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  1. Eve

    New Samba

    Thank you Mary Beth, and how long did it take to feel comfortable? Weeks, months?
  2. Eve

    New Samba

    Thanks so much Jamie, So far you are the first person whom I am in touch with who actually uses the same device. I will go back to the audiologist next week and hopefully the problem will be solved. At the same time it is so good for me to hear from someone who actually has the implant and feels what it is like to live with the Bonebridge. The noise is constant, all the time and it is like the noise you hear when the radio is not on the right channel. Do you feel any discomfort after sleeping on the implant? How much does it stick out for you? If you find my question a bit personal, jus
  3. Eve

    New Samba

    Thank you Mary Beth, I would really like to hear from the users of this device, so I am looking forward hearing from Ivana Marinac or anyone else who has the same device. Many thanks.
  4. Hello, I am Eve and I had my implant operation two and a half months ago and my external device fitted about 5 weeks ago. I still have a bit of pain on the op site and especialy after I sleep on that side for some time. I have loud tinnitus all the time, but now I also have a static noise coming from the device. Have any of you experienced this? The company rep is telling me that it is normal and nothing can be done, but it drives me crazy. Thanks a lot and I am so happy that I found this forum as I can't seem to find any information on this connected to Samba specifically.
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