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  1. Are there captions to your video? I can't seem to find them ad I don't read lips:(
  2. Thanks, yes I will be asking her but was hoping to start the implant sooner:( Bill
  3. Thanks! Bill Was there a 2 month period between the shots?
  4. I am in Salt Lake City, so am using the University of Utah's hospital. I haven't met the surgeon yet, my appt is for 3/12, but my audiologist whom I met last week, did not mention anything about this vaccination, which would put off my surgery for a couple months. I only heard about it through reading people's blogs about their cochlear implant experiences. Bill
  5. Thanks, I got half way thru my question and had to go back and fill in more info to use this blog:( but you answered my question:) Thank you. Bill I will discussthis with my surgeon when I see her in a couple weeks. Another question not pertaining to hats but is it standard procedure to have a vaccination for Step pneumonie before having the implant surgery? Thanks again for your reply. Bill
  6. Howdy, I am a new member of this group. I lost my hearing suddenly last fall and have recently visited an audiologist who said I would be a good cand
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