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  1. Hi, My name is Heather. I live in Chicago IL and have 4 kids. My youngest is 7 and bilaterally implanted (MEDEL). My daughter is incredible! She dances, swims, sings on key, plays piano and has a fun loving cheerful spirit that makes people laugh and smile. See photo. We are always looking for ways to help her with education and life and hope to find more efficient ways to take care of her equipment and needs. Also, I am on the board of FHSR (Foundation for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation, organization that helps kids with deafness/hearing loss fully experience life through education, support & equipment). Volunteering for this organization has allowed me to meet, work with, learn from and help the most amazing people. I am looking forward to learning from the members of the forum and to help them out in any way I can.
  2. My 7 year old loves to swim and kayak. She is bilaterally implanted with her most recent implant surgery last May. She learned how to swim without hearing aids or cochlear implants. The only time she uses the Rondo Waterwear for her swim lessons in a pool. So far we have never had a problem with it. It does fall off but she loves diving for items so that is part of the lesson. We have tried to use the headband and eargear, but I am guessing those solutions will work better with a stronger magnet. Her magnet is only a 3. I will be asking for a 4 at our next audiology appointment. Thanks for the recommendation on using eargear and the nammu... will be trying that. I am still not comfortable with her swimming in a lake or ocean with her Rondo or waterwear. Maybe that will change as she gets older.
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