your posts hugely helpful both when deciding whether or not to go for the implant, and also when trying to get a sense of what to expect from the operation and recovery. So hello - and thank you! As I said, all seems to be going smoothly so far. I do find I'm getting a fair amount of noise distortion, even at quite low volumes. Perhaps this is something the audiologist can iron out in my follow-up in two-weeks' time? Have any of you experienced this? Jamie
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