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  1. @Kylie I am just looking into downloading Angel Sounds and it looks rather complicated as I have a Mac computer. I'm not very techie and wondering how to best access this program. What was your experience in accessing it? Thanks!
  2. So...I had my left ear activation three weeks ago and have one ear that hears well. I'm wondering how you use these sites if you have one ear that has good hearing? I have another audiologist visit in 9 days. She wasn't too keen on me plugging my good ear to force my left ear to interpret sounds, saying "Your brain needs to be trained to have both ears work together." Currently, my brain just tends to ignore these fuzzy sounds coming from my left ear. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks so much for asking! Since I have good hearing in my right ear and used to ignoring tinnitus in my left ear, I'm finding it's easy for me to ignore the computer type tone and echos that are coming from the left implant. My audiologist said my job for the first week is to wear it as much as I can and get used to the input coming into my left ear. This has not been a problem. I do feel like I'm ready for a bigger challenge, tho and look forward to whatever instructions she gives me next week! I have played around a little with wearing an earplug in my good ear. Will keep you posted.
  4. Thanks for your good wishes! I am getting the Sonnet. I have good hearing in my right ear but lost the hearing in my left ear about four years ago, so looking forward to hearing in stereo again, eventually! I am ready for the world to sound like munchkins or R2D2 or sounds from another planet, at least in the short term!
  5. Getting activated Wednesday, June 5!😋 My surgery was May 15. I am still having some discomfort wearing my glasses due to sensitivity over the surgery site. My husband observes that the implant may have made my head wider and that is causing tightness with the glasses. Has anyone else experienced this? Otherwise, I'm geeked for the turn on!
  6. Thanks so much MaryBeth and VeroNika for your feedback. I find this forum very helpful for the questions I've had! @Lori Martin: My process for deciding to get this surgery was that I wanted to feel like I was doing everything I could for my hearing. It was a great loss to lose my hearing in that ear. I want to have the best quality of life I can with the time I have left on this earth and improved hearing would be part of this. Also if I can insure myself against total deafness, should anything happen to my right ear, that is an added benefit. Best wishes to you!
  7. I am scheduled for CI surgery in May 2019. My surgeon recently asked me "If I encounter scar tissue that would make it difficult to fully insert the wire into the cochlea, what do you want me to do?" "Give it my best shot even though it might not be the best outcome or just close you back up without going through with the CI?" He says he encounters this type of scar tissue with 1/10 cases. Does anyone have any experience with scar tissue impacting the outcome of the procedure?
  8. I had sudden onset of single sided deafness three and a half years ago in my left ear. It was diagnosed as sensorineuro hearing loss. My right ear has normal hearing but has had one recent surgery to remove inflammatory tissue from my middle ear. Since the onset of hearing loss, I have had great difficulty localizing sound and also hearing in noisy environments. I am hoping that the cochlear implant will help me with these. Localizing sound is a safety issue for me as I do a lot of walking and bicycling in the community. I would love to hear from others with single sided deafness with nor
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