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  1. That’s really good u got to see ur surgeon and he gave u the right antibiotics to clear the infection yes it it would be nice if he gets me in to see him still waiting for him to right me back saw him the 8 and I Finished all my anabiotic’s I had two different kinds and he said the surgery area looks really good it’s healing good no infection so now not sure why I’m getting bad headache like tension 4 days straight sucks
  2. I did I wrote him he said he don’t think it’s meningitis could be muscle tension headache I message him if he can see me and also my Primary still waiting for them to get back to me is a tension headache or headache a side effects and if it was meningitis it would be fever and stiff neck wouldn’t be able to move iv heard and it’s very rare to get from the sugary my sugaron said. Hmmm any advice or
  3. I got my cochlear implate going on 4 weeks now everything is fine been on slot of antibiotics to pervent any infection my dr holte gave me from sharp my sugary area is healing good . Out of no where I’m getting bad headache tension muscle my surgeron doctor said he don’t think it’s meningitis I have no signs of infection and been on 3 different types antibiotics so it’s going on day 4 getting bad tension headache on my right side ear even with the implate device off still get it and my forehead and back of head. Is this normal after getting the implate it’s not loud and I did change the ma
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