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    Parent of a hearing implant user
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  1. Hi, everyone! My name is Priscila and I'm an artist. My work is based on sharing stories of people with hearing loss through my art. Every month I create a Campaign with a new theme to inspire my paintings and create awareness around the topic and our community. I'm looking for people to submit their stories of Mothers who are DHH or who have children who are DHH to inspire my next paintings. If you're interested, here's the link to my campaign page: https://myluckyears.com/art/mothers-love/
  2. Hello! I'm a social activist mixed media artist and I have a campaign going on right now where I'm looking for pictures of people who wear cochlear implants with musical instruments to inspire my paintings in honor of International Cochlear Implant Awareness Day (February 25th) - see image here for an example. To send me a picture, please go to: https://myluckyears.com/valentines/ To see my art related to hearing loss, visit: https://myluckyears.com Images can be submitted until the 25th. Don't worry about the picture being perfect. I will be adapting and using my creativity and imagination to create the final piece. 😄
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